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Casinos that accept AliPay

These top AliPay online casinos offer:
  • A payment system belonging to Alibaba Group.
  • One of the largest payment systems in China.
  • Both deposits and withdrawals are available.
  • Multiple options of depositing an AliPay account supported.
  • A mobile app is available.
  • Commission fees are relatively low.
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AliPay is the most prominent Chinese payment system for online and offline transactions. That is the primary way to pay for e-commerce in China.

Alibaba developed AliPay as an extension of its e-commerce platforms – Taobao and Tmall. In other words, AliPay exists as much as the Internet stores, that is not long. Before the birth of WeChat Pay, it dominated the online payment ecosystem of China. Today, almost every Chinese with a smartphone and bank account is a user of AliPay.

AliPay is the primary method of payment on e-commerce sites, where it also serves as an escrow type, keeping money safe until the transaction is completed. We will also consider institutions with AliPay Casino Deposit method.

Deposit and withdrawal method

The profile interface is quite simple and has several features:

  • You can deposit the balance through WebMoney and remittances. The most optimal system for depositing is Western Uniоn, which operates around the world.
  • With the AliPay system, it’s difficult to withdraw money.
  • AliPay is combined with the trading platform AliExpress and allows you to receive bonuses and discounts for the purchase of goods on the site.

If the buyer is dissatisfied with the quality of the product or did not receive it at all, the seller returns the money to AliPay much faster than it passes on bank cards or e-payment systems.

Deposits through WebMoney are charged with a 0,8% commission. By the way, it’s worth noting that it is hard to withdraw money from the account in the payment system and it is slightly easier to spend it in AliExpress, AliPay Online Casinos, and other e-stores. Or somehow paying for services and goods in another way. Therefore it is worth keeping in AliPay specific amounts that you want to spend.

You’ll need to do the following to withdraw money from AliPay:

  • The verified account in Alipay (the identity of the account holder must be confirmed);
  • The account in a Chinese bank.
    1. You create a request for money transfer from the Alipay payment system. Usually, it takes two-three days to confirm the transfer of funds (your Alipay account must be linked to a bank account, a personal presence is required, the bank must fill out an application for this service). Subsequent transactions are instantaneous.
    2. At the bank, you are buying the currency, naturally dollars.
    3. Then you create a payment order and transfer the dollars to your settlement account by a swift code of your bank. You must have a VISA or MC “multi-card.”

There is also another way to withdraw money. Since the direct withdrawal of electronic money into foreign accounts is not provided, the exchange takes place with the help of payment bots and online exchanges. You need to try to find reliable service and base your choice on reviews. So if you play AliPay Online Casinos, you have only two ways to withdraw money from AliPay.

Sometimes there are events that once it happened alas that using Alipay payment system in one of the online stores, and you remained dissatisfied with the quality of the received product, or maybe you did not receive it at all (someone can steal goods on the way to the client). Then you may not worry because the seller will return all of your funds to your AliPay account.

Customer support

Currently, AliPay can handle 18 different currencies and try to expand its capabilities beyond China. The biggest obstacle so far has been due to China’s regulation: The Chinese central bank imposes severe restrictions on all types of outflow of funds. Nevertheless, thanks to the negotiations and the expansion of the verification process, Alibaba is making progress in deploying its payment services outside of China.

In the early days, AliPay enjoyed an advantage for mobile devices and managed to expand its activities internationally before the entry into force of banking restrictions. Currently, on semi-independent territories, in Hong Kong and Macao, the system is already quite familiar. AliPay also becomes popular in other parts of Asia, especially those that are host to a large number of Chinese tourists, such as Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Advantages and disadvantages

AliPay is using for almost all types of online and offline transactions. In offline mode, it relies on a QR code system: the payer scans the QR code of the merchant account using the AliPay app, or the seller scans the QR code created on the buyer’s phone.

Several services have already been integrated into the AliPay application, which allows users to pay utility bills, buy air and railway tickets, book a taxi, make deposits to Online casinos that accept AliPay, etc. AliPay supports almost all types of mobile devices, as well as seamless integration with online assets, such as the e-commerce website. Many payment plug-ins are already supported or are under development.

One of the most attractive aspects of using AliPay from the consumer’s point of view is the absence of transaction fees, of course, apart from large payments. Currently, the fee is set at a modest 0.1% to withdraw more than 20,000 yuan. Thus, AliPay tries to save as much cash as possible in the system.

On the other hand, the seller collects a commission fee of 0.55%. Comparing this with 3-4% commission used by credit card companies, AliPay’s popularity becomes clear. Low fee is a good reason for gamblers to play AliPay Online Casinos.


The company cooperates with 65 financial institutions. Among them, such market giants as VISA and MasterCard. A whole algorithm of actions has been developed to protect its subscribers. Each registered user is guaranteed security and protection against loss of funds.

Full compensation. In the event of any unauthorized actions with your payment cards that are attached to the account in the payment system, you will be able to receive full compensation.

Fast service. The particular department deals with the issues of hacking, leakage of electronic money and other controversial financial situations. No more than five days pass from the moment of applying to its full issue resolution.

Protection of payment for 90 days. If there was an unauthorized transaction on the account, the user has 90 days to apply to arbitration and resolve the issue.

The algorithm of actions in case of disputable transactions:

  • A registered user applies Alipay;
  • The particular financial department reviews the application and investigates within five working days;
  • The refund will be sent to the account from which the money was leaked.

All AliPay Online Casinos supports that security system.

At the moment, more than 450,000 companies around the world use the service. Alipay is popular in Asia, the US and Europe. Calculation with the help of the account can be made in shops, on sites, AliPay Online Casinos but only in case, there is a plastic card or an account in the banks of China. Functional possibilities for foreigners are somewhat limited and more focused on currency exchange, input, and withdrawal of funds.

Casinos that accept AliPay

We found a good list of Online casinos that accept AliPay. You can see here LongBao Casino, Hello casino, Mansion casino, Midaur, Casinoheroes, Spinandwin, B casino, Codeta, Gowild, Aspers and some others.

Alternatives to AliPay for Funding Online Casino Accounts

If you want to play in Chinese AliPay Online Casinos or if you are in China, then you need to know something about how to deposit your account. Traditional payment systems, such as credit cards or PayPal, do not work in China. If you plan to sell anything to Chinese consumers or pay for casinos, there are only three viable options: AliPay, WeChat Pay and Union Pay and somehow cryptocurrencies which now are under strict regulation.


Now Alipay in other counties is useful only to those who actively order goods in online stores from China. Thanks to this, you will not need to enter bank card data before each purchase – it is enough to link it once to the system. We found a broad list of gambling houses where players can make AliPay Casino Deposit.

If the system develops in the other country further as, for example, in India, Korea, and Thailand – it will make a good competition to other payment systems, for example, PayPal. Alipay Developers continually improve the functionality and develop a payment system. With the popularization of electronic money and the strengthening of the yuan, we should expect further development of the payment system and the implementation of more convenient and straightforward ways of exchanging, depositing and withdrawing money for foreigners.


  1. How can I deposit my AliPay account?

    As mentioned above, you can do this through the Webmoney system. The commission, in this case, will be 0.8%. For this you need:

    • Click on the button “deposit”;
    • Choose Webmoney from the list;
    • Specify the amount to deposit in dollars;
    • Confirm the selected action;
    • Complete the operation in the protected zone of WebMoney Transfer.
  2. How to link a payment card to my AliPay account?

    The possibility of linking a payment card to an electronic wallet is also present in AliPay. That is convenient when shopping: after saving the template once, you will no longer need to enter the card data again. To do this, click on the particular button in your account and then select “Add card.”

    Enter information about the card and its owner. Create a payment password – it will be used to pay for purchases. Confirm the card linking by phone. A message with a confirmation code will be sent to the specified number.

  3. How to unlink card from AliPay?

    To delete a card from the profile, you need to click the “Edit” and press “Unlink the card” button.

  4. How to register an AliPay wallet?

    The process is simple and in many respects similar to the PayPal system. To start using AliPay, the user must register, go through the identification procedure and link to the wallet following data:

    • Personal Information.
    • E-mail address.
    • Mobile phone number
    • Bank account number or card.

    The essence of this is that when paying for goods, the user does not need to re-enter all his data, unique code and so on. There will be automatically cash withdrawals from the linked account when the buyer receives the goods.

  5. Do I need to have an account in Aliexpress to create Alipay’s wallet?

    Until recently, among other things, the AliExpress account was required to work with the payment system, but in 2017 the company broke the contract with the trading platform, and this option became not mandatory.

  6. How to buy with Alipay?

    Now, when you buy something in the card linked to Alipay will be automatically selected. It is only necessary to confirm the payment by SMS and enter the payment password. The money for the purchase will be written off from the card and will be stored in the system. When you confirm the receipt of the purchase, the funds will be transferred to the seller’s account.

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