400% First Deposit Bonuses

400% deposit bonuses are hard to come by, but no one knows what’s going to happen because many casinos are now offering them online. Avid players will find this a blessing, as they can get more value for their money.

But what is a 400% deposit bonus and how does it work? Are there variations of this bonus? Today, we will show you how to use it and also provide you with the common rules that come along with promotions like these.

What Is a 400% First Deposit Bonus?

A 400% deposit bonus is a kind of casino offer where you get 400% more than what you put in.

Let us say that you deposited £10 and redeemed one of the 400% slots bonus codes. 400% of £10 is £40. Instead of playing with only £10, which is your original deposit, the casino will give you an extra £40. Now, your total play money is £50.

This balance is split into two: casino balance and bonus balance. Most of the time, casinos will use your money first, then use the bonus balance once your original funds are gone.

Why do casinos do this?

Casinos are business enterprises. Like any business, they want to attract clients. It is not uncommon to receive free things in a restaurant or a discount for items you buy in a store. Casinos do the same: they want to give you something more attractive than their competitors offer.

Unlike stores, a client is likely to stay in an online casino for a long time. After you register WITH a casino, you have to verify your identity, and only then you can withdraw your winnings. This identity verification is a long process. Also, a client is not likely to give his personal information to many online entities, so he/she is likely to stay and deposit more money in that same casino. As he/she spends more money, the casino is also going to earn more.

The extra £40 that you received is paltry compared with what the house can earn from you in the future. After all, £40 is easy to lose. If you bet £5 on a slot machine per round, it only takes eight losing rounds for the casino to get it back. Match (deposit) bonuses also come with a lot of rules. These are rules that many players do not read, but they are nevertheless imposed. If a player breaks these rules, the entire bonus will be canceled, and the player is now left with only his original deposit.

How Do 400% Deposit Bonuses Work?

Whether you opt for free spins or the cash one, all casinos have rules about how you can use them. These rules are put in place to prevent abuse.

Each casino has a different rule, but all of them share similar requirements, which we will discuss below.

  • Capped value – every bonus has a capped value. What this refers to is the total amount of money that a house can give you for free. Just because you deposited £1 million does not mean the casino could give you an extra £4 million. The capped value is always shown on the 400% deposit casino bonus advertisement. If a casino puts a cap at £4,000, it means that the maximum amount of bonus you can get is £4,000.

In this case, you can deposit £1,000, and 400% of that is £4,000. If you deposit £2,000, you will not get an extra £8,000 because the cap is £4,000. Therefore, you will still receive an extra £4,000.

  • Wagering requirement – a wagering requirement refers to the total amount of money you have to bet before you are allowed to withdraw. The wagering requirement is always expressed as a multiplier. For example, a casino would say that the wagering requirement is 35x the bonus amount. If your bonus amount is £100, it means that you have to wager, or bet, £100 X 35 = £3,500. Once you have met this requirement, you can now cash out your winnings. This rule is put in place so that players who got the bonus would play and not just withdraw the money.
  • Wagering contribution – a wagering contribution is a percentage of your bet that is taken off from your target wagering requirement. Different games in an online casino have different wagering contributions. Most slot machines have a 100% contribution.

What does this mean? It means that if you bet £10 on a slot machine, 100% of that is £10, so £10 will be taken of your target of £3,500. Now, you only have to bet £3,490 more. Usually, blackjack and other games have a small wagering contribution of 10%. If you bet £10 on a blackjack round, 10% of that is £1, so only £1 would be taken off the £3,500 wagering requirement.

Casinos impose this rule to ensure that you use your deposit bonus on games of chances where your skill has no impact on the game’s outcome. In short, you cannot abuse the system.

  • Allowed games – not all games are playable if you are using your bonus money. Many gambling operators do not allow you to use the money on blackjack, roulette, live table games, and scratch cards. Despite some games being games of chance, there are casino games that were designed with a high probability of winning. The online casinos know this, and they remove these games from the list.

If the 400% deposit bonus you got is meant for slot machines only, you cannot use it on table games. Each promotion has a Terms and Conditions page. Read this to its entirety and find out which games are not allowed.

  • Withdrawal – before you can withdraw, you have to meet all the requirements. Breaking one rule will not only forfeit your bonus money but also all winnings from it. You should also verify your identity before you can cash out, and this verification can take as long as three business days.
  • Maximum bet – each gambling operator imposes a maximum bet from the bonus money. The most common amount is £5 per round. If you exceed this, the casino will forfeit your bonus and all your winnings from that money. On some gambling websites, the maximum bet is expressed in percentage, like 30% of your current balance. If your current balance is £50, then the maximum you can bet for one round is £15.

All these rules are in place to prevent bonus abuse. The casino is willing to give money, but the management also wants both the player and the casino to have a fair chance of benefiting from it.

Just imagine if there is no betting limit. If you receive a bonus of £400, and then bet all of that in one slot round and won, now you have £400 extra, plus £400 will be taken of your wagering requirement. This situation puts a gambling operator in a financially unstable position. Do not think that the casino wants to be in control of the game outcome. The casinos are merely doing this to even the playing field.

How Can I Claim a 400% Bonus?

To claim 400 first deposit bonuses, you need to follow a few steps. While the steps may vary from one gambling site to another, they all share similarities.

Below are the steps to claim a bonus:

  1. Register for an account; complete the details required and use real personal details. Do not use fake names and addresses.
  2. Add your funding source like a credit card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, or bank account information.
  3. Click on the Opt-in button. This button is usually found in the cashier area of your casino dashboard.
  4. Make a deposit: make sure you meet the minimum required amount.

After all these steps, the casino will give you a date as to when you will receive your bonus money. Many sites do this instantly, while some can take a few hours to a day because they need to verify your identity.

Availability on Mobile

400% deposit bonuses are available on mobile. It is rare to find an online casino today that does not offer a mobile-friendly platform. The rules that apply are the same for both desktop and mobile versions.

To avail of the bonus on mobile, all you have to do is to register on your smartphone. Sign-up for an account, complete the requirements and opt-in if it is required by the casino. After the registration, the casino should transfer the expected bonus amount to your bonus balance.


If you find a 400% bonus casino, the first thing you have to do is to read the rules, especially the minimum deposit amount. It would be frustrating if you deposit £10 only to find out that the minimum deposit to get the bonus is £20.

Once you have read the rules, only then can you opt-in. Now, you are armed with information, and you can follow the rules to your advantage. Choose a trusted casino from our list that offers multiple games to your liking. Also, make sure that the bonus money you get is something you can use on a game that you like, so you have a good time.