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This slot game is one of those places where just hearing their name would take a person back to a beautiful place. Of all the exotic destinations, Katmandu is perhaps the rarest. So, gaming developers created games that may give a person a feel to the place, and this is why Katmandu casino slot online was born. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_L9197Xz38[/embed]

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Katmandu is the capital of Nepal.As a capital, tourism is always high so are the costs of going there and traveling back and forth from the center to the ends of the state. So, for those who have no funds at the moment, experiencing the capital may hard. For those who live miles away from the center, and for some even oceans away, it is still possible to have some experience with the exotic destination.

With that in mind, Microgaming and the very creative team behind game development came up with the idea of creating a slot machine that would stay true to the exotic tourist spot. That is how the developer has birth to Katmandu casino slot online.

One of the very first and few Nepalese-themed slots in the market, Katmandu is all about the spoils of ancient Egyptian civilization and everything else in between.

Spoils of the War

Play Katmandu slot machine online, and the player would be able to find that exotic may mean the difference between a boring old game and a new game that is out to get the charms and focus of all the players. What are the ways that Katmandu spoils the player? Here are some ways:

  • 9 Pay lines – This is not much; it does not even come close to any of the big games which offer a lot of pay lines. Well, the players are given freedom to choose between one to nine so there is a possibility that a player can just choose to bet on one pay line or bet on all of the pay lines. Either way, the gamer is in control of his bet.
  • Every stake is pegged at 20 coins. It is a given fact that every stake of this slot machine has 20 coins as the maximum bet, but this could reach 45 coins if the player has the latest version of the slot machine. A high-risk player would not love this idea at all, but for average and small bet players, this is enough of an amount.
  • Automatic play option – who does not love hearing that a slot machine has an automatic play? The game has an automatic play option that is up to 500 automatic spins. 500 spins mean that there are 500 chances for the bettor to play Katmandu for real money and win. The best part is that the developers set a threshold for the gamers so whenever the limit is already reached, even if there are still some spins left, the rotations will stop. This ensures that if the player is not really at his luckiest, he would not be taken for all that he is. This is a great way to keep players from getting tired of the game.
  • The symbolism is all about Katmandu. So every character or place-based slot machine has an icon based on the central theme, this one is no different, and the best part is since there is no other competition available, people automatically associate the symbols to this singular slot machine and nothing more.
  • The creators were so generous with the free spins. It is remarkable how this release came to be. The originators gave a lot of unrestricted options that are needed and friendly to the users. Free spins are always welcome in a gamer’s world, and this is the best part of this entertainment source.

Go Back to Ancient Egypt

Katmandu is one of those civilizations that continue to thrive despite their history. Because of what they went through, the people can take every day as they come and enjoy the exploits of their days. Players would certainly learn a thing or two about Katmandu with this slot machine.

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