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Besides being the most populated country in the world, China boasts of rich history. Betting and gambling are integral parts of Chinese culture. Betting on animals, dice, and cards have been in practice for a long time. Though the actions of Chinese players or to say gamblers are not monitored by Chinese law, many of the web gaming sites are officially not approved and regarded as illegal here. However, there are many legalized lotteries, and in Macau, a semi-autonomous Chinese region considered to be one of the largest gambling destinations, you can find many of the most popular betting Asian platforms. Chinese gamblers can deposit money at many online casinos in the Renminbi (RMB) as well as select games providing instructions and services in the Chinese language. But now the offshore casinos’ legality is a quite tricky area. To regulate Chinese casinos, the country is still trying to catch up with foreign betting platforms. Now, let us concentrate on the ranking of some of the best Chinese online casinos.

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Laws of Gambling in China in 2020

Even though decades have passed since the economic liberation of this country, the nation is still run by a one-sided communist party. This party manages all the affairs and takes corruption very seriously. In Mainland China, any kind of gambling is regarded as illegal, even some regulated lotteries are prohibited. The exceptions where it is legal are Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Article 303 of the criminal law introduced by PRC (People’s Republic of China) is the main law that regulates gambling activities. According to this article, assembling a crowd to engage in gambling for money has been restricted. “Crowd” means any gathering consisting of more than one person. As for land-based institutions, no specific mention has been made about such platforms or web gaming. Chinese gamblers are allowed to try their luck at some key gaming institutions. But, before you sign up for any restricted page, it is better to check whether you are not breaking the law.

  • Macau. Macau, the former Portuguese colony, has now been transformed into a semi-autonomous region ruled by the Chinese Government. As of the records of 2020, this is the only place in this country where land-based betting is approved by law. Macau has turned into one of the biggest betting destinations in the world especially for offline gambling where a virtual monopoly is held by Macau. In terms of the variety of games, some of its betting platforms give a tough competition to Las Vegas.
  • Hong Kong. Hong Kong used to be a British colony, and China got it back in 1997. Here, some gambling is legal, for example, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) has a monopoly on sports betting. There is also an online gaming platform run by this club which is available for residents.
  • Taiwan. In Taiwan, apart from the Uniform lottery and the lotteries run by the state, betting has been banned. Though in 2009, by the Offshore Islands Development Act, some betting platforms have become legal.
  • Hainan. In 2020, it was proposed to withdraw the legal permission of gambling from Hainan Island. In the case of online betting platforms, China will probably make internet betting, lottery and sports betting legal soon.

Gambling may not be allowed here, but it could not stop the major betting platforms chains to build resorts in the country. One of the largest non-gaming five resorts in China is MGM Grand Sanaya.

As for a lottery, there are two which are not considered as gambling Welfare Lottery and Sports Lottery. These are legal and run by the government. The former has been in practice since 1987 and is regulated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs while the latter is overseen by the China Sports Lottery Administration Centre; it has been in practice since 1994.

Popular Games and Betting

You can find many betting games overseas originated from this country. Two such games are Sic Bo and Pai Gow; they have been played here for centuries. In some betting institutions of Macau, table games are still played. Examples of some more approved China casino games are:

  • Sci Bo. Almost all betting platforms offer this option as Chinese gamblers are fond of this game. This is a dice-based one where the outcome of the three dice at random sets the bet.
  • Punto Bunco and Baccarat. These two games have been the favorites amongst Chinese gamblers for a long time. Even in Macau casinos, these table offerings have received the approval.
  • Pai Gow. This Chinese game is played with tiles that resemble dominoes. Though on the mainland this one is banned, Macau casinos allow this one to be played. This game became American since it was transformed into Pai Gow Poker which is played with 52 cards.
  • Mahjong. This tile-based game has been played since the 17th century. It is an extremely popular one here. To play it you need four people and one hundred and forty-four tiles featuring Chinese characters. Mahjong was prohibited after the launch of a new set of rules in 1998 by the China State Sports Commission.

Deposit Methods in the Best Online Chinese Casinos

Online Chinese casinos offer various payment methods which are accessible from this country. Payment options like Tencent and Alipay are accepted at web betting platforms. Chinese people can deposit in Yuan and Renminbi as well. A lot of withdrawal and deposit options are available at the famous betting institution. These options are:

  • UnionPay. Transactions at web betting sites can be made via this Chinese payment provider. The UnionPay card works like a credit/debit card.
  • Bank Transfer. To deposit at an online casino, sometimes a simple bank transfer from a Chinese Bank Account is the best way. You just need to have an online bank account and the details of the betting institution. Fees are applicable.
  • PayPal. Being the most well-known third-party wallet, this one is the largest in the world. Chinese gamblers can deposit at online betting institutions anonymously and securely via PayPal account.

Live Betting and Regulated Chinese Casinos

Only Macau and Sanaya boast of some of the greatest land-based casinos since outside these semi-autonomous areas no brick-and-mortar casinos are allowed.

The recommended China online casinos listed are situated in Macau, the ‘Vegas of East,’ are:

  • Studio City. This portal`s theme is Hollywood. Baccarat, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, and European Roulette can be played at Studio City along with Fortune Baccarat and Sic Bo.
  • Sands Macao. This is attached to a popular Las Vegas Casino Chain and is considered to be its Chinese offshoot. Apart from the offerings provided by this betting platform, extravagant decorations during Chinese New Year and light shows are a crowd-pleaser.
  • Venetian Macao. This gaming platform is inspired by Venice and it is as great as its sister site in Las Vegas. Thanks to its world-class hotel and entertainment, this has received several awards.

Find the Best Chinese Casinos Online in 2020

China boasts of one of the most reputed and well-established gambling culture in the world. Though, the attitude of the Chinese government regarding gaming sites is not liberal. It is important to know where you are accessing the web gambling institutions and whether they are licensed by the government if you are in China in order not to break the law.

Brief History of Gambling in China

  • Between 2nd-4thCentury BCE – Gambling was prohibited by the Wei Kingdom and the gamblers were charged with a fine.
  • The 16th Century – The Portuguese made gambling legal in Macau.
  • Between 17th-19thCentury – In Taiwan, some of the gambling activities became popular.
  • 1935 – All Chinese casinos and public gambling were restricted. Only Mahjong could be played on occasions.
  • 1949 – Gambling was banned by China’s new Communist rulers.
  • 1951 – Taiwan formed Uniform Invoice Lottery.
  • 1987 – Welfare Lottery based on Charity was introduced.
  • 1994 –Sports Lottery came into practice.
  • 1997– This nation got back to Hong Kong and sports betting, legal horse-racing continued.
  • 2000– New regulations concerning the gaming culture were introduced. Licenses became a must for all online gaming institutions.
  • 2009– Hainan Island liberalized gambling.
  • 2012– In Sanya, Hainan, a small gaming institution was opened but then shut down automatically.
  • 2013– Macau made revenue of around $43 bn out of casinos.
  • 2014– A drop in the revenue of gaming institutions of Macau was recorded because of the anti-corruption drive introduced by the president of China, Xi Jinping.
  • 2018– This country legalized gambling in Hainan; an upturn was seen in the fortunes of the Macau casinos, and the rules regarding VISA have been relaxed so that tourists сan visit China casinos

Last but not Least

Chinese gambling is undoubtedly the most paradoxical gambling market in the world. Apart from Macau and Hong Kong, gambling is prohibited in other Chinese territories. However, it tops the list in revenues made out of gambling.


How many casinos are there in Macau?

More than 30 gambling institutions are hosted by Macau some of which are parts of the resort complexes and luxury hotels. They all are generally opened for 24 hours.

Are casino winnings taxable in Macau?

Yes, it is 40%.

What is the approximate gambling revenue earned by the casinos from Macau annually?

Annually Macau’s gambling revenues exceed $27.9 bn.
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