Majestic Sea
Majestic Sea

Majestic Sea

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About Majestic Sea Slot

This slot is all about swimming with aquatic creatures and getting some winnings along the way. Any player should try out this online slot machine and see why it has been a popular choice for all to see.

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Swim with The Aquatic Beasts

The creatures are out to get the player, but not before the players get the right winnings first. Getting some earnings while swimming the deep blue sea has never been this rewarding.

High 5 Games has definitely gambled with the Majestic Sea casino slot online, but that gamble seems to have paid off. Dive into the deep trenches of the ocean and get a closer look at sharks, jellyfish, turtles, and stingrays. These magical beings are just a few of the creatures that one should expect to see.

Not only is the magnificence of the game remarkable but the overall play is certainly a class on its own. Yes, while this one is relatively comparable to the Wheel of Fortune on Tour, there is still a unique twist to every turn that would delight and excite just about anyone who tries their luck with this release.

Sea Treasures

The treasures that a player would see when he would play Majestic Sea for real money is not just about the money and the loots. Surely, hitting the bonanza is a big twist to the game that should be well appreciated by the players, but there are also some features that make the game stand out and world class.

The following are the sea treasures that a gamer should expect to see when he would play Majestic Sea slot machine online:

  • 90 staking options. With 90 staking options, any gamer should expect to have high stakes and high rewards with this chuck of game. The good thing is that while the risks are high, the bets are also not that high. However, let the player be warned that he or she should probably test out his options before going too high because once you go deep into the precipice of the ocean, there is no turning back.
  • Rewards. The rewards of this online slot machine are also good. It can be between 5 and 200 times the wager of the player. The only thing that he or she must remember is the fact that the reward only comes out when the player gives the right effort to go deep into the depths of the sea.

Majestic Sea Creatures

Every gamer of the Majestic Sea casino slot online should also look forward to a life with majestic sea beings. The following are the rewards that come with the Majestic aquatic creatures:

  1. Jellyfish – the jellyfish, is a top multiplier compared to other games as it is a 1000 times multiplier, so it multiplies the bet of the player by 1 thousand times. Now, who would not want to be stung by this gorgeous mortal?
  2. Ten Stingrays – speaking of getting stung, it is important to know that this awesome slot machine would give a player a chance to a 1000 times multiplier by seeing the symbol of 10 stingrays?
  3. Big Sharks – in reality, everybody wants to avoid the big sharks. Who would want to get bitten and get eaten alive by these aquatic predators? Fortunately, it is now a sign of luck as seeing the symbol of a big shark in this online slot machine means a 2,500 multiplier.

The best part is that when the player would collect 5 symbols of these creatures, he would get a 10,000 multiplier. Now, that is truly regal!

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