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Casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash

These top Bitcoin Cash online casinos offer:
  • A top-notch, completely anonymous method.
  • Fast transactions with minimum hassle.
  • No need to have a bank account or a credit card.
  • Can be used for withdrawal.
  • The industry’s highest security standards.
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After Bitcoin’s tremendous popularity in 2017, many online casinos have pondered, and have made the cryptocurrency one of the ways to deposit. Absolutely new online casinos calculated only for Bitcoin started to open at the same time. Many players were delighted with such innovation and began to study crypto-currencies. Low commission and quick confirmation are the main advantages of using Bitcoin for a deposit. At the peak of popularity, Bitcoin was predicted with high achievements, but the currency began to lose its customers due to the fall in the market. Professionals claim that many abandoned Bitcoin because of its instability.

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However, the creators were concerned about this scenario and created a separate blockchain currency Bitcoin Cash back in August 2017. It provides the world with a strong currency and fulfilling the original purpose of Bitcoin as the “Pirigovaya Digital Currency”.The main advantage of Bitcoin Cash (BCH or BCC) over Bitcoin (BTC) is the improved consensus rules that allow the currency to grow. Bitcoin code has a maximum limit of 1 MB of data per block, or about 3 transactions per second. Having realized the problem, Bitcoin Cash immediately got the block size limit to 8 MB. Thus, Bitcoin Cash Casino Deposit is a faster transaction with minimal commission.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Bitcoin cash wallet is a tool that allows you to manage your balance, send payments with a high degree of anonymization and store your cryptocurrency without any risk of losing it. These systems will help you make a deposit in Bitcoin Cash Online Casino. Just like the bank account, the wallet has its unique bitcoin cash address. The system of sending coins is the same as the one to send money in usual electronic wallets. You will be able to make Bitcoin Cash Deposits and Withdrawals in an appropriate casino.

Finding such a Bitcoin Cash storing service is not as difficult as it seems. Most of them are similar to each other and differ only in the level of comfort of use. To date, there are three main ways to get bitcoin cash wallet: a software client for downloading to a personal computer, an account on an online service and creating a bitcoin cash account in the Webmoney payment system.

The site BTC.COM is perfect for novice users who do not want to download certain software but are actively interested in cryptocurrency. Registration is simple, the interface is clear, and after receiving an account, you can freely send Bitcoin Cash. The most popular for computer and desktop applications are BU Bitcoin Cash Client. The client program can be installed on devices with the operating systems Windows, Linux, and Mac. Bitcoin ABC can be an alternative; the version is fully synchronized with the blockchain. Electron Cash and Jaxx services have a convenient mobile version for Bitcoin Cash Deposits anywhere.

Speaking of Webmoney, you can store the cryptocurrency in your personal WMH account. This universal title sign is an analog of Bitcoin Cash. 1000 WMH = 1 BCH. After creating an account in your Webmoney wallet you will see its address. However, it does not look like the usual cryptocurrency address, and you will need to generate an address for deposits in order to transfer the coins. Using Wmtransfer, select the “Enter BCH” section and get the Address for deposit.

Customer support

If you have a question, you can contact the support of your Bitcoin Cash wallet at any time. They provide contacts in the form of phone numbers and e-mails. The speed of response and staff qualification depend on the service you use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cryptocurrency as a fact has many advantages and is considered a future substitute for modern money. As for fans of online casinos, the use of Bitcoin Cash will provide them with instant transactions and complete anonymity. At the same time, you can make a deposit in any country with minimal commission.

The advantages of Bitcoin Cash over other cryptocurrencies are higher characteristics, including block size. In relation to Bitcoin, each Bitcoin Cash block can conduct dozens of more transactions in a faster way. It is also worth noting the stability of this cryptocurrency which is always at a decent level. This fact ensures the safety of your savings.

The only drawback for the fans of Bitcoin Cash Online Casinos is their small amount. A small number of new casinos with the possibility of a cryptocurrency deposit appeared since the period of active popularity of the Bitcoin in 2017. Some sites have added cryptocurrency to the number of methods, and well-known projects have been also among them, but the choice is still not great.


  • high level of security;
  • fast transactions;
  • availability in any country;
  • small commissions;
  • currency stability;
  • better characteristics in relation to other cryptocurrencies.


  • a small amount of Bitcoin Cash Online Casinos.


The blockchain is the basis of cryptocurrency; also, it is the safest system of data storage and transmission. This is a chain of blocks in a special sequence that store data about transactions and contracts within the system; it is presented in the cryptographic form. To make a new block, you need to consistently read information about the old blocks. This fact makes the system difficult for hacking since hackers must simultaneously penetrate into hundreds or thousands of blocks.

Also, the system is called perfection because of its infinity; it can store records of an infinite number of transactions. This fact will completely protect your savings in the form of Bitcoin Cash from falling.

Casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash

Despite the limited choice, you will definitely be able to pick up the right Bitcoin Cash Casino.

The very first service that pops up in the mind is Betcoin casino. New players can expect a pleasant 100% bonus up to 7.5 BCH and 10 free spins. After you make the first deposit, you will get access to the best games and poker room.

Cloudbet casino also accepts BCH and has a series of the best slot machines and table games. In addition, you are invited to try a stylish live casino, which includes more than 60 games with live dealers. Another advantage of the casino is a 100% bonus up to 5 BCH.

Bitcoincasino US This is one of the few casinos that officially accept gamblers from the United States. Bitcoin Cash payments are built in. Pleasant bonus up to 100% of the first deposit is for new players.

mBitcasino has a VIP program with the highest quality services. Each player receives a 200% bonus up to 300 mBCH on his game account. The casino has 24/7 live games with real dealers.

Fans of a large number of offers and promotions should try Betchain, Playamo, and Bitstarz. All of them also offer a wide range of games and fair play. All of them also offer a wide range of games, fair play and, of course, Bitcoin Cash as a payment method.

Alternatives To Bitcoin Cash For Funding Online Casino Accounts

An alternative to cryptocurrency may always be another cryptocurrency. In most cases, Bitcoin Cash owners also have wallets with other currencies, for example, Bitcoin. Despite the clear advantage of Bitcoin Cash, deposits using Bitcoin also have the right to exist. Transactions may occur more slowly due to the imperfection of the system; however, this does not prevent some players from loving this currency. The main advantage of Bitcoin is its popularity, which is reflected in the number of casinos that accept it.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Cash is not the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This place is occupied by Ethereum, who also took into account Bitcoin’s errors and improved the system as much as possible. This Cryptocurrency is as stable as Bitcoin Cash and popular among gamblers and casinos as Bitcoin. These facts make it suitable for deposits.

Another option is for those who keep their Bitcoin Cash coins in the WebMoney. If you are already familiar with the system of this electronic wallet, you can try another currency in it. “Old” deposit methods using the world’s most popular currencies will always be relevant in online casinos. You can try to pay with the help of the currency of your country, but it is best to keep the funds in the form of dollars and euros.


Cryptocurrency is certainly a synonym for the future, but is it worth using it in the present? Bitcoin Cash is a worthy alternative between the sensational Bitcoin and a stable currency that will evolve over time. If you are a fan of cryptocurrency or want to try this innovation, it is an excellent solution. However, if you comfortably use the other conventional currencies, you probably do not need to change them. Worthy Bitcoin Cash online casinos exist but are a rarity on the IGambling market. However, the choice is always for the player.

  1. What is the advantage of cryptocurrency over conventional currencies?Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin Cash, is a peer-to-peer digital currency for the Internet. It is completely decentralized, without a central bank and does not require the presence of trusted third parties. The storage of funds in the form of cryptocurrency is the most reliable method at the moment due to the blockchain system.
  2. What does distinguish Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?In the case of Bitcoin, the difference is immediately visible. Even ordinary users can evaluate the high speed of Bitcoin Cash transactions because of the greater capacity of the blocks. Ethereum is a worthy competitor as it has similarly good characteristics. In general, each example of the cryptocurrency has its advantages. The main goal of each is to improve the system started by Bitcoin and correct the existing errors.
  3. If I own Bitcoin, do I also automatically own Bitcoin Cash?Anyone who had Bitcoin at the time Bitcoin Cash was created became the owner of Bitcoin Cash. Any transactions after the split on August 1 are completely split between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This means that any Bitcoin purchased after the split does not include Bitcoin Cash, and vice versa.
  4. Why has Bitcoin Cash a low fee?The answer is those additional MBs that distinguish Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin. A large block size helped improve the quality of transactions, increase the speed and reduce fees. Not only online casino users were delighted with this news but also fans of other virtual entertainments and services.
  5. Could Bitcoin increase the block size, and if so, why did not it do it?Yes, the developers considered the option of increasing the size of the block, but many opposed. In 2017, the volume reached the “invisible wall” and the system began to behave strangely; many simply did not know what to expect. The commission grew quickly, and Bitcoin became unreliable, and some users could not confirm their transactions, even after several days of waiting. Many users, entrepreneurs, businesses and even investors left Bitcoin choosing alternatives. Therefore, it was much more rational to offer something new, improved; that was Bitcoin Cash.
  6. How safe are Bitcoin Cash and the blockchain system?At the moment, blockchain is the last word in the field of secure data storage and transfer. It has a complex system that consists of decentralized blocks. This fact and the idea of storing information completely exclude the possibility of hacking. This also ensures complete anonymity of transactions. Your savings in the form of Bitcoin Cash or any other cryptocurrency are 100% safe.
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