2nd Deposit Bonuses

What Is a 2nd Deposit Bonus?

Welcome offers are designed to attract new customers to casino portals. When one is new to the world of online gambling, they need to know how lucrative wins can be or how attractive are the features of the different games. One way to start is to avail of promotion schemes on a site. That is where the popularity of introductory online casino bonuses comes in. These are designed in different ways. While some of them include a one-time benefit for the first time you make a payment at a site, the other types comprise a second or even third deposit bonuses.

In the case of 2nd deposit bonuses, as the term implies, it becomes applicable when a player makes a payment for the second time at a casino portal. By then, they have already abided by the minimal deposit terms and feel confident to make a payment for the second time. To encourage such a move, many portals make the welcome package extended for the players by offering an additional amount that is usually a certain percentage of the money put into an account. 

Types of 2nd Deposit Bonus and Codes

Usually, this type of freebie resembles what is offered the first time or could be less as per the percentage offered. It could be a matchup bonus, either 100% or 50%; this is usually mentioned in the terms and conditions of the welcome package.

Besides being a matchup bonus, a welcome package could also include free spins on selected games. The slots and other games that one can play using these free spins are mentioned as well as the number of times one needs to roll the free money through certain online slots before they can consider a win. 

How Does It Work?

To avail of a benefit that is extended through a multi-tiered welcome package, one needs to take the following steps:

    • They need to have completed the first level benefit terms such as met the betting limits, the multiples one needs to stake on games;
    • Once the first tier of benefit is availed of, players can then consider the second tier of benefit; this would be subject to being clicked upon or code being keyed in when one is making a second deposit in one’s account;
    • Once the wagering terms have been completed, one can withdraw payouts for the winnings collected.

Second Deposit Bonus Codes

In most portals, 2nd deposit casino bonuses can be claimed by codes. These are mentioned on the website or their promotions section. Using the right code makes a customer eligible for an additional amount of money. This is also subject to a minimum payment being made to the customer account.

There are dozens of portals, including mobile casinos, where freebies come in when you make a payment to your account for the second round. These often include free spins as well. These are particularly available for video slots or progressive slots powered by software brands like Microgaming, NetEnt, and others in the iGaming segment.

Points to Consider

Any promotion that a casino puts forward comes with conditions. It is important to check these conditions before you proceed to claim the same. In most instances, the deposits made the second time would determine the amount you can claim as a benefit.

If you decide to claim the same, you need to be aware of the period limit this offer should be availed of. There are the minimum and maximum bet amounts also specified and the categories on which you can wager the free money.

Once the above conditions are pondered over, you can then decide whether you wish to take on the additional benefit and increase your account balance.


The multi-tiered promotions packages help ensure that players feel benefited every time they make a payment in their account. The requirements usually become less stringent, which makes it more profitable for the customers. At the same time, the 2nd deposit casino bonuses help increase stakes and bets on the different games at portals. At the same time, the wagering conditions need to be met every time by the players who take up the offers.