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If you have ever thought about playing Keno, then this article will be of great assistance to you. This online casino game has gained immense popularity among the players, and there are quite a few reasons for that. Just follow us to learn more!

How to Play Keno Online

It’s evident that to become successful and win some money, you need to be aware of the basic Keno rules. Below we will tell you about them in detail.

  • Online Keno real money is played on the field with eighty numbers. Your task is to pick those you want to make a bet on;
  • After this is done, you just wait for the draw. Besides, note that the numbers here are called the spots;
  • The amount of numbers you can bet on is from one to twenty;
  • They can be picked either by yourself or randomly (the odds aren’t going to change anyway);
  • You get a catch if the number drawn is marked off.

Normally, if you play Keno for fun online, the draw is processed in automatic order. In case you face Keno live, then the draw is performed with ping-pong balls sucked at a tube.


keno on line

To become a professional at Keno, you also need to be aware of the basic Keno betting mechanisms. They work in every online casino you are going to face. Here they are:

  1. Split Tickets. This means that you play two or more games on the same card. Two groups of numbers are picked, after which you have to divide them with a line or circles. In case $2 are bet per group, your total is going to equal $4;
  2. Way Tickets. Again, here the same card is used, and you place bets on several number groups. This structure is considered to be the most complicated one represented in Keno. First of all, you have to decide how many combinations you would like to place a bet on. Then, you compute the bets according to fractions place on the right side of the field. Adding the numerators will allow you to find out the cost of a bet;
  3. Combination ones. Here, the groups of straight bets on one ticket are combined in various ways. Each one of them made is going to be counted as one unit bet;
  4. King Tickets. This is considered to be a variation on way tickets. King numbers are one or more of them picked. They get circled themselves;
  5. Straight variation. The numbers on the card get chosen in this case and then you are waiting for the draw. The bets are usually made on one to fifteen numbers, but in some online casinos, you can take more: up to forty.

The mechanisms we have described aren’t the only thing to know. Besides, it’s a good idea to be aware of the jackpots. From time to time, they are offered by the casino platforms. However, note that it’s better not to rely on them too much. Nevertheless, who knows? Maybe you are going to become a lucky one and hit it?

By the way, the game has a Chinese origin and is thought to be rather simple. Normally, the gamblers here don’t make big bets, but certainly, there are some ways to make a playing process more thrilling and exciting.

Today there are quite a few variants of raffle introduced. Earlier, one of them was rather curious and was called a racehorse Keno. The matter is that here the numbers were replaced with the race horses.

Top Secret Strategies to Win at Keno

Keno online real money wins are more than possible if you have a nice Keno strategy in mind. So, let’s begin discussing them in a more detailed way:

  • First of all, it’s vital to find a trustworthy online casino with the biggest odds for this game. So that to do that, just browse through a couple of platforms you are considering, and compare the numbers. When you find the best one and make sure that the casino given is fair, you may stick to your final decision. The practice shows that NetEnt has one of the most beneficial offers among its competitors in the gambling market;
  • Also, look at the payouts rate by the casino you have chosen. Just compare the numbers and you will see yourself whether to use it or not;
  • Besides, it’s better to be involved in Keno online casino with a progressive jackpot feature. However, here’s a thing to look at carefully, and this is simple math to be done beforehand. You’d better check how much you can get for a non-jackpot win, and what chances you have regarding hitting a jackpot at all. Besides, the Keno payout calculator may be useful too;
  • Don’t exceed the limits you have planned before. Certainly, you want to make more money, but in some cases, this may lead to disappointment from the game, and you will have absolutely no wish to play;
  • You may also try to stick to purchasing a multi-race card. It means that you pay for the next games beforehand. It may give you more advantages speaking of planning your budget, and similar stuff.

Is there anything else you should know about? Surprisingly, there is. If you are intrigued, then continue following us.

  • There is no use to apply a combination that is told to be a lucky one. The practice shows that this is not typical for the winnings. However, no one can forbid you to try and see what happens especially if you play free Keno (win real cash possibility after you have tried a demo is increasing);
  • Don’t expect to win too much at the very beginning. You need some time to get hold of the game and understand the basics. As long as you play more and more, you will gradually improve and become more professional in your choices and bets;
  • Ask the experienced players what to do. Not everyone is willing to share their secrets. However, you may get to know something really useful that will become a big help to you;
  • Think about the device you will be using for the most convenient playing. For different players, it may vary a lot. Some of the customers enjoy using only the desktop version while for the others, it’s far more convenient to stick to the mobile version to play on the go and combine it with some other life events. Think carefully about what suits you the most;
  • Be prepared to lose some amount of money. However, you can reduce the figure by trying the demo version first.

Keno Glossary

Again, so that to increase your chances of winning, it’s better to be aware of the basic terms used along with the gameplay. Here they are.

  1. All or Nothing – this is a ticket that pays if all the numbers picked get drawn, and if no number you have chosen get picked;
  2. Call – this is a basic term meaning that you draw the numbers for the game;
  3. Catch – a number you have market was drawn (that’s what we have already mentioned);
  4. Keno board – this is the field of the actual gameplay;
  5. King – a single circled number;
  6. King ticket – a way ticket containing one or more kings;
  7. Number pool – a range from 1 to 80;
  8. Spot – a number you select on a ticket;
  9. Touch Wand – a gadget used to pick the numbers. It is sometimes applied in some video versions of the game;
  10. Way – a single bet on a ticket with a number of bets exceeding one.

How to Win at Keno

Winning Keno patterns allow you to increase your chances of getting big wins. Let’s consider the basic of them.

We have already mentioned the main rules that will be a big help for you. However, there’s something else that has to be looked through:

  • Don’t pick too many numbers. The statistics show that those picking more than ten of them, decrease their own chances and act in the casino’s favour. That’s why we advise to pick not more than five or six numbers;
  • A nice pattern for winning Keno online is choosing the numbers that come our most frequently;
  • You may try choosing such a pattern as picking the consecutive numbers. This strategy is easy to apply and is thought to be one of the most successful among the others. Certainly, there are those against it as long as they think that it doesn’t help at all;
  • Also, there is a pattern of picking the numbers that haven’t appeared over the recent time. This is quite a popular approach among those who play online Keno.
  • Some players advise playing with the same numbers all the time. We aren’t saying this will perfectly work just for you but at the same time, if you have your own lucky numbers, this might help;
  • There is also a so-called Round Robin Keno strategy. It is all about rotating sets of numbers helping to make a winning combination on every card. So, let us imagine that you pick six sets of numbers consisting of two or three numbers each. Every playing card comprises three sets of numbers you have made yourself. After that, you take six sets of numbers, group them, and create a card. That’s about it!
  • Under the word pattern, we can also mean that all the numbers are connected with each other. According to this theory, they are repeated and all you have to do is to watch extremely carefully. So, for instance, in case you decide to watch the game of Keno, then you will see that some numbers are hit more frequently compared to the others.

All the patterns given here can turn out to be really useful. However, it will also be a great idea to explore the variations of Keno represented in the online casinos. Try to figure out what you like more before you place the real bets. We guess that you want to get some real cash. And, to achieve this, you need to feel genuine pleasure from the game you are currently playing. And this becomes possible only in case you have chosen the right variation for yourself. Below we will list the main of them and tell you what the real difference between them is.

  • Power Keno. In this one, in case you catch the last ball, you are going to experience a 4x multiplier, which is really pleasant. It is an 80-ball variation, and 20 balls can be drawn in total;
  • Live Dealer option. This one has been introduced relatively not a long time ago. It can be described as a hybrid of Keno and classic lottery. It is a 51-ball variation, and 20 balls get drawn. Most often, you can face it named Mega Ball. There is an opportunity to hit a real jackpot if you have enough luck for this;
  • Bonus Spot. Here you will also face the multiplier but it will be applied quite in the opposite way: when you catch the first ball. The multiplier can be between 5x and 10x which depends on the choice of the casino you make;
  • Mini-Keno. The name here tells you the whole situation about it. The matter is that here you face the 40-ball game, and accordingly, you draw just 10 balls. The rules here are absolutely the same as in the traditional version but this one is considered to be a lite one.

Best Online Keno Sites 2021

So that to be successful at playing Keno, it’s also vital to find a reliable website that will give you such an opportunity. Before you decide on a particular Keno casino, you should look at the list of those available on the market, read the reviews of the users who have already dealt with the particular sites, and then, make your decision.

Best Keno in Canada

It is a lot of fun to play Keno online Canada. Below you can look through the list of the most reliable websites to join:

  • Spin Casino (high payout percentage, quick processing of the payments);
  • Betway (a nice bonus for those who just join the platform, plenty of payment options available for the players);
  • Jackpot City (fast payments, easy interface, and generous rewards for everyone);
  • Ruby Fortune (a fair casino with vast experience, VIP program introduced, finely working customer support);
  • Casino Tropez (compatible with many devices, a great welcome package for those who just join the casino).

Real Money Keno USA

Well, there are quite a few casinos in the US where you can play the lottery online. Below we introduce the enumeration of those that can be trusted:

  • BetUS (there is a variety of the game’s versions, and a nice welcome bonus to take advantage of);
  • Wild Casino (here you can enjoy the traditional versions of this game, and Keno Megapays is the most widespread variant here. A great feature of this casino is as follows: they present the players with a very lavish welcome reward);
  • Las Atlantis (there is just one variant of the game but this won’t become a problem because you will enjoy it anyway. Besides, here you can try some other gaming units and see whether you will like something else or not);
  • BetOnline (this platform is about to suggest six variants of the game which is a lot. Moreover, they suggest many payment options which are very convenient for the users and are ready to greet you with the full compatibility so you can use any device you possess);
  • El Royale (a high level of security and quick payments are waiting for you here).

Australia’s Top Online Casinos for Keno Games

Keno Online 2021 in Australia will become a real pleasure for you if you manage to find the right spots for this. The most reliable resources are represented below:

  • Ozwin. This one provides you with a brilliant opportunity to enjoy fast payouts, trustworthy and fast-responding clients’ support, and exclusive rewards introduced there;
  • Pokie Place. As you can judge from its name, this is a truly Australian resource to take advantage of. It is mobile-friendly so that you could play on the go, and, what is more, it can boast a nice welcome reward;
  • Fair Go. At this resource, you can bank with BTC (it will be extremely convenient if you deal with it on a regular basis). Besides, here you can ask questions whenever you need help (reliable customer support), and enjoy a nice selection of the games;
  • Planet 7 OZ. Use a live chat, and pick the most convenient option speaking of the payment method;
  • Uptown Pokies. Here, you can also take advantage of the Live chat, and enjoy your favourite game without any issues on your way.


Can I play online Keno for free?

Free Keno casino games are available in today’s gambling market. Some websites offer such an opportunity. It’s a great chance to practice your skills and figure out whether you like this game or not.

How many balls are used in online Keno?

Well, there are twenty balls used in the online version of the game.

Can I play free Keno before wagering real cash?

Not all casinos provide the players with such an opportunity. However, you can find such. And, accordingly, there you can play Keno online free which will add you more confidence before you make a real bet.

Can I play online Keno on my mobile or tablet?

Free Keno games with bonus, and the paid ones are available to be played on devices of this kind in case the casino has taken proper care of the compatibility. Today, the majority of them did their best to introduce such a variant for the users.
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