Casinos that accept WeChat Pay

These top WeChat Pay online casinos offer:
  • A smart payment solution for Chinese gamblers.
  • Integrated with popular Chinese social platforms.
  • A built-in currency converter for international payments.
  • Easy to use and user friendly.
  • A very high level of security is guaranteed.
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Chinese WeChat is commonly compared to WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram, but it has long been turned into a mobile platform for payments, shopping, calling a doctor and taxi, finding discounts and entertainment. In less than five years, the messenger has attracted 650 million active users to date. For comparison: the main competitor WhatsApp has 1 billion users, the Japanese Line – 400 million, Viber – 350 million and Telegram – 200 million. However, no messenger can match with WeChat regarding the number of functions, and in this, it is more like a Facebook platform. Users can make WeChat Pay Casino Deposit to some gambling houses.

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WeChat Pay is a payment system from Tencent, the owner of the largest in China messenger WeChat. WeChat Wallet is a virtual wallet, built in WeChat, with which you can very conveniently pay for various goods and services. WeChat Pay became a part of everyday life of the Chinese. With it you can pay when and wherever you want – it is accepted almost everywhere, from taxis and metro to markets and hospitals. We will also look at some Online casinos that accept WeChat Pay.

Deposit and withdrawal method

To become a user of WeChat Pay, you will need an account in WeChat, a passport, a bank card and a mobile phone attached to it. It’s all that you need to use WeChat Pay Casino.

It is worth noting that the option “Wallet” may not be displayed in the menu of the WeChat Pay app. That happens in the users who downloaded the international version of the messenger. To set the wallet, you need to go into the settings and change the interface language to Chinese. After that, you can set English back, and the Wallet button will remain.

When registering in a wallet, you should either use a Chinese bank card or be in China. Card linking is quite simple – you need to specify its data and your name. Remember that the name input field is case sensitive.

In case of successful card linking, WeChat Pay will write off a small amount from it and then return it to the client’s balance. Then you can use WeChat Pay Online Casinos.

With the help of a wallet it is possible to make such types of payments:

  • Quick Pay: the user submits a unique QR code to the scanner, after which the necessary amount is written off.
  • QR-Code Payment: the user scans the QR-code of the seller, independently enters the amount and confirms the payment with his password.
  • In-App Web-based Payment: used to pay for goods and services on the seller’s website in WeChat. For example, you can pay for purchases at a significant marketplace of
  • In-App Payment: used for payment in third-party applications, the developers of which have integrated WeChat Pay SDK. By choosing WeChat Pay as a payment method in a third-party app, the user’s wallet opens where he confirms the payment, and then the same application in which the transaction was initiated. Didi Chuxing works by this principle. As for WeChat Pay Online Casinos. You can use the last two methods.

Things with commissions are almost the same as with AliPay – for most transactions there are none. A commission of 0.1% is charged if more than 10,000 yuan is withdrawn, as well as for cross-border transfers.

If you want to put some money into WeChat Pay wallet, you must have a Union Pay debit or credit card from a Chinese bank.

Customer support

Developers tried to create a database of all possible answers to users’ questions. But if it turned out that there is no answer to your question, you can send an e-mail request or create a ticket in the WeChat application. WeChat Pay Online Casinos have their specialists who solve issues.

Advantages and disadvantages

If Facebook and WhatsApp consider the increase in the number of active users, then WeChat is interested in how often users accessed the application with their needs. They seek to fill all spheres of life. And all this is achieved by introducing millions (and not some miserable thousands) of small applications in WeChat. In a way, it’s like a web browser. All these applications are called “official accounts.” At the moment, there are more than 10 million such accounts. They are celebrities, banks, fashion brands, pharmacies, various start-ups, etc.

Users are always logged into all applications. And they do not need to install any add-ons. For developers there are advantages too – there is no need to develop applications for different OS. Sometimes it’s enough for them to have a web page.

But the applications here are not the main thing. The most important thing is the payments! The whole deals go through the Wallet in WeChat. It’s not just a wallet, it’s a very convenient menu, where you have to choose the service that you want to pay.

One of five payments made by users of WeChat passes through the Wallet. Just imagine how many transactions would go through Facebook Messenger if users connect their credit cards. In general, any social network would only benefit from such innovation.

Now WeChat practices off-line payments using QR-code at various events, in restaurants, hotels. Advantages of the Wallet:

  • Tencent verifies all partners;
  • Automatic identification and payment;
  • The ability to always stay in the WeChat system.

WeChat together with partners offers users different buns. For example, on the Chinese New Year, all those who sent money as a gift through WeChat received a discount for a taxi. WeChat Pay Online Casinos have the similar benefits among other payment systems. The speed of transaction is one of the best.

WeChat Pay is developing an opportunity for the discovery of online stores. Tencent launched many companies in the WeChat payment system, or Tencent is their investor. Thus, start-ups get support, but the Internet giant receives millions of customers.


Security of service is often questioned. Chinese activist Hu Jia was imprisoned for anti-government agitation in the messenger. The Chinese law allows a person to be imprisoned for three years if his message is contrary to the interests of the state if read by 5,000 users or if collects 500 reposts. All Tencent servers are in the territory of China, and the company is subject to the law of the country, so sometimes it is necessary to censor not only the Chinese. Foreigners periodically receive a warning from the app, which advised not to publish the anti-government text. According to different data, the service blocks about 4% of messages.

In India, a high-level discussion of the blocking of the messenger – it collects a lot of personal data of users, and this seemed suspicious and dangerous to the authorities of the country. Meanwhile, India is the fastest growing market for the Chinese app, where WeChat has successfully integrated with the local popular Lbibo game.

However, third-party access to personal information is encrypted using sophisticated cryptographic algorithms. To date, there have been very few cases of burglaries and vulnerabilities in user accounts. Anyway, WeChat Pay Online Casinos are reliable because of built-in security barriers.

Casinos that accept WeChat Pay

We found very few WeChat Pay Online Casinos including,,,,, 1xslots Casino, 1xBet Casino and LongBao Casino. Each WeChat Pay Casino supports all the benefits of that system.

Alternatives to WeChat Pay for Funding Online Casino Accounts

For residents of China, there is only one payment system, which can replace WeChat Pay to deposit the account in the casino. That is the Union Pay system, which is also available for use in other countries. Another alternative is cryptocurrencies which give an opportunity to make payments anonymously.


WeChat Pay is a payment solution integrated into WeChat’s instantly popular messenger, which belongs to Tencent. Access to it is done through the Wallet tab in the messenger app. With its help, users can send money to friends, pay for goods online, make WeChat Pay Casino Deposit, invest, pay bills, order and pay a taxi, buy tickets, book hotels and much more. We also found some Online casinos that accept WeChat Pay.


Does an automatic subscription to the seller’s channel occur at each payment?

When making payment, the seller himself determines whether he wishes to sign the buyer to the channel or not automatically. In this case, the payer, in any case, does not automatically sign, but only but only put a tick about the desire to subscribe, which can always be removed and when you re-pay in the same shop, you will not see the subscription offer anymore.

Can I trust my money with this system?

Do not trust WeChat Pay and live in China – it’s like not believing PayPal and living in the US. At the same time, from our own experience of using both payment systems, WeChat Wallet has much better security and convenience than PP.

Do I have to keep my money only in WeChat wallet?

The user chooses where to store the primary funds. You link the card to the wallet, but no one forces you to deposit the balance of this wallet – this in principle is not necessary. All payments can be written off from with the card without any problems.

Can I remove my card from WeChat?

If the service changes the conditions or you don’t want to use it anymore, then you remove the card.

Why then do I need a balance in WeChat Pay Wallet?

The balance of WeChat Wallet, in fact, is needed only so that you can transfer money if suddenly you do not have any cards linked to it or several are already connected. In the first case, it is impossible to enroll in a particular account, and in the second one, it is not clear where to enroll. And of course, the plus is that it’s always nice to have “free” money on your account, which you can use as needed. It is also necessary to take into account the limits of security that you put in online banking on the card, restrictions on the transfer of money to other WeСhat Pay users, if you added it less than two days ago, etc.

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