Casinos that accept Contact

These top Contact online casinos offer:
  • This method is mainly used in former Soviet countries.
  • A reliable, secure and fast system of EFT.
  • One of the oldest Russian payment systems.
  • A fee is charged for transactions processing.
  • Few virtual casinos support this method.
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Contact is a Russian system of international money transfers, which was created in 1999 by JSCB Russlavbank. It unites more than 800 financial organizations of Russia, the CIS and far abroad. It has more than 85 thousand points of service in more than 100 countries.

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Through the system, it is possible to carry out not only money transfers between individuals without opening an account, but also make payments in favor of legal entities for services and purchased goods. Also, users can repay consumer loans or merely replenish bank accounts, pay for cell phone, communications, satellite TV, Internet, and IP-telephony services. It is possible to pay for a tourist trip, book air and railway tickets, hotel rooms, transfer funds to electronic wallets. Now partners of Contact are more than 800 legal entities – commercial banks, trade companies, insurance, and travel companies and their agents, Internet providers, telecom operators, etc. In this article, we will highlight some Contact Online Casinos.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Contact Casino Deposit can be made quickly and quietly. With the help of the CONTACT system it is possible to send money transfers speedily and inexpensively via a simplified procedure, without opening an account:

  • around the world – Kazakhstan, Russia, countries of near and far abroad – all over 170 countries;
  • in rubles of the Russian Federation, US dollars and euro;
  • Delivery speed: in real time. The time of issuing the transfer depends on the difference in the time zones of the point of origin and the location of receipt, as well as on the mode of operation of the receiving bank;
  • SMS-informing of the sender about the current status of the money transfer to the mobile phone number;
  • unaddressed payment – the transfer can be received at any CONTACT point all over the world.

If necessary, the user of the system can issue a quick transfer to other countries of the world. At the moment, 12 countries are available, but the management assures that soon the list of states will expand actively. The commission for the transaction is quite loyal – from 1 to 1.5 percent. Three variants of currencies are available: rubles, euro, and dollars. If necessary, to cancel the transfer, the user can use the corresponding function in his account. Commission fees for the transaction and its cancellation is not charged. Thus, the participant of the Contact system receives precisely the amount that he sent to another person (physical or legal).

At the end of July 2014, the management of the payment system Contact announced the introduction of an opportunity to deposit the wallet from any bank card. The only condition is the mandatory availability of 3Ds. Service charges a commission of 0.95 percent, but the amount of commission cannot be less than 30 rubles.

Replenishment of the account is possible both with the help of a card and make a transfer from the card directly. The commission fee is the same. Note that since 2014 the commission was reduced – earlier it was 3 percent. Also, every user can make Contact Casino Deposit by using an internet account in this system.

Customer support

Potential participants in the system who have decided to register their account can conduct a wide range of transactions. According to the activity profile, Contact users can transfer money to the company’s settlement accounts for the goods or services provided. To settle for this or that operation, you do not need to open an account at the offices of Contact.

Fans of gambling can pay bets made in bookmakers, gaming portals and other services. The transfer of money based on the results of the winnings is carried out on a pre-specified account.

Payment is made upon visiting the Contact office. More recently, it has become possible to pay bills with the help of an individual Internet cabinet Contact24.

To deposit the account of the operator of cell communication, it is possible as follows. Having visited any official contact point of Contact, the participant of the system informs the representative about the ten-digit phone number and his initials. After paying for the service, the user receives a receipt for payment.

Currently, Contact offers the opportunity to pay for services provided by more than 2000 organizations. This list includes commercial enterprises, Internet service providers, cellular operators, tour operators, restaurateurs and so on. Issues with Contact Online Casinos are resolving quickly, and they arise very rarely because of the system reliability.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the presence of a large number of companies offering to pay with electronic money, the Contact system is one of the five most popular resources. It has its distinctive features.

Contact was initially intended to provide private individuals with a convenient opportunity to pay bills issued by legal entities. As a customer of this resource, the holder of the funds can also conduct some other transactions, performing them according to a simplified scheme. Now you do not need to open a large number of accounts – the transfer of money is carried out in electronic format. That’s is why Contact Online Casinos are convenient for gamblers who like pay and play.

For the first time on the market, the Contact payment system appeared in 1999. That is the first payment system, which began its activity in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the moment, the founders and owners of the service control an extensive network of representative offices. For a long period of existence, Contact management has opened a vast number of service points – over 400 thousand. Branded payment terminals operate in 160 countries.

According to the company’s statistics, its members are 15 million users around the globe. Three times Contact received the award for the best service for conducting money transfers in Russia.

The main advantages of the CONTACT system:

  • Advantageously – the cost of services is paid only by the sender – payment to the beneficiary is free of charge.
  • Convenient – to send a transfer you do not need to know the details of the beneficiary’s bank, it’s enough to name the country, the city where the money is sent and the full name of the recipient. Sending of remittances to Kazakhstan, Russia and CIS countries takes place in an addressless format – money is given to the recipient at any point of the CONTACT system in the specified state.
  • Quickly – simplified procedure for making a transfer takes several minutes and does not require filling out an application form.
  • Reliable – the security of transactions provided by a particular software package with advanced information protection technologies.


The security of transfers of the Contact system is guaranteed by the particular identification of the recipient of funds with the help of a transfer control number that is communicated by the sender to the recipient in any accessible way. Thus, money can be paid only to the person indicated by the sender.

To create an electronic wallet in Contact, it is necessary to visit the official website of the Contact24 system. The procedure itself takes just a few minutes. It is intuitive, so there is no point in dwelling on this issue in detail. After registration, you need to identify the wallet. The new user needs to pay a fee of $100. This contribution is made to any partner bank of Contact. A full list of partners can be found on the official website. All reliable Contact Online Casinos commonly have no issues with system security.

Compared to some other payment systems, Contact offers available transaction limits. The management stated up to one hundred thousand rubles for the performance of one operation and 600 thousand rubles a month. For those who used small exchangers, this is a more profitable service. Balance is always shown at the bottom. To calculate the costs, you do not need to spend extra time, since the line with the balance includes the amount available under the limit.

For further sign in, you must enter your login and password to the e-cabinet. After entering the data, verification in the system does not happen – you need to enter the code that will come to the phone number attached to the wallet. As necessary, this method of signing in can be disabled using only an individual login and password. A distinctive feature of entering codes is that there is no need to press the Enter key to complete the input – the system will automatically accept it without additional action.

Casinos that accept Contact

Alternatives to Contact for Funding Online Casino Accounts

We found only a few Online casinos that accept Contact. These gambling houses are ZigZag777, ArgoCasino, and TTRcasino. We suppose that there are some little-known Russian Contact Online Casinos, but it was hard to find them.


Contact is a modern payment system that offers favorable conditions for cooperation with users. A distinctive feature is an availability of a convenient personal cabinet with verification by SMS. At the moment, there is something to work on, in particular, over the old design. But the money transfer conditions described above, reduce the described inconveniences to a minimum. There are Russian and foreign Online casinos that accept Contact so gamblers can use this reliable system to make a deposit and withdraw money.


  1. How to make money transfer?To make a transfer, you need to come to any Contact office, present your passport to the operator, and inform the beneficiary, you also need to tell him the country, city, and money transfer point, or just indicate the country and city (for states that support an addressless format delivery of transfers). Sending money is possible in rubles, US dollars or euros. The employee fills in a unique form and tells the sender a unique money transfer number. Then the manager contributes the transfer amount and client pay commission fee. The sender of the payment shall inform the beneficiary of the amount and a unique number of the transfer, as well as the address of the payment point if the country to which the funds are directed does not support the addressless format of the transmission.
  2. How long does the transfer take?The speed of delivery depends on the difference in the time zones of the origin and destination points, as well as the mode of operation of the receiving bank, and ranges from a few minutes to several hours.
  3. What do I need to receive a transfer?To receive a transfer, its recipient needs to contact the Contact network point, present a passport and name the amount and number of the transfer.
  4. What are the tariffs?Tariffs of the system depend on the amount of transfer and direction. For example, the commission fee for sending funds across Russia will be 1.5% if the amount from 1 thousand to 100 thousand rubles, in the countries of the near abroad it is 2%.
  5. What do I need to deposit my wallet to Contact Online Casinos?
    • To come to the point of Bank;
    • Use an online cabinet;
    • Inform the operator about the need to deposit the wallet;
    • Use QIWI and provide an identity document.
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