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Higher and Lower game’s popularity among all ages and backgrounds obviously inspired software developers to get the topic covered from gambling perspective – more and more providers, even those who specialise in intricately featured machines, are beginning to include this simple guessing method in their slot production. It stands for reason, though, because scratch-like layouts doesn’t require gamblers to be amazingly ‘shaped’ in experience, so a gaming session could start right from the outset. More or Less slot is a game closely following this relatively mathematical quiz. If you ever come across ‘door lotteries’ on the TV, then More or Less machine’s rules should sound familiar as here the payouts also proportionally depend on your series of choices. Evoplay Entertainment, the company standing behind More or Less slots game, designed the machine to be quite simplistic in delivery, thereby figuring out how the game works is no serious deal – one glance cast at the screen would tell you almost everything. Yet, there are still a few crucial moments involved as More or Less might appear easy-to-conquer, but be slightly more than primitive choosing between numbers and values.

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The greatest aspect about More or Less slots is that the game is provably fair due to open hashes displayed in the “History” section. You can always verify the results of a round by going through a simple course of additional actions: make your bet, ‘spin’ the reel by choosing a number interpretation (more, less, equal) and then go to the mentioned section to copy data from the “Salt” field. After that, find any suitable SHA-256 generator and insert the given letter pattern to see a resulting hashcode. Compare the data from your generator with an in-game numerical pattern and make sure that these both values match one another. You will always find that these two hashes are fully matched. That’s why More or Less slot machine can be trusted without any doubt.

Moreover, Evoplay Entertainment added a few supplementary choices apart from classic ‘more’ and ‘less’ – you could bet on an equality between numbers and their being odd or even which is the easiest way to make real money in a 50/50 fair environment. More or Less amazes with its simultaneous plainness and complexity because winning in a number guessing game is closely connected to certain arithmetical progressions, so math brilliances may be even banned from casinos for constant taking over the payouts. So, no kidding there, meet a workable strategy to tame 50/50 games in the next paragraph.

How to play

Basically, there are two various schemes to be applied around More or Less to increase odds in your favor: bet doubling and probability theory. While the latter needs you to know at least about outcome notions and sets, doubling seems more approachable to learn firth. Anyway, let’s find out what both do.

Double until you out of trouble. Novice sport betters frequently utilize bet doubling because it’s the simplest method to win guaranteed something. This technique is built upon raising stakes each time you lose in the end. For example, you bet a tenner with x2 payout. Unfortunately, your prediction turns out to be completely wrong. So, what do you do? You bet a twenty now. By doubling the initial bet you might always not only recoup the loss, but also win what you aim at first. If your twenty wins, you get a forty: in total you bet thirty (10 + 20) and your revenue is 10 which is the sum you want from the first tenner. However, this strategy calls for a larger bankroll because when a twenty doesn’t work, you have to double again and so on.

Chances. Probability theory talks can be infinite. Looking at More or Less from that angle needs you to know lots of mathematical stuff. Though, there’s one instant advice: watch out outcomes. For instance, the machine offers ‘90’ as a ground zero. What number is more likely to ‘arrive’: more or less in value? Of course, it’s a smaller digit. Calculate yourself: you have 100 equally probable outcomes, and there are just 9 numbers more than 90 while there are 89 out there in the lower direction. Hence, your chances are higher with sticking to playing low.

Rules and features

More or Less provides plain rules: you choose from ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘equal’, ‘odd’ or ‘even’ for the forthcoming number. If your prediction corresponds to the machine, you get rewarded according to your choice – each one has a different payout multiplication. Evoplay Entertainment didn’t include any bonus features to More or Less, so the whole process majorly revolves around guessing. The min stake is 0.01 coins and the max you can go is 1000. The paytable looks as follows:



More or Less by Evoplay Entertainment seems a great mind-clash game especially attractive to math devotees because here they can show off their vast knowledge on the arithmetical matter. Nevertheless, casino players will also find the machine interesting and easy to play – simply hit the button and come what may.

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