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About Keno 3D Slot

Almost every fourth risk-seeker has probably been engaged in lottery drawings which are popular among all types of people whether you are a successful businessman or simply a housewife looking for a big-time change. No matter where you are from or what you do for living, everyone is given an equal chance of winning a huge pot of money plainly by choosing numbers from tickets and waiting for the results. Despite a pleasant layout, just a few individuals can actually experience an unprecedented stroke of luck and get a whole lot of cash in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, hundreds of millions of people continue testing their fine fortune and the reason why is definitely clear – no casinos would ever offer immense in volume jackpots worth mints which national lotteries furnish from time to time, yet there is one great alternative to feel the rush of adrenaline in a slot-like environment. And that is called Keno.

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There are plenty of options speaking of Keno because every reputable software developer offers a couple of alternatives when it comes to online lotteries. And no wonder why it is a classic situation for a gambling site to incorporate dedicated pages with different dice or card raffles as they are not only more reliable than video slots in terms of payouts, but also provide an interesting gaming action without any preludes like waiting for a TV programme to start or buying tickets to become a participant. So, if you are interested welcome to Keno 3D by Sheriff Gaming (a.k.a. BlueGem Gaming) where the whole lot of thrilling entertainment spreading in front of you in a beautiful 3D animation tapestry. Just for the record, BlueGem is a relatively new, but absolutely innovative gaming organisation specialising in development of unique 3D production which already counts more than a hundred of great solutions in terms of offerings. Their games are far ahead of time with their original and sometimes definitely exclusive graphics on the whole creating an amazing gambling session, so that even slots look more like a real computer game. Keno 3D is exactly the case – this is a refreshing, fascinating piece resembling an actual TV show.

Being fully animated in the TV-like style, Keno 3D is a game loaded with bright and interesting non-stop action offering loads of great prizes, crisp graphics and even a fragment of reality where you would be feeling as a spectator and participant of astounding show, but with one moment taken into consideration – you control everything. BlueGem Gaming has fueled their version of Keno with a TV screen locating in the middle of the interface frame, a remote control comfortably resting in casino players’ hands and a table where your potentially lottery ticket is situated. All this scenery actually reminds of a cozy house where players are given a chance of gaming in the first-person mode, so regarding the presence of high-quality 3D animation it’s pretty easy to lose your grip on reality. Turn on your telly box and bring the action right now.

History of Keno

Keno’s backgrounds still remain shrouded in mystery as no one in particular knows how the game stroke the big audience and who actually stood behind inventing of the rules. Anyway, almost every historian could agree that the first steps of Keno were spotted in China, but even this hypothesis is marked with questions and doubts and generally represents not more than a mere legend of our time. Nevertheless, it’s believed that Chinese government official designed Keno to be a perfect way to make citizens pay taxes, so that obligatory taxation would appear as an entertainment rather than another duty to be fulfilled. Moreover, some sources claim that it was Keno which aided to raise funds for building and construction of the Great Wall.

Modern time reincarnation of Keno occurred more than 2000 years after Chinese triumph on imposing people with willing money investments into the local budget. The game remained technically the same but changed a bit under the Western influence. Nowadays, Keno games have become so popular with gamblers that all gaming libraries can always offer something to play when it comes to this both simple astonishing lottery and that is obviously the reason why so many gamblers all over the world are into Kenos – they are fun, easy to understand and quite lucrative from betting perspective.

Speaking of BlueGem Gaming and their finest attempt on devising a machine mimicking the very golden standards of Keno, it goes without saying that the company could catch the right vibes and convey old-established traditions paired up with a sherd of modernistic environment around. Keno 3D meets the requirements of classic procedures and at the same time brings a little seasoning to the process, so that gamblers might enjoy flawless three-dimensional fully animated action in the framework of one of the oldest games in the world.

Rules and features

Keno is, in truth, an easy and lively game to play without anything chiefly difficult especially in case your experience includes taking part in lotteries. It all begins with choosing a range of numbers (spots) and hoping for them to be chosen in consecutive drawings. Basically, Keno 3D provides from 1 to 10 picks available meaning you can reserve up to 10 spots and place a wager on them. Note that the number of spots has an effect on prizes and payouts you can receive during drawing rounds, so the general rule applies here: the more you gamble, the higher you can win. However, there are a few moments regarding probability theory to increase chances, but we are going to discuss it a bit later.

As soon as spots are picked, and wagers are ready in positions, the Keno action starts with selecting 20 random numbers in the range going from 1 to 80. When the outcome appears on the screen the machine compares matches. In other words, your selected spots are compared to the machine’s picks, so if you are lucky enough to choose the same numbers your rewarding increases in direct proportion to correct hits. Generally, players’ mission is to collect as many concurrent numbers as possible in order to get larger rewards. Sounds slightly tricky? Here’s an extended example of how the game flows:

  1. Initially you are given a lottery ticket with 80 numbers all up for grabs – 1, 2, 3, …, 40, 41, …, 80. Now decide on how many spots you would like to engage – BlueGem’s version of Keno offers from 1 to 10 ticket places to occupy. For example, we play with 5 spots and our numbers are 54, 7, 32, 55, 12.
  2. Once the choice is made drawing process begins where RNG chooses 20 digits from our 80-numbered grid, of course, in a random manner. The volume of drawings depends on the volume of picks you make – in our case, 5 picks trigger 5 different drawings.
  3. During each drawing the machine matches randomly selected numbers and your chosen spots – the results are recorded to the screen, so that you could see how many hits are there.
  4. When the drawings are over, the whole result section is calculated and if you fit the paytable you are paid according to the number of matches from this table.

As you can see, there is nothing super difficult in playing Keno because the whole game is about random moments. The only choice you make is the pre-start selecting of spots and then just give it to the number generator machine to handle the job. Doubtlessly, the numbers matched strongly affect corresponding prizes as the more correct guesses you have, the bigger your reward is. Each Keno setting has a various paytable, and in our case the line-up looks as follows:

Hits Payout
4 x2
5 x6
6 x15
7 x90
8 x200
9 x2000
10 – Jackpot x20000

How to play

Climbing up to 10 matches in each drawing is rather comparable to your neighbour becoming the next president of Venezuela, so it should be quite obvious that Keno isn’t poker where you can apply different strategies to have a guaranteed win. Keno 3D utilizes an embedded RNG which picks numbers and since the machine is completely unexpectedly behaved, players might talk about probability, but not about tactics. First of all, never think of manipulating or predicting outcomes because it’s simply impossible if you are not a mentalist. Secondly, try picking in different manners, so that to choose important for you or interesting numbers as nothing really affects the results. Thirdly, keep in mind ways of increasing the odds to play wisely and safely – yes, it is true that there are a few hacks about Keno, but it’s more about mathematics rather than about mechanically tilting the odds in your favour.

Speaking of the latter, let’s look once again at the paychart for Keno 3D which starts actually paying for any 4 hits in any drawing while a whooping x20000 to your bet seems so tasty and handsome when you hit the whole tenner. In all conscience, you must have already inferred that incredible multiplication serves as a luring factor for players to bet through the nose. At the same time, small ranges of spots look more achievable in the long run and this approach is the fundamental basics for the general Keno strategy where you bet low, but the odds are high. So, it’s high time to learn how to swim.


That’s how you should act to become a guaranteed winner in almost every drawing: simply avoid the jackpot possibilities as the maximum number of spots engaged substantially decreases your chances of having a good strike of rewards. How on earth can 10 numbers happen to be a disadvantage? Well, technically it always seems that the more we invest, the more we get in response, but let’s regard the probability odds for hitting the jackpot golden ten –  no more no less that one to nine million which is extremely bizarre and unthinkable. Against this background, even 8 out of 8 seems more reasonable with one to two hundred thousand. Therefore, it turns out that successive shrinking of spots brings you much closer to rewards than fighting with the whole ten on the spots. Bet with a low number of spots, sidestep the jackpot sum and king the game reliably. Notwithstanding, there’s always a room for outstanding luckers, so it’s up to you to decide whether to take risks or not.


In fact, Keno 3D by BlueGem Gaming has a very interesting interface, original theme with TV environment installations and crazy paytable ending with unprecedented x20000 multiplication, so gamblers must feel a strong smell of real money coming to their wallets. The game follows all clichés and standards of Keno genre, so those who are addicted to lotteries would definitely appreciate the gameplay. Overall, it’s a hilarious, interesting, catchy and original lottery version, so why not play BlueGem’s rendition of old-time classics?

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