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Modern online casinos offer entertainment that any player will find suitable to their liking. Along with slot machines, card games, and roulette, craps game was and remains one of the most popular types of gambling activities. It is distributed within land-based institutions and virtual platforms. Gamblers like the high speed of this game, its dynamic development of plot and rapid switch of events, as well as large winnings.

For most regular craps players, each new session is a duel with capricious lady Fortune. Since it is difficult to predict the behaviour of small dice, customers just have to count the odds and rely on their intuition, luck, and experience.

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History of Craps

The history of dice goes back to antiquity. While historians who are experts in the gambling field don’t really know when and where the first dice appeared, it is believed to have been around since the twentieth century BC. Nearly all ancient populations, including nations who lived on the territories of Egypt and India, know about this amusement method and enjoyed it wholeheartedly. For example, one of the ancient Indian epos’ heroes lost his property because of playing dice games. But not only his property — that man’s possessions, brothers, wife, and own life were put at risk. However, he failed to win. All of these actually became the formal reason to begin the great battle, known simply as the Mahabharata.

Originally, the dice were made of animal bones, hence their name comes from. Not only numbers but also pictures of animals, revered deities, mystical beings, magic symbols, etc. could be “displayed” on the playing cube facets. Before turning into a game of chance, dice were actively used in divination, as well as religious and mystical rituals.

The modern game of craps (in the format that is available on any casino domains of today) was designed in the USA in the thirties of the twentieth century. A distinctive feature of this mode was the presence of the craps table, where players were enabled to bet on different results of dice throws. Thus, the number of gamblers involved in the party immediately increased, which led to rapid growth in the popularity of craps within the states, and later in Canada.

How to Play Craps

However, there are numerous variants of the game discovered since its invention and up to the current date. The classic solution is commonly played with two dice, which have the following features:

  • The faces are marked with dots in the quantity from one to six.
  • The sum of the opposite facets is always seven.
  • The dice edges used in the casino are sharp and as close to ninety degrees as possible, with minimum tolerance only.

The main element of craps is a table with special separate zones. On such fields, customers put their stakes. The winnings for each decision are certainly calculated on the basis of appropriate odds.

Craps Rules

Craps meaning is a dice game in which players bet on the outcome of a pair of dice. The game begins with a roll by one of the gamblers. That roll sets the point value, which will remain the same throughout the current game. A roll of 7 or 11 will result in an immediate win, and getting a 2, 3, or 12 will lead to a loss. The point is set only in case of receiving 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 — then the fun goes on.

The player’s main task is to re-roll the amount he set in the first roll as a point. It is important to do this before the dice bring seven points. In this case, a seven isn’t a lucky number at all. On the contrary, this result causes the shooter’s failure.

While the shooter does his job, trying to score a point with a lucky roll, other session participants present at the table can be on the results of his rolls. That’s not a problem to do — special fields are placed on the table, and players can put their chips there. These bets are possible to place:

  • Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line — whether or not the player will pass beyond the first round, 1:1 are set.
  • Rolled number — here the winnings are paid with different odds because the probability of particular numbers falling out isn’t the same.
  • Hardway — that is a bet on a roll, giving 4, 6, 8, or 10. The high odds are guaranteed and are predetermined by the low probability of such combinations occurring.
  • Field — the better wins if the first roll gets 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11. Five numbers offer good odds, many beginners think. But in fact, the odds aren’t significantly better from other opportunities to place a stake either.
  • Big 6 and Big 8 — these stakes are paid out with the ratio of 5:6.
  • A variety of combined bets on the throw — there are numerous great samples here.

Gamblers can combine bets to increase their chances of winning. If this approach seems good to you, it is important to understand not only how to play craps, but also to imagine the probability of falling different numbers on two dice. To do this, you need to practice and boost up your professionalism in the game. Consumers don’t have to play for real money — leading internet-based websites just provide an opportunity to play free craps in demo mode.

Craps Strategy

In any game of chance, gamblers strive to find patterns and use them in their favor. In terms of mathematics, the advantage of the casino for different types of bets is easy enough to calculate. It is just necessary to understand the probability with which certain numbers fall out on the two dice applied.

When you throw one of the dice, the chances of all results are the same. When two dice are used, completely different numbers are received in the end. For example, a seven can appear out of the following combinations — 1+6, 6+1, 2+5, 5+2, 3+4, 4+3. It is possible to achieve a two or a twelve by two means only, on the contrary. There is no coincidence that a rolled seven leads to the end of the round and the loss of the players’ bets.

Based on these simple calculations, you can go further — to determine at what bets the casino’s advantage is not too high. By the way, the institution always has an edge over the players; this is the trustworthy nature of their existence. Therefore, when playing for a long period of time, you should avoid bets with high odds, as they are distinguished by providing gambling organizations with the most winning positions.

Classical schemes, such as Martingale or Paroli, are quite often used by dice players. As evidence shows, the theoretical benefits of strategies can’t be implemented in practice to the full extent. The main obstacle for, for instance, the Martingale system, is the betting limits on the table, which don’t allow enthusiasts to bring the doubling tactic to the winning end.

Experienced gamblers advise limiting their bets and monitor the balance when playing craps. Even a big win or succession of lucky rolls can be replaced by a streak of unsuccessful throws at any moment. In turn, it will quickly empty the gamblers’s bankroll.

Glossary of Craps Terms

In the case of dice games, special terms and notions are invented for consumers’ convenience. This lets them understand the situations on the table better and much faster. The most common terms are as follows:

  • Shooter — the player who rolls the dice in a particular round;
  • Point — value set after the first successful roll;
  • Come out roll — the very first shooter’s roll;
  • Craps — a roll of 12, 3, or 2 in a Come out roll;
  • Natural — a roll of 11 or 7 at a come-out throw;
  • Hardway — bet on doubles (3+3, 4+4, and so on);
  • Advantage — the percentage of the stake that goes to the casino itself and is based on the laws of mathematical probabilities.

At different platforms where craps online are possible, you can come across other slang words too. For example, they may denote betting against appearing a seven or a roll of two sixes on the dice. Usually, they become clear and recognizable as the game progresses.

Different Craps Variants

It would have been a miracle if such an ancient game had been known only in one version. Craps have quite a few modifications. Although some of them are more or less popular in comparison to alternatives, they are still on the go. The differences can be noticeable and not very, depending on the gambling establishment and the specific rules of the chosen version.

Crapless Craps

This variant is especially popular in Canada. Its peculiar feature is that no bet will be lost after the first roll. Moreover, any rolled number can be set as a point. A seven is an exception. Due to such alterations, incredible dynamics of the gameplay are achieved, and gamblers are quickly involved in the process and get a lot of excitement during the play. Despite the seeming benefits for players, losing in Crapless Craps can be fast, so it is worth carefully monitor your spendings and winnings.

Die Rich Craps

From a technical point of view, Die Rich Craps isn’t exactly what we are accustomed to calling craps. This entertainment is played with just one die. The simple rules and instant diving into the gameplay and fun atmosphere have made it quite common and demanded. Despite the fact that all variations are calculated with high precision (since the shooter has only three attempts to discard a point after the first round), the sequence of events can be really unpredictable. The four betting options are paid out at the ratio of 4:1. Giving the casino a whopping advantage of 16.67%.

High Point Craps

This is a rather exotic variant of classic craps, in which numbers 2 and 3 are ignored on the first roll. If they fall out, the shooter repeats the roll until he gets a different result. Playing High Point Craps is more interesting than the classic version, as there are more chances to get through the first round and set the point. However, you should keep in mind that in this game variant the advantage of the gambling house will be significantly higher — 2.35%.

New York Craps

This craps layout emerged in the largest city in the United States in the last century. The main feature is the significant advantage of the establishment, as it receives 5% each on both losing and winning bets. Nevertheless, New York Craps is quite popular in online casinos.

Simplified Craps

It is played as a duel and with the banker. The rules are very simple: the player rolls the dice once and wins or loses, depending on the results achieved. The winning numbers are 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12. The opposite numbers, namely, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, will mean your failure. The payout odds also vary from 1:1 for getting a three and a four to 5:1 for a twelve. Of course, gaming organizations get their advantage from the start. This amount reaches 2.8%. However, the simplicity of the rules and very high speed attract gamers to this variant of game.

There are many other varieties of craps, many of which are presented in land-based establishments and on the sites of gambling clubs. For example, there is a simple variant in the form of confrontation with the bank. First, the banker rolls the dice, and the player’s job is to score more points than the bank received. The payout is 1:1, in some cases, the institution can take a certain percentage of the bet.

Offline vs. Online Craps

Among dice players, there are both fans of the online format of the game and players who prefer land-based establishments. Both parties can impress with good arguments and reasonable reasons to defend their point of view, so it is impossible to say that one option is better than the other. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages to be taken into account when choosing offline or online craps.

Fans of traditional casinos often note such positive aspects:

  • The atmosphere of the gambling establishment creates the right mood, allowing you to experience the game vividly and emotionally.
  • The support of fans and other players at the table is guaranteed. Here there is an interesting psychological trick — most often gamblers bet on the victory of the shooter, thereby wishing him luck and trying to share the victory.
  • Live communication with acquaintances, other players, and staff is deeply appreciated. This feature can’t be completely satisfied when playing online.
  • You have the possibility to take a little rest at any moment and just watch how other gamblers play, make bets, and roll the dice.

In turn, supporters of online craps consider the following advantages of virtual casinos:

  • The ability to play at any convenient time is highly sought-after. There is no need to adjust your schedule and stick to the institution’s business hours.
  • People appreciate fast access to the game from home or anywhere else through mobile devices.
  • Customers can take their time and play whenever they want is accompanied by less stress and no rush before each bet. So they can think calmly and critically evaluate the pros and cons of each move.
  • The ability to play for free is a unique feature, which is totally absent in land-based slots usually. It is a perfect opportunity to hone your decision-making skills and develop a strategy for winning that suits your style of game and talents.
  • At a craps table in a real casino, the number of free sits is obviously limited. So it is not a rare case when you have to wait for the right moment to join the game. This is especially true for peak-activity hours. On the contrary, playing online never causes such problems.

The algorithms used to roll the dice at online establishments are formulated in such a way as to replicate exactly the mathematical probability of behavior of dice in the physical world. This compliance is strictly monitored by special organizations, and if the virtual casino will try to change the emulator programs in their favor, it is going to face big trouble, up to losing its license.

In addition, you do not have to choose between the two alternatives — why not play dice online on a regular basis and visit the nearest institution of the kind on special occasions in person? The most essential thing is that the game in the selected establishment, either offline or online, has to bring positive and pleasant emotions.

Top Casinos to Play Craps Online

Before you sit at the virtual craps table, it is a worthy thing to carefully consider the choice of online institutions. To avoid disappointment from a bad decision, experts advise comparing several candidates on these parameters:

  1. The presence of a license. This condition is mandatory for all resources that operate in Canada and other countries. The license itself tells the player that the service provider clearly complies with all the rules and doesn’t try to cheat its clients. In case of any disputes or issues, gamblers can count on the attention to their problem at the casino’s end.
  2. Ease of use of the site, navigation through its different sections, and overall pleasant design. If everything suits you and there are no annoying elements that can spoil all the fun, you can move on to the next test-drive step.
  3. Financial relationships. Modern online gambling establishments usually provide several ways to pay for the game and receive winnings — bank transfers and cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and so on. If the list includes the most convenient way for the visitor, it is an additional plus for the candidate.
  4. Bonuses and promotions. Online casinos, unlike land-based establishments, constantly reward their customers by giving out bonuses. When choosing a site, you should look more not at the size of the promised gifts, but at the conditions of their receipt and wagering — there may be nuances.
  5. Reputation. In the epoch of rapid technological development, you can find a lot of reviews on any institution that captivates your attention simply on the internet. This method doesn’t require a lot of effort and lets customers verify if the dedicated platform is as trustworthy as it seems to be. There are also professional ratings that are regularly compiled by specialists in electronic gambling. They usually take into account a lot of parameters. Based on their average quality in the ranking, the place for a particular service is given.

Among the Canadian websites where you can play craps, the following parties deserve to be tested (the results are provided in accordance to leading rating agencies):

  • Fastpay Casino — a modern online casino with fast payouts and good welcome bonuses;
  • Kingdom Casino — in addition to a large selection of gambling entertainment activities, the platform can offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit — a great way to start;
  • Cleopatra Casino — here, for the first deposit, you can get up to 4,000 American dollars, depending on the fulfilment of conditions;
  • Bitcoin Casino — one of the best cryptocurrency casinos, the use of Bitcoin and other electronic money allows you to remain anonymous and speed up all types of payments;
  • GetSlots Casino — that’s a very large selection of slots, card games, and, of course, several varieties of craps. Additional pluses include solid bonuses for all visitors and a progressive loyalty program.


Can I play craps for free?

Almost all leading online gaming establishments in Canada and other countries allow customers to run craps in a special demo mode. Although you won’t get a chance to receive a reward for your practice in a material way (cash, of course), you don’t have to pass registration and create a user’s account to start gambling for free.

Can I play craps for real money?

Yes, you can. But you will need to register at the chosen website, deposit a requested amount and find craps you like. Only people of the legal age (it may differ from land to land) are allowed to gamble for money.

What is the best bet for craps?

This question is better to answer on your own. A lot of influence is forwarded to your own tastes, habits, and preferences.

How do you win at casino craps?

As you know, mastery is gained through experience and practice. So in order to learn how to win at the casino dice options, enthusiasts have to be up in rs and be patient enough to keep on trying and experimenting, finding the most suitable strategy and playing approach in their particular cases. A large variety of guides that simplify the learning curve can be found on the internet.

Don’t hesitate to stick to their pieces of advice and check what more experienced gamblers recommend. You only need to remember that there is no magic system that eliminates the risk of failure once and forever. Guaranteed winnings will be accessible only after you get accompanied by the best allies of any gambler — experience, right judgment, and common sense. Then you will be able to beat the casino at craps.

Is it illegal to play craps?

Dice gaming in its essence can’t be illegal in any country. Another matter is that gambling for real money, especially on the internet, is frequently banned. Local authorities may prohibit and restrict the services of particular establishments. So you will have to check this parameter specified for a particular region.
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