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Legends Of Greece

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About Legends Of Greece Slot

From the gods of Olympus to ancient mythical beasts, Legends of Greece by Saucify provides everything that you want from your favourite mythology. The magical creatures are the keys you need to score the winning streaks. Encounters such as the bloodthirsty hydra, the deadly Medusa and the beautiful Pegasus are all here to offer the ever-needed bonuses. The greatest figures of this myth such as Zeus, Poseidon, Calibos and Perseus are also here to help casino players win big. Enter the lustrous coliseum, made with the traditional Grecian architecture of columns and temples. What matches the temple is a soothing and quiet music track which further adds to the mystery of this forgotten era.

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Distinctive Features

  • The game is set on five reels with a total of 20 pay-lines.
  • The standard payout symbols are all artefacts and monsters from the Greek mythological era. This includes helmets, weapons and all manner of creatures.
  • The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols and is used to fill in the gaps of possible combinations. This is represented as the king of the gods, Zeus.
  • Scatter symbols are represented by the messenger god, Perseus. These can appear anywhere on the reels to activate their multipliers. The more symbols you receive, the bigger the multiplier to your winnings.
  • The Medusa symbols, which is an ancient Greek monster with snake hair, represent the free spin symbols in Legends of Greece slots game. If the symbols appear three times, the player can score extra free spins which can multiply their winnings 3x.

A Greek Welcome for All

While the Olympic Coliseum can be slightly intimidating, Legends of Greece slot machine is welcome to all types of casino players. It’s relatively simple functions can steadily introduce newcomers to the genre, even for those willing to bet real money. The minimum bet that can be made is 0.01USD with the max bet being 0.25USD. This means that relatively safe bets can be made in order to ease players into the basic functions of regular slot machines. Saucify specializes in slot machines such as this, as Legend of Greece slots are no different. The amount of pay-lines is another example of it going easy for newcomers, as this many can be more than enough for striking a few winnings in the process.

In terms of combinations, the Grecian weapons are the most common landings, granting the bigger bonuses if successfully consistent. The Medusa symbol, which activates the free spin feature, is also shown to be common occurrence. By activating the free spin feature, not only do players gain a 3x multiplier to their winnings but also score more free spins in the process. More free spins mean more chances to win. Combined with the Wild symbol which can substitute for more combinations, Legends of Greece is a game that is more than generous with giving their players enough openings to take the ancient treasures.


Saucify definitely chooses to play it safe with Legends of Greece. By adapting to limited bets, generous reel outcomes and beneficial functions, players both newcomers and experienced can find the game to be a pleasing pastime without worrying of suffering huge losses. To help add more excitement to the game is a choice of Greece mythology. This era of history is rich with cultural references that not only educate those in its legends but provides a visually pleasing aesthetic to play along with. The knowledge of gods and different monsters is a great example as the art shows intelligent attention to detail, even with the Greek temple shown in the background. If you wish to experience the thrill of the ancient world but enjoy a more approachable challenge, Legends of Greece is more than enough to satisfy your taste for adventure at casinos.

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