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Carnival Cup

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About Carnival Cup Slot

It’s time for football nostalgia, as Carnival Cup by Nektan classic slot game takes you back to 2014 during Brazil’s FIFA World Cup. Carnival Cup provides the culture of a traditional Brazilian festival with the essence of one of the world’s most entertaining and universally loved sports event of our generation. Spin a selection of football shirts, combined with maracas and feathers right in front of a huge football stadium. Feel the roar of the crowd as you spin for a chance to win an incredibly enticing jackpot. Team supporters in colourful, carnival outfits are also here to help you score the prizes. From the bright green colours of homeland Brazil to the comforting white and red of the England Lions.

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Carnival Cup Preview

Distinctive Features

  • Players spin a total of 5 reels with a traditional 9 payline outcome.
  • Different coloured football shirts and festive, football supporters are used to gain payouts through several possible combinations. The shirts themselves are numbered like a card deck excluding most of the numbers. There is A, 10, J, Q and K.
  • The Wild symbol is used to represent any symbol so that it fills in gaps for possible combinations. This symbol is represented by a bowl with maracas with a big “WILD” shown beneath.
  • A “free spin” system is used to let players gain more spins by landing the appropriate symbol. This is represented as a football with drums next to it. The words “FREE SPIN” are displayed around it.
  • The bright Carnival Cup icon is the jackpot symbol, which lets players win big bonuses.

What sets “Carnival Cup” apart from most online slot games is that it’s specifically designed as a mobile game. Preferably for Android devices, iPhones, iPads and standard tablets. It is even viable to play on Smartwatches. This kindly optimizes the game’s accessibility for people who wish to play the game anywhere at any time. This goes well with “Carnival Cup’s” simplicity as most mobile games are very user-friendly. This makes the winnings of “Carnival Cup’s” slot machine more attractive to the audience, as there is a bigger cash prize to be won.

Winnings and Prizes

The type of a bet a player can make on the game is a minimum of 0.01USD, which can be increased to a surprising max bet of 9.00USD. The minimum payout multiplier of 50x kicks-off with the lowest tier symbols, which are a total of five 10/J Jerseys. The next payouts increase drastically, ranging from 300x to 1000x depending on the different symbols. Carnival Cup is a game with the total max payout of 2500x which can be achieved by attaining a total of five logos of the slot. With the maximum bet of $9, this leads to an incredible $22,500 reward. For such an easy-to-play mobile game, the amount of real money that can be won can get players more excited for this than the football matches they are probably watching at the same time. There are even more chances to win, with the free-spin symbols giving out a possible 50 extra spins when landing a total of five.


By being able to play from almost any simple handheld device, Nektan wanted to make a game with a relatable and fun theme whilst also giving casino players an exciting goal to play towards. Despite the max jackpot being a tempting yet almost impossible goal to reach, the payouts that can be achieved thanks to the free spin and wild symbols offer a fair experience. What makes Carnival Cup slots game most enjoyable as a simple pastime is the spirit of it. The World Cup is one of the most significant sporting events in the world, and its influence can be seen everywhere, including the casinos industry. Depending on what country it is held in, it can also be an incredible cultural experience on top of it. Nektan wished to celebrate these two aspects by combining them into a pleasurable slot game available for anyone. Definitely something to pass the long minutes during half-time. Why not enjoy the carnival instead?

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