Five Times Pay
Five Times Pay

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About Five Times Pay Slot

IGT has once again graced the online gaming industry with a fabulous new game. Derived from the classic online gaming industries, this one of a kind slot machine game is the next big thing that happened to game industries since, well, real casino slot machines.

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Five Times Pay Game Review

Avid players and newbies alike can certainly take delight in the idea that classic games are still in. IGT’s Five Times Pay is certainly an example of a classic slot-game, with classic twists, and classic payout that PC and Linux players can certainly enjoy.

Compatibility wise, the game is awesome. Classic, simple, and steady – these are the three words that describe what this game means.

Main Features

IGT’s Five Times Pay is packed with usual features, but it does not make the player any less than a winner.  The following are the features of the game:

  • 5x pay symbol. The slot-game has 7 colorful symbols that represent different kinds of payment. Players profit based on the symbol that they would get. Like other simple games, you match the symbols; you win a price. In Five Times Pay, the player needs only to follow different landings and combinations to win some prizes.
  • Automatic play: Who doesn’t love an automatic play When the player is not yet in the mood of playing and wants to have some fun while still having the slot-game on, Five Times Pay online slot machine allows a player to play 500 times automatically without any disruptions.
  • Practice mode. The available practice mode is one of the winning features of this game. Before even trying to play Five Times Pay for real money, a new player can try it out in practice mode and try to see whether he can outwit the system.
  • Stress-free. This is not a feature, but it is necessary to point out that this is one casino game that is stress-free for any player. It offers a very easy to use interface and chances of winning that anybody would appreciate.


Five Times Pay is a guilt-free and hassle-free slot-game with a very upfront system. It shows on the screen all of the details that a player would want to know. How many credits do you have left? How much money are you wagering on each spin that you take? How much have you won? How much more credit do you have? All of the answers to these questions are available on the screen, so the player no longer needs to do any math.

Overall, the online slot machine is a total winner. It may be entirely different from the featured packed and themed games that are currently being released in the online gaming market today, but it is very remarkable and outstanding when it comes to performance and gaming presentation.

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