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About Butterflies Slot

Butterflies are a sign of luck in some cultures. For the gaming culture, however, butterflies bring better providence because the person can control and try his luck. With that in mind, this review is for Butterflies casino slot online and everything that it has to offer.

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Butterflies Preview

Nature Is Back

Nature is the real theme of this NextGen Gaming release. Since a lot of people are now very much into nature, the theme now is very in, and people want to have a piece of nature in everything that they do.

Critics are saying that this slot machine is very similar to California Gold, but the critics on this side of the gaming industry would like to say otherwise. There are beautiful creatures that are up and revolves around the characters of the game.

The beautiful creatures are the following such as some cool mushrooms, caterpillars, and even some card symbols to perfect the whole experience.

The graphics of this slot machine is a great force. The sound effects are startling, and the play seems like a good break from the usual ones that have been bombarding the other slot machines.

Flap The Wings of Luck with These Features

Play Butterflies for real money and the bettor should bet that the following features will come out.

  • Automatic play option. The automatic play option of this slot machine offers the perfect range for players. The player only needs to choose the right number, and the right preference between 5 to 500 spins and where he is comfortable and the game continues to spin even if the player is not even there. The best part is that the player would be able to stop the automatic spin whenever he or she feels like it so that should not be a problem.
  • Every symbol has a winning combination so the player does not need to match all three symbols just so he or she would win some of the prices offered. All that a player must do is to keep playing, and once the symbols are out, the prizes are accumulated.
  • Wild Butterfly Feature is also available when a player would play Butterflies slot machine online. The feature is activated when the Butterfly House comes out on the first reel so the bettor should be on the lookout for that.
  • The pay lines and the best are all adjustable. The player can choose to bet any amount as long as it is within the limit. For example, the bet could be on 20 lines, and the total amount of the wager would be 100 coins. This is all controlled by the player so he can flap his own wings, pun intended.
  • The total screen comes in three-dimensional graphics so each player would be able to see a world of butterflies in 3D. It is very easy and pleasing to the eyes, so the satisfaction comes out not just through playing the game but also through the whole experience of it.

The Jackpot Winnings

Butterflies casino slot online is a very progressive game with a very non-progressive jackpot. The loot is above average, and the total experience is beyond whatever words could be described. It is a must try for all kinds of players. With more than 7000 coins at stake, this one takes home the cake in bringing a game that is beyond imagination. Straightforward and futuristic, there is nothing wrong that could be said about this except maybe there is a need for another version that could cater a dark world butterfly.

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