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Casinos that accept Debit Card

These top Debit Card online casinos offer:
  • Debit cards are issued by the vast majority of banks.
  • They are accepted by all online casino sites.
  • They are fully prepaid – you won’t spend more than you have.
  • Can be used for withdrawals as well.
  • Very easy to use, safe and reliable.
  • Transactions are processed in a blink of an eye.
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Debit cards are probably the most popular with both players and casinos methods of funding accounts on gambling sites. A traditional debit card has a lot of advantages: it is easy to use, convenient and accepted almost everywhere. Moreover, no fees are charged for incoming and outgoing transactions in most cases and there are virtually no limits in terms of the minimum and maximum amounts of depositing and withdrawal. Payments via debit cards nowadays are secure, and every transaction is reliably protected by SSL encryption.

Debit Cards and Online Gaming: General Information

If you’ve ever paid online with your debit card, then funding a casino account with it won’t be a trouble, as it the procedures are absolutely identical. Residents of those countries where virtual casinos are not statue-banned, for example, the United Kingdom, will not face any problems or prohibitions from the bank’s party when trying to make a deposit via their debit cards as well as withdraw cash.


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However, sometimes banks can block transactions that seem to be doubtful. If you fund your casino account with a card for the first time in your life, or the amount is too large, or you are depositing to a new casino, which you’d never used before, the bank can block your operation. In this case all you should do is to contact your bank’s support service and explain the situation. If the casino operates legally, and you confirm that this transaction is not a mistake, the block will be removed.

Whenever you pay with you debit card (be it any online store or an online casino), you need to provide details of your personal card. These details commonly include the card number (typically consists of 16 digits), the date of expiry, sometimes the issue number, the holder’s name (as it is written on the card) and CCV code.

What You Should Know of Depositing with Debit Cards

After you’ve registered your debit card on the casino’s site, you can deposit funds at any time in an instant mode. The majority of existing gambling sites do not charge any fees for these payments. Banks don’t charge fees either, as online depositing is referred to as paying for goods and services online (like at any online store).

Speaking about the UK, the minimum deposit amount is usually equal to 5 pounds, while the maximum deposit sum can reach 10 thousand pounds. But even if it is not enough, you can make multiple payments, increasing the total amount. That is why there are virtually no any limits regarding the deposit amount.

How to Withdraw Cash via a Debit Card?

An advantage of debit cards is their applicability for withdrawals. It is rather convenient to use one and the same tool for funding and getting payouts. However, one needs to keep in mind that withdrawals are not instant. Instead, it can take about three banking days to process the transactions. The particular terms depend on the casino. As a rule, bigger companies can process payouts faster, but there are exceptions. You’d better learn it in advance.

The minimal amount of withdrawing is usually equal to the minimum amount of depositing. As for the maximum amount, it can vary depending on the terms of a particular casino.

Fees for the withdrawal are charged only in the following cases:

  • you are withdrawing your own money without using it in the casino (playing);
  • currency conversion is required.

Beware that casinos also practice so called pending periods. A pending period is time before processing an outgoing transaction. During this period you can recall the payout.

Kinds of Debit Cards

Debit cards today are issued by many banks. But irrespective of the bank, all debit cards are divided into several types. For example, in the UK the most popular cards are Visa and Maestro. Other popular types are MasterCard, American Express and Discover (popular in the US, rarely used for online gaming), Interac (Canada), Carte Bleue (France), EC (Germany), Union Pay (China), Ru Pay (India) and some other brands.

Irrespective of their type and the issuer, all debit cards are intended for cashless transfers between two holders of bank accounts or between a seller and a buyer. Nowadays, cards of this types are widely used all over the world and are accepted in a wide array of online and offline outlets.

Prepaid Cards

Pre-paid debit cards are cards that do not allow overdraft. In other words, a card owner can spend only the amount that he or he had loaded to the card previously. Cards of this type are popular with gamblers as they help not to succumb to temptation to spend more than you can afford. Pre-paid cards are issued not only by banking institutions, but also by some other financial companies and even e-wallet systems.

Verification with Debit Cards

Online gambling in the US is legal, but not uncontrolled. In particular, minors are not allowed to casinos. For this reason online casinos in the UK require verification from their users, and one of the available methods of undergoing verification is via a debit card.

Every new user is “checked” by a casino. In particular, his or her name, age and place of residence are checked. If the place of your debit card registration coincides with the place of your physical location and the place where you sign up the casino from, then no additional checks are required. A debit card contains information of your name, age and address.

If your name, place of residence or other data differs from the information contained in the debit card, you’ll be requested to undergo additional identification. Most likely, you’ll need to send to the casino the copies of your ID and some other documents, for example, a driving license.

Security Aspect

The main reason why many gamblers refuse from using debit cards for funding online casino accounts is the fear of fraud. In fact, modern debit cards use the ultimately reliable system of data protection. If you follow all security recommendations thoroughly and don’t reveal the details of your card without need, the chances for fraud are minimal. If you want to minimize the risks, you may opt for a pre-paid debit card and use it only for depositing. Even if somebody gets access to such a card, you will not lose more than you store on it.

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