Jellyfish Jaunt
Jellyfish Jaunt

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About Jellyfish Jaunt Slot

Jellyfish is a species that nobody really cares about. This is morbidity aside since they sting people and they do hurt a lot. The more poisonous ones can even kill. Jellyfish Jaunt casino slot online wants to make sure that the credibility of this species would change with the entertainment that they offer.

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Jellyfish Jaunt Preview

There are a lot of things that people do not know about jellyfish. These creatures are considered as one of the oldest living species that have surpassed even the time of the dinosaurs.  According to studies, they started stinging at around 4 million years ago when not even the human civilization has explored the waters.  Fun fact is that these ones do not even have a backbone and they cannot even be considered as fish per se.

With that in mind, however, what makes the experience of playing Jellyfish Jaunt casino slot online one that would stay in mind for ages? They are the following.

  • The graphic is more cartoon-based than most of the other releases. It may seem like the invertebrates could not be given any cuter depiction, but in this offer they are.  The character created in this slot machine is one that could never be forgotten by people.
  • The sound effects mix and match the graphics in a good way. Sure, it is already a given that most of the people who have tried it a couple of time would surely love it. Unfortunately, it is an acquired taste, and the matching is not the same as one would hope it to be.
  • The three variety of paying is a stand out that makes the offer an excellent one. Play Jellyfish jaunt slot machine online and the following diversity of paying will help:
    1. Low Paying – Get Nine to Ace or 3 matching symbols, and the gamer would get some winnings by simply matching.
    2. High Paying – this part has a higher payout. Once the player would see the following symbols such as a jellyfish, a snorkel set, an anglerfish, and a treasure chest, there would be a high payout for the gamer.
    3. Special Symbols – the special symbols carry the wild symbol and the scatter symbol which does not only pay out some coins but also allows the player to get a little more creative with the whole experience.

The Stings of the Fish

Play Jellyfish Jaunt for real money and the player should expect the following features to be a part of the screen:

  • Who is the developer? Micro gaming is the developer of this slot machine.  There are a lot of games that have been created by the creative team of Micro gaming, and every person would agree that their creations are something.
  • What is the slot type? The screen would show a video slots kind of play.
  • How many pay lines are ready to be activated? Around 25 pay lines are ready for activation at a minimum of 1 coin per line and a maximum of 20 coins per line.  The minimum coin size for the betting range is 0.01, and the maximum coin size is 0.25.
  • How many reels are available to match? There are 5 reels to get a matching symbol.
  • What is the total jackpot available for the market? The total winnings of the game are 1000 coins.
  • Unfortunately, the RTP is unknown.

Some Other Catch

There are also other features that one may like to know about the slot machine, they are the following:

  • Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol – the symbols that go hand in hand as a symbol layer of winning for this slot machine. There is so much that it has to offer than perhaps the greatest challenge of it is not just to ensure that the player would have fun but that the player would experience getting all of the features that the developers have worked hard for.
  • Automatic play function – this function allows an individual to purposely create and save his time and effort by winning playing even if he or she is on the phone or has someone else to talk to.
  • Multiplier and Free Spins – these two creates a very good combination to keep players from giving up their time and money somewhere else. Surely, once this would come out, the contestant would stay longer.

Catch of the Day

Play Jellyfish jaunt slot machine online, and the gamer would have a fishy time.  The winning is not that big, and the gamer will not have a lot of money coming out as he did coming in but the point is that it gives an enjoyable play and surely that would be enough to keep any person happy.

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