Casinos that accept Sepa

These top Sepa online casinos offer:
  • SEPA is a system created by the European Union.
  • It is very effective, reliable, and secure.
  • Collaborates with major European banks.
  • Transactions are processed in a real-time mode.
  • It is very easy to use and effective but not charge-free.
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SEPA is an abbreviation of the full name (Single Euro Payments Area – a single payment space for transactions in euros). The system involves the use of standardized procedures for direct bank transfers, debiting and payment by various cards both within inside countries and abroad. After the full transition to SEPA, the use of national payment systems will be phased out.

Every bank account holder in all countries will receive a new account number as part of SEPA. At first, it will be used only for international payment transactions, and at the end of the transition period – for all types of banking operations. To date, 33 countries are using SEPA: 28 EU member states, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Monaco.

The single euro payment zone was created following the Payment Services Directive adopted by the European Parliament on April 24, 2007. The directive aimed to ensure the ease, efficiency, and reliability of international payments in the European Union, in particular, credit transfers, direct debit payments, and bank card payments. The directive is also the legal basis for the creation of SEPA, enshrines the rights and obligations of all users of payment services (consumers, merchants, businesses). We will also look at the best Online casinos that accept SEPA.

Deposit and withdrawal method

It is always necessary to remember that in this system the commission fee is paid by the sender. That is, when receiving money, a person does not pay a penny for the transfer, which is a very convenient option. Citizens of the same country or different states can conduct such cash transactions between themselves.

Each user should know that an agent may request to open a current account when transferring: you should not be afraid of this, because such an action is straightforward. All that is required from the ruler himself is to fill in the questionnaire with his data, as well as to record information about the recipient, and the amount and purpose of the transfer must also be indicated. This process is fast and not complicated at all; it is practiced in many payment systems, so this is entirely normal.

For the successful completion of a monetary transaction, the recipient must apply to any convenient branch of the bank or to the post office with a document that would confirm the identity of the recipient. Then, a person will be able to take his money in cash calmly, then the transfer process is considered completed. SEPA Online Casinos are convenient for making various payments because of its usability.

This version of the transaction is carried out within one country. If the user needs to make a money transfer outside his country, then there is a slightly different system that needs to be carefully studied. The first thing you need to know about the recipient is the details of IBAN, IRC, ISC or others. It all depends on the requirements of the bank itself, which in this case is an intermediary. There are various cases when transferring, for example, if a person incorrectly indicated the recipient’s details: you should not be upset earlier, the bank will most likely require an additional one, namely the swift-code, to confirm the money transfer successfully. So the process of transferring funds to other countries is also not complicated.

Customer support

If the client has any questions when using the SEPA electronic payment system, then he should contact the technical support service. Operators will be able to competently resolve all controversial issues, while the response service will not have to wait long.

It can be noted that the SEPA payment system is sufficiently beneficial to use – especially for those users who like to spend evenings playing slot games. The opportunity to increase your virtual status, withdraw the money won without delay, no additional investments and hidden commissions make the SEPA quite popular for different categories of users. When playing SEPA Online Casinos, you should know that the payment system has rare issues with failed transactions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Need to book a hotel or make a deposit for a rental car before you leave, or maybe you like gambling? Are you going to make a big purchase abroad? Then the international transfers via the SEPA system will help save time and money, and most importantly – save energy.

SEPA allows you to transfer medium and large sums abroad quickly (the “day + 1” system) and at a fixed fee rate. That is a single zone of non-cash payments in euros between the countries of the European Union, which unites the market and improves the conditions for all member countries on the principle of “common currency – common territory.”

The goal of SEPA is to erase the line between 34 European countries and simplify financial transactions between them so that they became as simple as they are inside the country. The service is useful to both entrepreneurs in large and small companies for business purposes, and parents whose children study abroad and who need to send regular payments to any of the countries of the European Economic Area. That is also great for gamblers, who like to play a big-money game.

The main advantage of the SEPA electronic payment system is that it is capable of withdrawing winnings in a truly “speedy” mode. That is, the user will be able to withdraw the winnings in the online casino to a plastic MasterCard or Visa card in a short time. In almost all SEPA Online Casinos, users are invited to play slot machines and poker online. You can also transfer your winnings to a bank account.

A large number of players chooses SEPA Casino Deposit in modern times. An attractive point is also the fact that the player will have to pay low commission fees for the processes of depositing or withdrawing funds. This “privilege” is provided to its customers by almost all SEPA Online Casinos. It is very convenient, and besides, the absence of hidden payments already testifies in favor of choosing this electronic payment system.


The international regulation confirms the safety of SEPA. That is a massive team around SEPA, and it creates a trust from users and provides reliability of the system. That makes SEPA Online Casinos very popular among gamblers from EU.

SEPA regulates the following areas:

  • Money orders. Banks that have joined the SEPA system carry out non-cash remittances from January 28, 2008. The new rules establish the procedure for the use of an international bank account number (IBAN) and bank identification code (BIC); terms of payment; terms of sending, receiving and declining the payment; rights and obligations of participants; legal framework, etc.
  • Automatic bill payment (direct debit). This settlement scheme began to be applied on November 2, 2009. Customers of banks that have joined this scheme will be able to pay bills in all EU member states automatically. Recipients of automatic payment of bills, in turn, will be able to accumulate automatic payments from all customers making payments with the participation of banks within the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Monaco on one account.
  • Bank cards. According to SEPA regulations, all payment cards issued in EU member states can be used without problems in each of the member countries. Since 2008, all banks in the EU are obliged to issue payment cards with chips (EMV-standard), and these cards can be used for payment transactions and cash withdrawal at ATMs in all EU member states.

Casinos that accept SEPA

We found an extensive list of Online casinos that accept SEPA. We choose for you top-rated gambling houses:, Fruity Casa Casino, Dream Vegas Casino, Dream Jackpot Casino, 21 Casino, Slot Planet Casino, Jackpot Knights Casino, Alf Casino, and many others.

Alternatives to SEPA for Funding Online Casino Accounts

For citizens of EU, there are a variety of other options to SEPA Casino Deposit. You can use Wire transfer, Perfect Money, Western Union, Skrill, Neteller and some other payment methods which have their pros and cons. You always can choose the best one for your purpose and needs.


The electronic payment system of SEPA will allow each client to carry out deposits and withdrawals at any convenient time and place without any problems. Now, thanks to such payment systems, players have the opportunity to conduct operations with finances on the Internet, without leaving their homes. This system will offer users to make instant payments and financial transactions, as well as the service will open up unique opportunities for their customers. SEPA Online Casinos often chosen by high-rollers who prefer big game.

It can be noted that SEPA is currently the most popular in EU, which allows customers of online institutions, including virtual casinos, to instantly perform operations related to the depositing of the gaming account. In almost every gambling house where users are invited to play real-money slot machines, customers can use the services of this system.


  1. How to register in the system?Registration is effortless – the first step will be the visiting the official website of the electronic payment system. Then you should enter your e-mail address in the particular field and set a password. The system will also request filling in the areas the personal data and bank card data. There you should enter your surname, name, as well as the year of birth.

    The user must be attentive and must indicate the country in which he lives. Then you need to select the currency in which the account status will be displayed. The classic option is the Euro. Do not forget to include your address. Registration in the SEPA is free.

  2. How to deposit to SEPA Online Casinos?You can also deposit your gaming account when using plastic cards MasterCard and Visa Classic. You can also use a private transfer that can be made by a SEPA user. The only thing you need is to find the SEPA payment method in the depositing page of a gambling house.
  3. What amount of money can be transferred within the SEPA payment system?It is worth considering that there are established restrictions. That is, an individual limit has been created, which cannot be exceeded. This section is even made a separate page in the virtual office of each user.

    In general, it should be noted that the limits of the SEPA payment system are of several types. One of them is directed to outgoing banking operations – that is, there is a certain amount that cannot be exceeded by making deposits, withdrawing money through a bank transfer or sending it to another user. There is also such a thing as a deposit limit of a credit plastic card.

  4. How to pass verification in the SEPA system?However, if the user is not completely satisfied with the fixed amounts of limits, then these conditions can be changed, for which you should pass verification.

    How to pass the verification process? One of the ways of a transfer, during making which you must indicate ID from the bank account.

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