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About Pachinko Slot

Pachinko is a Japanese casino machine just like the pinball casino slot, but not based on the same concept. The name is taken from the Japanese casino machine, and Konami provides it.

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The Gameplay

After selecting the bet size and clicking the “Play” button, various chips fall down in the centre of the screen with various numbers on them. If the numbers of the fallen chips match with the numbers present on any of the four parts those numbers will turn dull. Once the area is filled with the chips if there is any pattern made by the dull numbers on any of the four screens you will earn yourself a prize. You should know that there are various patterns possible to be made in this situation. Mostly the patterns are inspired by the letters of “Pachinko”. Each one of the patterns will reward you with different payouts. Let’s discuss all the possible payouts you can earn if you play Pachinko for real money:

  • To earn 2x: In order to earn 2x of the bet, you have to create a pattern which connects all the four corners of a part.
  • To win 8x: You can earn 8x your bet by creating two lines of dull numbers.
  • To get 10x: You can earn this prize by creating the pattern of “O” with your performance.
  • Winning 15x: This huge payout can be collected by getting “K” in the form of dull numbers.
  • Earning 20x: To win 20x the bet, you have to create “N” on the screen.
  • Getting 25x the bet: This is possible when you make an “I” through the dull numbers.
  • To get 30x: Get an “H” on the screen and win this reward.
  • Getting 100x: This is one of the highest payouts, and you have to create an “A” to win it.
  • Getting 150x: In order to achieve this you have to make a “P”.
  • Complete Card: If you get a complete card of dull numbers you can win 3,000x your bet.

There is a fixed number of chips that drop when you first start playing the game, but you can also purchase the chips with your credit. You can only buy a limited number of chips which decrease according to your purchasing action. The “extra ball” option is used for this purpose, and you can stop the process anytime by clicking “Stop”. You can carry on playing the game on previous stakes and bet size after turning off the “extra ball” option.

Bonus Features

There are various bonus features available in Pachinko casino slot online keeping it interesting for each and every player. You get free spins occasionally, and the payout is the same as your previous stake level. Although you have to spend credits in order to purchase the extra balls. There is another bonus where a “free” sign appears, and no credits have to be spent in order to purchase the extra balls.  The game is not filled with multiple jackpots, but there is one which can be triggered by playing 3 bets on all the four parts. The moment you play another card without buying any extra balls after this stage you can have a chance to hit the jackpot.

Final Thoughts & Tips

As you can play Pachinko slot machine online so downloading it isn’t necessary. A tip would be not to consider purchasing extra balls a bad omen because your winning chances would certainly increase. Start off with spending less money and increase the bet size when you start understanding the gameplay properly. There are multiple bonuses especially the jackpot which could lead you to a massive win. The graphics are made to look cute, and the soundtrack is also in line with it. The uniqueness of this casino certainly makes it interesting among the rest of the casinos online. Overall it is a fun slot with a medium RTP and pretty rewarding gameplay.

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