Casinos that accept Peercoin

These top Peercoin online casinos offer:
  • An innovative cryptocurrency based on the peering technology.
  • Allows fast and anonymous fund transfers.
  • Can be used worldwide with no borders.
  • Commission fees are pretty large.
  • As of now, not many casinos accept it.
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Peercoin (PPC) is a decentralized payment system that operates through a hybrid issuance organization – through the execution of work (Proof-of-work) or the calculation of a share (Proof-of-stake).

Peercoin is often compared to bitcoin, and some even consider it a clone of a well-known cryptocurrency. However, it is not. Though the principle of bitcoin is taken as the basis of PPC’s operation, the developers have tried to improve it as much as possible to give it a more modernized look and eliminate shortcomings.

Peercoin has become a new version of bitcoin with its features.

  • The technological basis of cryptocurrency has become one of the most innovative. If most virtual currencies work on the principle of confirming the work performed by PoW, Peercoin combined the policy with an additional algorithm – PoS. That is the first platform that started working on the principle of Proof-of-stake. This system ensures the safety and energy efficiency of the platform;
  • The payment system has a high level of security; it is immune to attacks again due to its hybrid system;
  • There are relatively small commissions in the system. Moreover, you can exchange funds between accounts without additional payments;
  • Peercoin is considered to be one of the eco-friendliest coins since mining does not require energy-intensive equipment, which is why the energy consumption is minimal;
  • The issuing of the cryptocurrency is not limited, unlike most coins; for Peercoin an emission with an annual increase of 1% is provided.

Below we will consider some Online casinos that accept Peercoin.

Deposit and withdrawal method

How to create a PeerCoin wallet and how to store it?

You can create an electronic wallet for storing PPC coins on the official website.

Step 1. Choose who you are: beginner, investor, trader, miner or developer. Let’s start with “The Beginner.” You must click “Start.”

Step 2. To download the wallet, go to the download page (hyperlink under the folder image)

Step 3. Choose an operating system: Mac OS, Windows (32 or 62 bit), Linux

Step 4. Installation takes a few minutes. The program does not take a lot of space on the computer.

Step 5. Installation is complete, no complicated actions were required. We open a program that shows a menu where you can see the current balance, send coins to other users, the wallet address (to which other users can send coins to you) and the history of operations.

To buy Peercoin, you need to register on the exchange. You can also use exchangers. At the exchange, you can create your own Peercoin wallet and make a Peercoin Casino Deposit.

Customer support

Users can ask questions and chat with the community and developers the Discord chat and forums. There you can get qualified support on all technical issues.

Advantages and disadvantages

Peercoin can be called a modified version of Bitcoin. Among its benefits are the following:

  • High security. Users can be calm about the reliability of storage of funds, since hacking the Peercoin network is almost impossible;
  • Due to the use of the peer-to-peer system, no additional system maintenance is required;
  • PPCs are more cost-effective in comparison with other popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Along with the advantages, Peercoin’s cryptocurrency has several significant drawbacks, among which:
  • There is virtually no anonymity in the network. The point is that for centralized security there is a centralized control center for verifying the authenticity of coins. Because of this, you can track the sender and the recipient of the transaction;
  • Unstable cost of cryptocurrency. For example, in January 2018, 1 PPC cost almost $ 10, but within two months the rate fell to $ 1.4 per coin;
  • Low turnover of funds. Although Peercoin is mainly used for making transfers, the daily turnover of funds is lower than that of other cryptocurrencies.

Anyway, Peercoin Online Casinos are an excellent choice for gamblers who gave cryptocurrency assets and want play.


For developers of any cryptocurrency, it is essential to take care of the safety of its users and protect the network from all sorts of hacker attacks. Peercoin is immune to either Selfish Mining attacks, or to the effects of the well-known algorithm of 51%, which was used to attack some cryptocurrencies in 2014. After the past attacks, the cryptocurrency has become an outlet for many users who are concerned about security.

It worth to say that Peercoin Online Casinos are safe enough to deposit assets.

Casinos that accept Peercoin

Fe found some Online casinos that accept Peercoin. But that list is much shorter than casinos with ETH and BTC. So Peercoin Online Casinos are,,,, What gambling hose to choose from a list of Peercoin Online Casinos? We recommend using various ratings and user reviews.

Alternatives to Peercoin for Funding Online Casino Accounts

The casino accepts several more popular cryptocurrencies. First of all, it is BTC and ETH. It is worth noting that the list of Peercoin Online Casinos is somewhat narrower, but fundamentally for a gambler, there is no difference what kind of cryptocurrency to use. Therefore, you can use more popular alternatives.

To date, there are a lot of varieties of cryptocurrencies. Coins are not used as often as BTC, but it is still trendy among connoisseurs. Everyone chooses a “convenient” and “high-quality” currency, some belief in the further promotion of some of them.

  1. Bitcoin – is no longer an analog. It is the main, thanks to which the rest are created.
  2. Ripple – created in 2012. This currency is characterized by an optimal speed when conducting banking operations.
  3. Dash – cryptocurrency, which anonymously translates online money.
  4. Ethereum is a currency that makes “smart contracts.” In the future, it can completely replace the majority of banking operations.

Most of Peercoin Online Casinos are also accept other cryptocurrencies including the above ones.


Peercoin is a platform based on Blockchain, which is intended for quick sending and receiving of payments. The primary task of the developers was to create a decentralized payment system, which will ensure high anonymity and security. Peercoin’s cryptocurrency and functioning platform are very similar to Bitcoin since it shares most of the source code and technical implementation with it.

We found a good list of Peercoin Online Casinos which have a good reputation.


  1. How and where to buy Peercoin?

    You can deposit PPC coins in two ways:

    • using mining and as a result of generation by coins, which are already available in the wallet;
    • Buy Peercoin in a usual way, through exchanges. For the most part, exchanges do not provide direct purchase of Peercoin through bank cards or transfers, but almost all work through Bitcoin. To buy Peercoin, you need to buy BTC coins. All popular services work with Peercoin.
  2. How to buy Peercoin in exchange?

    After the registration on the exchange, you need to deposit the internal account. The easiest way to deposit dollars. For this click plus in the section with wallets. There are a lot of ways:

    Then in the sidebar, type PPC to find the required currency pair. Forms for buying and selling coins will open. Enter the quantity of Peercoin and price you would like to purchase. So you create an application for exchange with other users.

    If it is hard to decide or you do not want to wait, choose the offers of other users of the exchange. They are available in order lists. You can make deposit Peercoin Online Casinos directly from exchange wallet.

  3. Is that cryptocurrency with anonymity?

    No, this cryptocurrency is not anonymous. The system has a unique center that personifies the owner and controls the authenticity of the coin.

  4. Can I create many wallets under one account?

    Peercoin Cryptocurrency reliably protects confidential information of users and allows you to create any desired number of electronic wallets.

  5. Can I make a profit from storing Peercoin?

    Using Peercoin’s cryptocurrency allows you to generate additional revenue since coins can generate other coins by themselves (POS mining).

  6. How long does a single transaction take?

    On average, one Peercoin Casino Deposit will take 5-15 minutes.

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