Svenska Handelsbanken AB

Casinos that accept Handelsbanken

These top Handelsbanken online casinos offer:
  • A large reliable Sweden-based bank.
  • Allows directs transfers from a bank account to casinos.
  • Cash withdrawal to a bank account is also possible.
  • Deposit limits are pretty large.
  • Transactions are not processed instantly.
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Handelsbanken is one of the largest banks in Sweden that covers the needs of consumers and businesses in the country. In recent years, Handelsbanken has spread in other parts of Europe. Members of Handelsbanken who play in online casinos can transfer money directly from their accounts.

The bank is the largest bank in the Scandinavian region. It was opened in 1871 and, according to the bank information, has one of the highest ratings and the lowest costs for financing any European bank. It has 750 branches in 22 countries.

In the UK there are 128 branches, the first was opened in 1988 in London to serve its customer base in the UK. Over the past decade, it has expanded rapidly with the growth of the client base – over the past 12 months, 27 new branches have been announced.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Some online casinos that focus on European players have a direct bank transfer option that is compatible with Handelsbanken accounts. As a rule, it will be listed in the casino as “Bank transfer”. The instructions on the page will tell you how to send your money. In general, this transfer is free, but some casinos may charge a small fee for this convenience.

If your casino doesn’t have such opportunity, you can send a standard international bank transfer using the Handelsbanken account. Just find information about the bank transfer in the office or the bank page of your casino, then go to the local branch of Handelsbanken and talk to the stuff to send a deposit to the casino. Your bank and the casino can charge fee for international bank transfer. Deposits are released within 1-3 business days.

There is nothing special that most players from the old school tend to use their own banks for online gambling instead of any other payment methods. If you use your own bank, you always know that you can trust the company. Nevertheless, if you didn’t choose the bank you like best, but you would like to switch to real money gambling, you can try Handelsbanken. Like everything else that is done in Sweden, it has its own history and a large customer base, which means that your money will be well-preserved and you will be able to manage them in any way.

Most online casinos will allow you to return to your Handelsbanken account immediately. If you play in European casino, you can make the transfer of SEPA back to your account. Otherwise, you can still receive your money through an international bank transfer.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Handelsbanken

To begin with, one of the strengths of Handelsbanken that it is the bank, you can use for online payments: online casinos and online stores in general. In addition, you can store and manage your savings the way you like, which is definitely a plus.

With the Handelsbanken account, you can make a deposit directly to various online casinos and get out of them. This is good news for players who don’t want to subscribe to any third-party payment processor or use their credit cards to make deposits.

Money transfer Handelsbanken can be more secure than some other banking options in the casino cashier. You can send your money without giving any bank details to the casino. Although casinos almost always use SSL encryption for sensitive data, without sending information to all guarantees that it will not be compromised.

Disadvantages of Handelsbanken Unfortunately, Handelsbanken transfer is not instantaneous. If you send a deposit or withdrawal request, you need to wait at least 1 day (often longer) before it is fully processed. If you are looking for instant deposits or early withdrawal of funds, you will need to look for another method.

If you play in a casino that doesn’t support European bank transfers, you almost always be charged for sending or receiving an international bank transfers through Handelsbanken. We recommend to consult with the casino and your bank before attempting to use Handelsbanken to make a deposit or withdraw via bank transfer.

As for the shortcomings, each transaction comes with a certain amount of fees depending on the casino you play in. There are no fixed amounts, and this may be unacceptable for some users. The second drawback is the terrain. Handelsbanken is available for users from Sweden, while other players have to choose any other bank with the same conditions in their countries. The third point is that you must provide your actual bank data, which can be harmful to those users who usually remain anonymous, and don’t disclose their information to third-party services such as online casinos.

Casinos that accept Handelsbanken deposit method

It’s no secret that the casino without regard has become a new trend in the casino industry, which makes the majority of casinos a quick withdrawal of money. A casino without an account means that you are playing in an online casino without registering, you simply connect to the page through your bank ID. When you connect to the casino through your bank identifier, you will be able to receive the winnings within 15 minutes.

In other words, casinos offering the fastest withdrawal are casinos in which you play with your Handelsbanken bank card. Here you will never have to think about providing documents or similar data without checking you through your bank ID. Thus, payments are made very quickly. Below we present a list of casinos offering the fastest withdrawals online:

Online Casino with payment method Handelsbanken — Ninja Casino Casino Ninja was the first online casino, offering its players to play without taking into account. Initially they offered withdrawals to their players within 15 minutes, today something was reduced to 5 minutes. When you play in the Ninja casino and you are ready to withdraw funds, you will have money in your bank account within 5 minutes. The casino Ninja was launched in 2017, but became a well-organized casino in the Swedish market very quickly. When you connect your bank account number to Ninja Casino, you will not be able to use any bonus, but here you will find different promotions and interesting offers.
Online Casino with payment method Handelsbanken — Faster Casino At Faster Casino you will not find any welcome bonuses, but you can enjoy up to 50 free spins on a daily basis. All players who have made a deposit will be credited with up to 50 free payments, depending on the size of your deposit.
Online Casino with payment method Handelsbanken — NY spins If you love the city of New York, then you will not be disappointed by the NY spins casino. Here you play with the theme of New York, and when your winnings are at home, you can get them in your bank account.
Online Casino with payment method Handelsbanken — Speedy Casino Speedy Casino was founded in 2018. Speedy Casino offers only games without registration, which also means that fast withdrawals are available. Here you connect to the game quickly, and when you want to choose your winnings, they will be found in the bank account very soon.
Online Casino with payment method Handelsbanken — Lucky Casino Do you think the trip is by your side? Then you can enjoy the exciting assortment of Lucky Casino. In Lucky Casino you can also get a welcome bonus form in the form of “Double Up” as a new player. If you make your first deposit and can’t double your money without loss.
Online Casino with payment method Handelsbanken — Voodoo Dreams Voodoo Dreams is another casino where you have the opportunity to create your account using a bank card. Here you can also create a regular account, if you want. In any case, you will learn really fast sockets. If you want to try the luck of Voodoo Dreams, you can also get a welcome bonus that will give you up to $10,000 + 200 free spins. After you have created the game account or link your bank ID with online gambling, page with 20 Free Spins is waiting for you without making a deposit.


  • Solid Trust Pay — this is one of the electronic payment systems. It was created in Canada, traditionally considered the leader in the development of electronic payment systems. Solid Trust Pay is positioned as one of the most demanded and reliable systems in a number of other similar for today. This electronic system is the most convenient for payments for goods and services on the Internet, so it is the most popular among users of the network. Solid Trust Pay works with the debit cards too. Also, Solid Trust Pay releases and implements its own cards. Transactions within the system are conducted using electronic money. For any service, funds are transferred to the so-called electronic purse of the seller. There is a possibility of withdrawal funds to a bank card, and replenishment of an electronic wallet from a bank card to pay for services in the Internet. In addition, STP is a fast and convenient way to transfer virtual funds from an account to an account within the system, as well as to accounts opened in another payment system. Electronic system allows you to conduct any transaction on-line.
  • UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of the Chinese payment system China UnionPay and focuses on the growth and support of UnionPay’s global business outside of China. And this is really a powerful, modern, international system of global scale. Despite the fact that the main turnover falls on operations inside the country, UnionPay ranks first in the world in terms of the number of issued plastic cards. The aggregate emission of UnionPay cards in the world reached 3.4 billion cards, at the beginning of 2015 more than 4 billion cards were issued, and UnionPay bypasses Visa and comes out on top in the total volume of transactions. UPI provides the opportunity to use cards to pay for goods, services and withdrawals in 150 countries.
  • GiroPay — fast and reliable German payment system designed to make payments for goods and services online.The beginning of the system is 2006. The owner of the system — giropay GmbH (Germany, Frankfurt), is a joint project of Postbank and Volksbanken RaitFeisenbanken.

    The GiroPay system is especially popular among residents of Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

    At the same time, calling GiroPay a full-fledged payment system is not entirely correct, it is rather a settlement gateway between the online store and the client’s account. In order to use the system, you must have a bank account or card of the bank or its partner.

  • SOFORT Banking — an online payment system that performs all transactions between users through bank transfers. In addition, the payment system allows you to make purchases on the Internet and pay for services using cashless payments.This payment system has gained wide popularity among online casinos, forex brokers of companies providing binary options trading services, online shops, etc. And all because translations through Sofort happen in the shortest possible time.

    The company SOFORT, was founded in Germany (Munich) in 2005. With the change of the brand the concept has not changed and the company offers its customers the products and services for the safe purchase of physical and digital goods on the Internet.

    The use of the SOFORT Banking service is characterized by the extremely high speed of financial transactions. In addition, the company takes special care to ensure the security of transactions and ensures the safety of personal data of customers. The payment system is certified by TÜV, Germany’s largest institute for quality and safety research, which provides the highest standard of personal data security for customers. The official SOFORT site is presented in 14 languages.


To sum it up, Handelsbanken is a good choice for those who live in Sweden. If you don’t mind all its shortcomings, agree to pay fees, and the absence of anonymity doesn’t bother you at all, you can choose this bank, and thus you will not be disappointed. Being fast and free, it provides many opportunities to manage money, using all the ways that you need for really convenient bank account. Moreover, Handelsbanken has a strong support service that will help you to solve all the problems that you face and all the issues that you have with the deposits. So, if you find that everything is good for you, don’t hesitate to choose an online casino you are ready to play in.


Is there any Bonus in the casino using Handelsbanken?

Yes. However, it all depends on the casino that you have chosen.

Who can participate in the bonus program?

In order to participate in the offer of any casino, you must be 18 years old. Other terms and conditions are specified in the rules for each casino separately.

Are there any bonuses applicable to online casinos using mobile applications?

All bonus offers are applied regardless of the device, because games are launched through the browser. No exceptions for mobile devices.

I can’t participate in the bonus offer, why not?

If you have any problems, please contact support. The reason you are experiencing problems may be due to the fact that the bonus code is intended, for example, for new registered players.

Can I withdraw funds from the casino using Handelsbanken?

Withdrawing funds from a player’s casino account to a Handelsbanken account is possible.

What currency is used in Handelsbanken?

Usually this is the euro, for the reason that the bank is European. The use of a particular currency should be specified in the bank’s information.

What is the minimum and maximum amount required for a single transaction?

These questions depend on the casino you play in.

Is Handelsbanken available in the mobile application?

Yes, it is. Handelsbanken payment service is supported by all types of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

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