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Rock music and pandas go together in a seemingly natural way, and the success of this fantastic combination is clearly shown in Pandamonium, an online slot machine introduced to you by Microgaming. Not only does this slot game have a rather brilliant theme, but it's also a remarkable fruit machine-style slot that offers many features which are appealing to every player. A panda that plays heavy metal? You can’t deny that, visually, this online casino slot game will instantly grab your attention at the very first glance.

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Pandamonium Preview

Ready to Rock?

If you look at the design, it seems that Microgaming has done their job with success. It’s safe to say that  Pandamonium slot is among the most unique slots you’ll ever lay your eyes upon. The title banner, Pandamonium, sounds like a rock band and not an online casino slot game.

The Panda has the whole rock n’ roll feel with the blood red war paint in his eyes and the metal bracelets. You see that he even holds the guitar like he’s going to rock out to the fullest of his impressive abilities. Even the reels framework shines with a metallic „bling.” You’re able to see that the reels glow because different parts reflect that sparkling light back at you.

Now, the symbols are known as to the vast majority of people, especially the rock music fans. Here they are:

  • Bats
  • All sorts of electric guitars
  • Cherries and oranges

Pandamonium casino slot online game seizes that rock n’ roll theme, and for many reasons other than that, you have to be left with a sense of joy when playing this cool slot game.

Adorable and Cuddly Control Setup

When you play the Pandamonium slot machine online, you will quickly realize that the user’s interface is quite well organized, which is fantastic to see. The group at Microgaming rose to the occasion once again creating its user controls strikingly approachable, which you won’t’ see in many casinos online.

The user’s interface location is set on the very bottom of the screen, and it matches with the theme well. On the bottom left-hand side of the playing screen, you’re going to find the total balance, while the total winnings, bets are on the right-hand side of the entire balance bar. Below that, you can see three buttons that can assist you to win more, along with the button that starts the game, which is the spin button.

Rock n’ Roll to Win

Pandamonium is a vintage casino slot at heart, regardless of having a loony theme. If you’re not sure what this means, is that this is a slot game with three reels and one payline. Nevertheless, there’s no reason for you to be intimidated by the perceived level of difficulty, as it is really easy to master once you get used to the way of how it functions. Then, jackpots won’t be unknown to you! Whether you play this game for free or you invest some money.

Hold and Move

Let me explain to you in more details how the game works, first; you got to the remember that those three buttons on the very bottom are your key to a significant success. You ask how? Well, those buttons are the hold buttons. Meaning that, if you’re lucky enough to land a guitar and two sevens, you have the option of holding the sevens for the following spin.

If you want to land the winnings you wish for, the best choice you can make is always to spin the reel which has the guitar symbol. To successfully move the reel precisely one slide down you can use the nudge feature. All in all, the mentioned elements can make you win big in Pandamonium. Something important to add, the RTP of Pandamonium slot machine is 96.5 % which is very good by the Microgaming standards.

Bonuses Fuelled with Bamboo

If you think that’s it, you’ re dead wrong. A bonus game can also be activated if you manage to land a set symbol combination, and also this feature is number related. Some symbols have a certain number that is attached to them and in a situation where your spin adds up to a larger number than seven the bonus game will start. Pandamonium will eventually take you to a reel that is separated from where you’ll get different rewards depending on where will the wheel precisely land. It is recommendable to use this feature strategically to earn more cash rewards and nudges.

Panda Rocks!

Pandamonium slot machine is like no other, and it evidently thinks outside the box. Play Pandamonium for real money and win some handsome rewards!

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