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Among the card games widely represented in modern casinos around the world and in Northern America, blackjack is a definite champion in terms of popularity. Players are attracted first and foremost by simple and clear rules, no room for controversial interpretations of the outcome of the round, high speed of the game, and the real prospect of big winnings. According to statistics of virtual sites, blackjack online is also popular among gamblers, as well as in land-based casinos.

Another distinctive feature that players like so much is the confrontation with the dealer, which is at the heart of blackjack. Each hand is a kind of duel, the outcome of which is impossible to predict.

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History of Blackjack

Games that are similar in this or that way to the modern blackjack layout have been known for about three hundred years. Before that period, a game called “Thirty-One” was widespread in Italy and other European countries. According to historians in the gambling industry, it became the basis of today’s blackjack that is now familiar to all experienced gamers.

The history of this amusement game knows both ups and downs. The latter mostly relates to the beginning of its development in the world, but it also is correlated with situations when blackjack stayed more unknown than famous. At best, it could claim the second and third roles, leaving the palm of victory in casinos to such solid champions as baccarat and poker. However, in the fifties of the twentieth century, there was a surge of interest in blackjack. This phenomenon was caused by two main reasons.

First of all, in 1956, a quite appealing book was published — it gave mathematical calculations that allowed players to count cards dealt in rounds and therefore win. In 1960, there appeared an almost step-by-step manual on how to win from casinos just playing blackjack. These events had a great impact on the gambling community. Many players wanted to test the conclusions illustrated by the book’s author in practice.

The second reason for the increased interest in the game was the activity of the gambling house owners. They were trying to popularize blackjack by creating favorable conditions for gamblers. The game owes its name to this trend, which means “Black Jack”. The name was coined at the time when a pair of Spades and Jacks yielded 21 points and were eligible for a hefty additional prize.

Nowadays, blackjack is steadily ranked first-second by numerous experts and researchers in the gambling universe. This game is gaining momentum, especially its version where players have to fight against a live dealer.

How to Play Blackjack?

The main goal of the game isn’t about collecting 21 points only, not getting more. The real task of the gambler is to beat the dealer. Only in this case, the victory and winning are guaranteed. That’s why customers have to gain a hand with the total of points that is as close to twenty-one as possible. At the same time, the achieved result has to be better than the dealer’s hand.

There are several terms that are used in modern blackjack and are worth knowing:

  • Hand — the player’s cards at the moment;
  • Dealer (also known as a banker, croupier) — the establishment’s employee who deals cards, takes bets, and plays against the gambler;
  • Shuffle — a game cycle, from shuffling the deck to the release of a special cut card;
  • Blackjack — refers to having twenty-one points on the hand just from two cards that came in the first throw;
  • Hit — the addition of one more card;
  • Split — two identical cards can be split into two bets;
  • Doubling down — the bet is doubled, with the gambler taking only one additional card;
  • Stand — the decision not to take more cards and play with the available hand;
  • Sift hand — if there is an ance;
  • Hard hand — there are no aces or the latter is only quoted as one point.

Blackjack Rules

All varieties of the game have virtually the same basic blackjack rules UK:

  • The game is played with standard decks of 52 cards.
  • Points are counted as follows: a jack, queen, and king give 10 points each, cards with face value — by value, ace — 11 or 1, depending on the situation.
  • After the players make their bets, each is dealt two cards face up. The rules of most land-based casinos prohibit players from touching the already dealt cards.
  • The dealer deals himself with one card (also faced up).
  • If a player has 21 points from the deal, he immediately receives the winnings at odds of 3:2.
  • In the case of more than 21 points received, the overcount scenario occurs. Then the funds spent on the bet go to the banker.
  • The player can split the bet into two if there are two cards of the same value.
  • Additional cards are played according to the player’s will until he gets 21 points, until an overcall occurs, or until he stops.
  • The surrender option allows the player to take back half of his bet after the first two cards are dealt.
  • If the gambler doubles, he gets only one additional card — no more and no less.
  • Insurance — in cases where the dealer’s open card is an ace, the player can insure against a natural blackjack (coming from the deal of the first two cards) from the bank. The amount of insurance is equal to the size of the bet. If the “insured event” occurs, it is paid as 2:1, and the main one loses in this case. If the dealer does not have a natural blackjack, the insurance goes in favor of the casino and the game continues.
  • After all the players have made their decisions, have been dropped out of the game, or have chosen to go for a stand option, the dealer shows the second card. The majority of dealer’s rules require this responsible party to draw cards until the hand has 17, 21, or more points.

Additional bets placed by players before the dealer receives a second card may revert back to them if the dealer’s hand accumulates a natural out of 21 points. Although there are quite a few tricky moments in the rules, all of them are still quite easy to learn literally from the first try.

The chance for a free Blackjack game has been realized in modern virtual gambling clubs. That’s how newcomers can put into practice theoretical knowledge, feel all the nuances of the game’s rules and features, as well as test the effectiveness of known strategies.

Blackjack Strategy

Among all the gambling activities offered in casinos, blackjack is the most amenable to mathematical analysis and calculation of probabilities. When calculating the correct line of behavior, the number of cards in the deck, the player’s hand, and the dealer’s card are taken into account. There is a so-called “basic strategy”, which is recommended not only for beginners but also for those gamblers who want to have a pleasant time, combining it with winning an average amount of money.

If properly applied, the basic strategy allows consumers to decrease the probability advantage of the casino from 8% to 0.5%. This is a major distinction. Such a small advantage allows gamblers to play with the institution on the same terms. It is as simple as ABC to follow this basic approach — there is a special table, which lists the actions of the player in different game situations. For example, if the gambler’s hand is up to eight points, you should take the next card. In the case of achieving more or equal to seventeen, it would be better to pass. Actions in the range of these values depend on the dealer’s card, namely, whether it is strong or weak. In addition to the actual number of points a player has, it matters whether he possesses a hard or soft hand at his disposal.

Such additional moves as doubling down and splitting are also illustrated accurately in the rules for the basic strategy. As for insurance, the basic strategy does not recommend resorting to it at all. The motivation is as follows: the probability of the dealer getting blackjack from the deal, if the first card is an ace, is less than 1/3.

Apart from the previously analyzed basic strategy, there are other well-known winning approaches in blackjack:

  • 1-3-2-6. The progressive system involves increasing the size of the bet after winning. The basic idea is that the initial bankroll will not be spent because the increasing amounts of winnings will cover the losses on non-successful bets.
  • Martingale. That is the most famous regression strategy. If you lose, you should double the bet amount, so the winnings will compensate for all the losses and climb into positive territory.
  • The Fibonacci system. It is the use of the same numbers to calculate the size of the bet when losing.
  • d’Alembert’s formula is applied when losing. Then the sum on the line should increase. In the opposite scenario, it should correspondingly decrease in a certain way.
  • Oscar Grind is a popular strategy, according to which bets with positive progression are preferred. The goal is to have a successful cycle with the predetermined amount to be rewarded. Once the goal is achieved, the cycle can be restarted over and over again.

As practice shows, blackjack is well-suited to the use of a myriad of mathematical strategies. Successful use of them largely depends on the player himself, his ability to make good decisions, keep his emotions under control, and follow the chosen tactics accurately and precisely (improvisation isn’t recommended greatly).

The Top 5 Blackjack Variants

In various gambling establishments, service providers present a lot of blackjack variations, between which there are both minor and very significant differences. Among the most popular options, the following are advised to give a test drive to:

  • Single-deck blackjack. Initially, this variant served as the standard and was played in most casinos. However, over time, establishments began to introduce modified rules using two, four, and more decks. The latest innovation is the use of the shuffle machine, with the deck already considered “infinite”. All this is done in order to make it more difficult for gamblers to count cards.
  • Spanish blackjack. In many aspects, it is more advantageous to players than the classic option. This activity allows doubling after splitting. The change can be held after the card completion. The aces can be divided repeatedly, and the player’s blackjack will always win one of the dealer’s. Moreover, for collecting 21 points, the gambler is entitled to extra payments. The amount of prize depends on the cards received additionally.
  • Live blackjack online is a great option for those who want to play with a live person without any need to visit the institution on their own. With this method of play, the dealer operates cards and the player makes decisions when hundreds of kilometers may separate them. In all other respects, the rules can replicate any popular variant.
  • British Pontoon. It is pretty similar to the classic version of the game, but there is one significant difference though. At the beginning, all the participants are given one card, and only then they can place bets. Later, after the second card is dealt, the game goes by the usual rules.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack. It is the rarest and, at the same time, the most favorite players’ solution. The idea is that, from the beginning of the round, both of the dealer’s cards are open for every participant to check. Of course, the player’s advantage is multiplied, so the rules prohibit insurance, backing out, and more than one split. In this case, the dealer wins as soon as he reaches 17 points.

Play Real Money Blackjack vs. Free Blackjack

The point of any gambling game is the opportunity to lose or win real money. The entire palette of emotions this process can evoke has been always captivating and intriguing for customers. So most demanding gamblers treat free games as something that isn’t worth their attention and time. This is an absolutely wrong approach though — literally, everything can also become extremely beneficial in the right hands, and demo mode of games isn’t an exception.

Playing for free, a person can forget about money issues, make risky bets, and consider unobvious strategy moves. In this case, the result is the experience gained by the gambler. In the future, this experience will be very useful when there will be real money at stake.

Free mode is good as a warm-up for a long game session since it allows you to switch to the right game mood and be up in arms to win. For newcomers in the gambling field, the demo mode is the best option for a painless and free-of-charge learning of the rules and features not only of blackjack but also other card games, numerous slot machines, etc.

Often, free game is used for having fun and relaxing. You are welcome to arrange interesting competitions with friends, for example, setting up conditions to find out who can get more “fake” money from the casino at a certain period of time.

As for the game for real money, there is a vast range of vivid emotions, to experience which it is not a compulsory thing to place large bets. Limits in modern virtual gaming organizations let both lovers of small games and high rollers who prefer big stakes feel equally comfortable and supported.

In fact, it’s not right to oppose free demo mode and blackjack for real money. Depending on your own goals, every gambler can easily switch from one type of game to the other. Free blackjack is not a limitation, but rather an empowering and interesting new experience.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Blackjack

The first and foremost advice is to remain calm and sensible with any bet. The following recommendations will also help you succeed at this game of chance:

  • Having sixteen points, you should split the hand in any case. Two eights in a hand is a losing proposition, while the odds of adding at least a ten to split eight are high.
  • Don’t hesitate to use Dr. Pepper’s rule of thumb — if there are fourteen points of a ten and a two in your hand, while the dealer possesses a four, then you have to take the next card. If twelve points are made up by any other combination, then you should keep on what you have against the dealer’s hand of four points.
  • Choosing tables with better conditions for the game is a must-have activity. For example, this behavior will provide you with a better chance to retreat in advance if there are six or eight decks in the round.
  • Learn how to count cards. This requires practice but brings good results. Again, free play mode comes in handy for this.
  • Apply multiple strategies. For instance, the Martingale approach can perform well on its own, but you shouldn’t forget about its limitations and the large expenses required. Professional gamers often combine several strategies, achieving thus an ideal combination.

It is also advisable to avoid common mistakes, such as constantly using insurance, which can lead to unnecessary spendings and failures. In turn, copying the dealer’s game is a non-efficient strategy because he plays in compliance with unique and strict rules. The same relates to refraining from overcounting cards, even if your hand has twelve points.

Top Blackjack Sites for 2021

In the age of internet-based technologies, more and more players prefer virtual casinos. These establishments offer not just to enjoy your favorite game in a variety of stylish and attention-grabbing options, but also to get substantial bonuses and gifts from the institution. Attitudes towards online gambling in different countries can vary, and this parameter should be taken into account as well.

Best Blackjack Sites in Australia

Residents of Australia have to deal with interesting rules when it comes to online gambling. It is forbidden to operate online casinos directly in the country, but companies can freely receive licenses overseas and offer their services here. The list of the most visited platforms that are beloved by Aussies are the following:

  • Wild Casino;
  • PlayAmo;
  • El Royale;
  • Red Dog;
  • Empire Slots;
  • 22bet.

At all of these sites, you can find several types of blackjack, and Australian dollars and other world currencies are also freely accepted there.

The Best Online Blackjack Sites in Canada

Authorities in Canada have officially banned gambling on the internet. This decision, however, doesn’t prevent Canadians from visiting a large number of virtual establishments. According to feedback gained from local gamblers, the best online blackjack Canada can be experienced in:

  • Spin Casino;
  • Mega Casino;
  • Prime Casino;
  • DreamVegas.

Almost all of these sites have convenient mobile applications that allow access to favorite games anywhere and anytime.

Best Online Blackjack Sites for US Players

In the United States, the situation with electronic gambling is similar to that in Canada — it is officially banned. Nevertheless, players from the United States can easily visit the best international gambling sites:

  • El Royale Casino;
  • Wild Casino;
  • Red Dog Casino;
  • Slots Empire Casino.

American gamblers know a lot about blackjack, and there is nothing surprising about the fact this activity has become one of the symbols of the famous Las Vegas. In addition to a variety of formats to let customers experience the classic blackjack game, gamblers are always pleased with a bunch of attractive bonus offers, a progressive loyalty program, and large jackpots.

European Blackjack Sites Online

In European countries, the situation with the legality of online gambling is quite ambiguous. Some states prohibit them completely, some impose significant restrictions on games of chance, and there are countries where the entire range of gambling solutions, including those spread on the internet, are 100% allowed and even issue international licenses.

To play blackjack successfully, you should choose the right online casino, based on such parameters as the presence of a license, the choice of games offered, the size and conditions for receiving bonuses, and the reputation of the institution. In 2021, the ranking of the best websites includes the following providers:

  • Spin Casino;
  • JackpotCity Casino;
  • Karamba;
  • NetBet;
  • MansionBet;
  • William Hill;
  • Dream Vegas Casino;
  • PlayAmo Casino;
  • Casimba Casino.

Each of the listed virtual casinos boasts a large selection of games and extensive bonus offers. A steadily growing audience of regular players mostly speaks positively about their experience of spending busy hours at these domains, playing different games and, of course, blackjack.

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