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About Dracula Slot

Everybody knows who Dracula is but not everyone knows what Dracula the casino game is all about. The world famous vampire is here to strike at every player’s life for the longest time.

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Let’s Review It

Net Entertainment is definitely bringing all the goods in with this latest installment. The story is very different from what anyone would expect for a game about the King of the Night.

What is the story?   Dracula is no longer at his home in Transylvania and he now lives in London in Carfax Abbey. He is looking for his next victim and it must definitely not be a player’s wallet. In the game, he loves alcohol, fat ladies, and tramps.

The graphics of the game stand out. The backdrop is very high quality and the player certainly has a lot of reasons to enjoy everything about it.  The slot machine is similar to South Park and the players should not have any problems with that. When the you decide to play Dracula for real money, good things are coming his way.

The graphics made by the developers are really vivid.  The colors used are exciting and really simulates the brains towards entertainment. The sounds are awesome and definitely fits the backdrop of the game. The symbols are also very in tune with the overall theme of this exciting slot machine.

Unique Features of Dracula Slot Machine

The following are the main features of Dracula casino slot online that every player should experience at least once in their gaming lives:

  • Free spins feature: The free spins feature of the slot machine is a feature that every player wants. When it comes to this slot machine, there are 10 free spins so the gamer has 10 spins that increases his chances of winning.
  • The good thing about the backdrop this slot-game is once the Stacked Lady joins main character, the gamer will get 2 more free spins. This means that the chances of the player may become unlimited and that is what makes the game even more exciting.
  • 20 to 200 lines are available to make the gamer enjoy all bets and have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot.
  • Bat mode: This mode is unique to this slot machine and once the gamer discovers it, the gamer would surely be more inclined into playing it.
  • Preview video: This part serves its main purpose.  It provides a preview of the rules on how the casino game should be played and how it should be enjoyed by the gamer.

Get Started!

When a player decides to play Dracula slot machine online, the gamer better be ready to put a stake at the heart of Dracula. As the British would say “the game is bloody great!” That is definitely a pun since the King of the vampires is certainly out of blood and he may use the player’s money as a blood replacement so the gamer must be careful about the way that he takes his bet.

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