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Combat games attract the manliest of the players or the most tomboys of all the girls. Flight Zone casino slot online draws none. Read more to find out more about what this slot machine has to offer and why the reviews are not so great.

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Flight Zone Preview

To begin with, people are always very much into the whole system of chaos when they are playing video games. It has long been a very baffling experience for the world to see a game boy such violence.

The developers at Micro gaming may have seen this and wanted to develop and create something that is worth the love and attention that they give.  However, the goal may have been decent, and it is right that they are trying, but they failed.

Flight Zone casino slot online begins with an introduction on a war-ridden world where there is always a fight somewhere.  Right then and there, it did not seem like a good fit for a casino theme.  Given that the effort has been modest and the reality is truly fascinating for the people, whenever the gamer would play Flight Zone slot machine online, he or she would end up asking and wanting more than what the whole experience has to offer.

With this in mind, it is essential to always keep and manage expectations at a relatively reasonable price.  People tend to expect that since Micro gaming creates it, it is already a notch above the rest.  It may seem that way, but it is not.  Gamers should not rely on the name of the developer.

The Features

To somehow create a worthy game, the developers offer the following features to the general playing public.

  • The software came from none other than the great people behind Micro gaming.
  • It has video slots as the slot type.
  • It has 25 pay lines and five reels. It offers a minimum of 1 coin per line and a maximum of 20 coins per line. The minimum coin size is 0.01, and the maximum coin size is 0.2.  There should be at least one coin per line and a maximum of 20 coins per line.
  • The total jackpot is 1000 coins, but the RTP is unknown. For more players, this does not translate into a good thing.  A player would want two things in a good slot machine: an enjoyable gaming experience and a winning gaming experience.  If the gamer does not even know the RTP of the slot machine, there is no sense in trying to do something about it.
  • Bonus Game – as a treat to the gamers, this one offers a bonus game that would mean more value to the money of the players.
  • A Wild Symbol and a Scatter Symbol – the symbols that create a lot of fuss and a lot of love for the players did not save this game from failing, but at least they are still offered.
  • Automatic play option – for the gamers who want to get a little bit more out of their time, this is the function that they love the most.
  • Multiplier and Free Spins – this is the one that makes the most fuss and even with them, the release is still not worth the time and money.

Create Something and Have Fun

Now that this critic has already given the feedback about this online entertainment, it is important to note that whenever the player would play Flight Zone for real money, there are others that he can give a try.  Other games that are somewhat a little better than this one and a bit less complicated.

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