Casinos that accept OKPay

These top OKPay online casinos offer:
  • A popular electronic money solution.
  • It is accepted by numerous web-casinos.
  • The method is supported in Europe and America.
  • The commission fee is pretty low.
  • Transactions are fast and perfectly secure.
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This payment system is quite young (2009) and registered in the British Virgin Islands (now it seems like it is based in Cyprus). Players may choose any OKPay Casino they like.

OKPay is an electronic payment system that allows instant money transfers and actively used in 200 countries of the world. In addition to the high transaction speed, convenient interface and the maximum level of security of financial transactions, the payment system has another undeniable merit – registered users of OkPay have the most extensive opportunities for performing electronic transactions with euro.

As in PayPal, OkPay has a wallet binding to the mailbox, and therefore it is necessary to attend to its security (probably, the best option will be Google’s mail with 2-step authentication enabled). We will also consider OKPay Online Casinos.

Deposit and withdrawal method

After registration, you are offered to order a plastic card OkPay (MasterCard), through which you can withdraw cash in ATMs, shop in stores and deposit your account in the casino. On one account there can be only one plastic card, but you can create as many virtual cards as you want. The OkPay site interface is presented in 18 languages, although in practice it has only been partially translated. You can create additional accounts in any of the 20 other currencies. The system continues to evolve, and we hope that soon it will have mobile customers. This question is especially relevant for players playing in the casino with OkPay on mobile devices.

To enter and withdraw funds on the platform, there is an “Operations” window in the personal account. In the system, you can:

  • deposit money into the account;
  • withdraw money;
  • send money (inside the system via e-mail);
  • make mass payments (convenient for corporate payments);
  • request an invoice (for example, when selling and buying goods);
  • currency exchange.

There is no commission for OKPay Casino Deposit, except for crypto-currencies. Transfer from bitcoin-wallet to OkPay’s balance will cost 1% of the transaction amount. The service so far only works with bitcoin.

You can add funds to OKPay Online Casinos, as well as withdraw funds, using any of the most common methods: wire transfer, e-currency, money order, mobile payments and with the help of exchange partners. The choice of means of money transfer is merely massive – we counted 76. If you chose a casino with OkPay, your decision is entirely justified, because no other system has such a large number of partners and such speed of work with them. Online casinos that accept OKPay are very comfortable for gamblers.

Customer support

OkPay support works from Monday to Friday (07:00-18:00 GMT), which is not very convenient, because, in an emergency, you cannot ask questions in the off hours. Responds to tech support quickly, helps to solve the problems. In addition to the call, you can also write a letter to e-mail, and it takes a little longer, but also you will get a rapid response. If the question is not urgent, you can look at the site in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, and possibly the required information will be there.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since OKPay Online Casinos appeared later than all its main competitors, it is quite logical that its owners tried to take the best of other payment systems:

  • You can transfer money from your wallet directly through e-mail. If the user to whom you sent money is already registered in OkPay, then after clicking on the link from the letter the payment will automatically proceed;
  • Commission for cashless OKPay Casino Deposit is zero, which is encouraging. Yes, and the system will charge a little for the transfer of funds;
  • Transfer of money from a wallet to the wallet in Okpay. Payments process instantly and practically around the world, which is good (for example, suitable to receive payment for freelancing services);
  • It is possible to add a plastic card to the account, and you can make purchases from it both on the Internet and in real stores around the world;
  • Binding payment card to the wallet in OKPay Online Casinos. This method is preferable in most cases because the commission for such a “withdrawal of funds from the account” is not charged (if you do not cash out the funds through an ATM, but spend it on real needs);
  • Money from OkPay can also be transferred to bank accounts or exchanged (for example, all in the same wonderful BestChange) to other electronic currencies, or transferred to the bank accounts;
  • You can work with the system anonymously (though with a limitation in the amount of transfer of three hundred euros or dollars). If you verify the wallet, then there will not be any restrictions in money cash flow;
  • The number of wallets created under one account is unlimited, and they can be nominated in dozens of different currencies (including cryptocurrencies).

Also, there is quite a decent affiliate program in OKPay Online Casinos.


A great convenience for customers is the ability to use the platform on any gadget, whether it’s a PC, smartphone or tablet. The OkPay wallet is anonymous. When registering the user does not need to provide any personal information – just put an email address and password. That ensures the security of the personal data of each customer. Security, in this case, is one of the most critical priorities. The platform provides functionality to protect your wallet, both to a private customer and business.

The site provides for the use of SSL-certificate of advanced control, 256-bit encryption guarantees the security of the connection. All information about clients is stored in the form of ciphers on Okpay servers. After 10 minutes without activity, there is an automatic log out from the account. In the account, it is possible to view the IP-addresses, from which there was a request to enter the wallet.

It is required to change the password every six months. OKPay Online Casinos use two-factor authentication, so if this option is activated with every login attempt, it will be necessary to enter the PIN code that is generated automatically. Additional protection is available in the form of secret questions that will be asked to the user when clicking on the link “Cannot enter the account?”.

Thus, it gives an opportunity, how to secure your account from hacking, and enter it when data is lost. The client can set for his account restrictions on IP-addresses, by sorting them by country or manually. If the user has not connected any additional security features, authorization of access will be automatically linked to his account. When you try to enter from an unknown IP address, a special PIN-code will be sent to the client’s email.

Casinos that accept OkPay

We found a lot of casinos which supports OkPay system. Among them, you can find Vulkan Original, VipNetGame, Kudoscasino, iNetbet, BetCity Slot78, Sportprognoz Casino, etc. Soon we will see new OKPay Casino.

Alternatives to OkPay for Funding Online Casino Accounts

Casino players can also use other payment systems including Money Gram, Neteller, Payhip, Selz. We think that these are good alternatives to OKPay Online Casinos. Each one has its own strong and weak points.


So, we gathered all the necessary facts to sort out everything concerning OkPay


  • anonymity;
  • a multi-currency wallet in one account;
  • a large number of ways to withdraw funds;
  • affiliate program;
  • availability of unique payment cards and issuance of virtual cards for payment in online stores;
  • availability of its service for exchange rate monitoring.


  • Commission for transfers within the service;
  • The service works only with bitcoin and one exchange (EXMO);
  • Lack of proper protection for plastic cards;
  • The return of payment is costly (100 euros).

Payment system OkPay is one of the rating services for the provision of electronic payments. Declaring itself recently, in 2009, the resource quickly increased its user base in 200 countries. Users liked the available resource interface, simplicity, and transparency of options.

OKPay Online Casinos makes it possible to do without unnecessary expenses on commissions – they are deficient here. Payments to the casino and online stores come almost instantly. The currencies (21 types) are converted as fast as possible, and the money won is withdrawing very quickly. Convenient version with money transfer thanks to e-mail.

The user’s mobile phone number entered in the registration form is a method of payment identification – the SMS confirmation will protect the transaction from external interference. Cooperation with VipNetGame casino allows online players not to experience problems: with OkPay it’s merely impossible. We found a lot of online casinos that accept OKPay.


    1. Who pays the commission?

OkPay charges one of the lowest commissions on the market for transferring funds within the system – 0.5% (but not more than $2.99). This commission is withdrawn from the sender of the transfer.

  1. How to accept payments in different currencies?In your working cabinet there are accounts opened in different currencies, so you can avoid unnecessary exchange rate losses while working with the system, receiving all payments to one account at the rate imposed by the system. If you still need to exchange funds, you can do it within your account at the rate suggested by the system.
  2. What amounts can I transfer?For anonymous users inside the system, there are quite a lot of restrictions so that you can receive funds to your account, but you can send from your account no more than 300 euros a month.
  3. How to remove restrictions on payments?Accordingly, to remove restrictions, it is proposed to undergo a verification procedure. Verification consists of confirmation of identity, address and mobile phone number (verification of email occurs at registration).
  4. What is the main advantage of payment system?The main feature of OkPay is the accepting of title signs of various electronic payment systems and the aggregation of funds on the account in the system. In this, the electronic system is close to the aggregators of Internet payments.
  5. How to get paid?If we need to get money from any user of the system, choose the function “Request money.” Fill all the text fields and send the form. The user to whom we applied can make a payment or can ignore the request.
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