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Jesters Jackpot

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About Jesters Jackpot Slot

Easy to play and awesome fun, Jester's jackpot is a classic 3 reel slot that has all the features you love in classic slots. Developed by Microgaming, this casinos online slot offers the three reel casino experience with a multi-pay table that you can try your luck at. The gameplay feels fun and comfortable for retro slot fans, and a new player can spend hours enjoying the easy game structure and possibly getting lucky with their wagers.

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Get Playing Right Now, its Non-Stop Fun

When you choose to play this game, you can pick from two different options, to play with real money or go with free spins first. To start having fun right away, play Jester’s jackpot slot for real money or you can learn the ropes of this game and hone your intuition, by first playing on the free option until you get the hang of it and feel that your intuition is bang-on.

Terms and Conditions of Playing This Slot

  • You can play Jester’s slot machine online, and you get to decide how many coins you want to stake. The bet values range from $0.25 right up to a maximum of $5 for the coins. The wagers are set at a minimum of $0.25 to $15 for a spin.
  • The icons are designed to transport you to a casino’s online wonderland. The attention-grabbing icons include the Jester’s bar; there’s the Jester’s hat icon, the bar icons and the cherries all contribute to a true to Vegas kind of experience, it all adds to the enjoyment and fun of playing at this casino.
  • You can bet a single coin or bet max with just a click; it’s that fun, that simple. Jackpots and bonus wait at almost every turn, and fortune could be perhaps be smiling at just any click, at any moment.

The Exciting Welcome Offers

There are many exclusive offers that you may get to access as part of the welcome offer. There could be free chips, deposit bonuses and free spins that may be included in this offer.

The Wagers and the Combinations That May Win You Money

In this game of Jester’s jackpot casino slot online, you can wager 1 coin, 2 coins or 3 coins per spin. The pay tables are divided into three, depending on the coins you wager. The win amount also depends on the bet amount, a wager of one coin may win a set amount, double win money and triple the amount wins are possible with 2 coin or 3 coin bets.

The winning combinations can be a single cherry, 2 cherries, 3 single bar combos or any three bars. Combinations that also trigger wins are three Jesters’ bar icons, 3 jackpot icons or 3 cherries. When you draw a line up of 3 Jester’s hat icons on a single pay line, that’s fantastic to get and a sight to behold, as that wins the Jester’s jackpot.

Depending on the number of coins you have wagered, you may win one of the 3 potential jackpots. When you line up the 3 top paying symbols with a single coin bet that potentially win you 8000 coins.

1,600 coins are your to have if you bet 2 coins and draw the winning combination and good fortune gets multiple thrice with a 3 coin bet, as 2,400 coins are up for grabs when you line up the winning symbols with a 3 coin wager.

Concluding Lines

Jester’s jackpot is a classic slot that features fun and interesting icons that get your attention. The RTP is stable making this an attractive game option. Many combinations can win you fantastic rewards and prizes. This game gives you everything you love about classic slots, and the gameplay is exactly as almost any player likes it: fun, thrilling and easy to play.

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