Match Deposit Bonuses

What Is Match Deposit Casino Bonus?

Nowadays, most casinos offer a welcome promotion offer that can be lucrative to players. Among the different schemes available, the match deposit casino bonus is a scheme that has gained increasing popularity. It promises to match the amount that is deposited by a player at a site. This is usually denoted by a certain percentage that indicates how much of the matchup is offered. For instance, if it promises 50% matching, then for payments made of the minimum or other amounts, a player can get the benefit of an additional half being added to their deposit.

Types of Match Deposit Bonuses

This is a kind of reward that comes along with a Sign-Up offer for players. Among the variations of match casino bonuses, the sum that is offered could be a certain fixed sum or in the percentage form. The promotion falls in the following categories:

  • 50% – when a domain advertises such a percentage, it means that, if minimal deposit requirement is $10, then $5 would be added to the customer account;
  • 100% – this is a more common and popular benefit being offered by many casinos. This leads to a deposit of $100 is doubled. So, it becomes $200 for those who claim the additional money;
  • Above 100% – this scheme is also not uncommon. It could be 150% or 200% and could be given in successive stages. For instance, you get 100% for the first payment, 50% for the second time and 50% for the third time to create a welcome package of 200%;
  • The bonus of free spins – often the match up offer comes bundled with other benefits. This often brings in more customers since the chance of trying a new or popular slot game for free is an enticing opportunity.

How to Claim the Offer?

The way you can claim such a benefit is made easy for those who are new to a portal. When they enter the account formation details, they will find the link to claim the Sign-Up offer as well. Usually, the money is credited to a player account after one makes a deposit. The initial payment needs to conform to a certain minimum figure before the additional cash is added to the account. In some cases, all that a player needs to do is to click on the Sign-Up offer and make their initial payment. In other cases, there is a code involved. This special code needs to be entered before the money gets credited to the customer account.

Wagering Requirements

Before the offer is taken up, it is best to check applicable terms. These vary from one portal to another. For instance, in many cases, the match casino bonuses taken up need to be wagered 30 times before one can add it to their payout balance. Again, some domains make it mandatory for the wagering to include both deposit and bonus amount. Hence, at the time of opting for the Sign-Up offer, it is best to check the terms and take decisions accordingly.


There is a timeline set as well. For instance, it could be a limit of 7 days, 15 days, 30 days or 90 days. This also helps a customer to decide how reasonable or beneficial would it be to increase their stakes with such a benefit. The longer the time spans the more probability of being able to generate wins and see payouts.

Games Applicable

This is another factor that often escapes consideration. It is necessary to check the fine print to know what kind of stakes can be placed and what kinds of games apply to the money you receive. For instance, at most casino portals, most slots can be played with such money; in case of other categories like table games, their participation is limited. Again, the stakes can be defined for the different games. These details need to be read through and understood before one decides to take up a welcome bonus.

How Do They work?

This kind of online casino bonus is designed to attract new gamblers. Those who are new to a casino portal can check out how the different games work and what kind of wins they can obtain. For that, betting an additional deposit on top of the player’s payment helps them to increase their wagering limits.

Instances of such a welcome package can be found at most online gambling platforms these days. For instance, some casino offers up to €1000 while others give up to €100 with a percentage of matchup being 100%. Most of them come with different wagering terms. These indicate the number of times the bonus needs to be rolled through different games before it can be considered as part of payouts or wins.

Though match deposit casino bonuses do look lucrative, they might not be so, depending on the period they can be availed or wagering requirements. On the other hand, if the minimal amount is low, even a small deposit matched with free money can help one to increase their stake’s range. At the same time, if the stakes need to be only of the money received, then a smaller amount is easier to roll through the number of times stated.


There are several reasons why this kind of welcome package or promotions has gained popularity of late. Players can get their initial deposits enhanced when they take up such a program; they have more to bet with and stake on different games. The only thing to consider is whether the limit of days or the wagering amount mentioned would be possible to complete so that one can see greater wins in their account by the end of the day. These are some of the ways that a player can weigh the pros and cons of such programs and decide which one would be best for their consideration.