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About Perfect Match Slot

Love is great. And people all around the globe definitely understand that. Once it was believed that the feeling of love was an extremely rare occasion, happening only when Cupid a.k.a. matchmaker from Heaven fired a bow at his target so that people began to experience so-called love at first sight. Now it’s pretty evident that affection is more of a biological process, yet we still cannot do away with the idea that love is bigger than us. So, if St. Valentine’s is at the corner or your couple doesn’t exist in this current dimension, overall, for those who are lonely and have a few pennies to be spent there’s an exclusive offering from PariPlay wizards to delve in slot-ish love. Perfect Match by PariPlay introduces another love-themed layout, filled with hearts, pink tones, marriage rings, kisses… you name it. Judging by the title, Perfect Match successfully combines one of the most popular theme alive and Vegas-like atmosphere, so casino players might be even perplexed by what objective is to pursue: whether gamblers should think out their love escapades or focus on 3-reeled money making. Technically, Perfect Match slot machine represents a classic fruit apparatus which would ideally suit gamers with demands for minimalistic approaches, thus don’t reject the outlook despite its being a little stereotypical. Casting away all in-game visual details, Perfect Match is a great 90’s-styled machine with progressive-jackpot functions, and the slot really has an appeal to real money. Let’s find out why Perfect Match should roll in your slotting session right away.

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Perfect Match Preview

Interesting features

Plainly speaking, there are no special additional features inside Perfect Match slot’s gameplay – regarding the new wave PariPlay has been endorsing for a while, the latest products of theirs have nothing exclusive within. Instead, PariPlay zoom in on functionality, simplicity and old-time traditions. That’s why Perfect Match could be related more to classic Vegas rather than to contemporary interpretations and variations. Though, it doesn’t mean at all the game offers total zero when it comes to features. The thing is these features are more applicable to the gameplay, not to bonuses or additionality.

3 REELS – 1 LINE. Modern casinos are stuffed with sophisticated video-machines, providing an extensive range of lines, rows, drums, alternative schemes etc. Perfect Match presents the very first, even somehow ancient format where gamblers scatter symbols around 3×1 layout. Of course, there are less opportunities for catching a couple of combos at the same time, yet you are going to work with a narrowed grid, so it gets much easier to collect a jackpot sum or result with a winning pattern.

PROGRESSIVENESS. Real sharks need no Wildcards and bonus triggers because additional elements exclude the factor of skills. Perfect Match provides a lifetime chance to gather a whooping jackpot, accumulating as you progress through. Actually, there are two different major pots: so-to-say interim reward with a random nature of allocating and a fixed one, which can be obtained solely by a prescribed combination. Yeah, wherever you go, Perfect Match waits to burst with credits. You can keep tabs on prizes in the window above the reels with payouts.

PAYOUTS. 3-reeled machines usually want players to complete all the spaces with matching symbols, so that a payline houses three-of-a-kind string. Note that according to Perfect Match slot’s paytable it’s not necessary to catch a three for rings. Even a presence of one symbol pays out. Besides, the paytable shifts from one regime to another due to progressiveness, so your chances are constantly in progress and quite high especially taking into account that one symbol becomes enough to get rewarded. 

How to play

Before you start, make sure you’ve carefully gone through the controlling bar and learned the way Perfect Match slots are constructed. In spite of the machine offering a primitive gaming interface, this simplicity could appear just delusional because the game is about showing skills and mastering of bet flow to get to the jackpot. Though, it’s more than enough to learn about controlling keys first:

  • SPIN. To spin the reels find an orange rectangular to your outmost right. This button activates the game for a round – note that you have to repeat the sequence again in a manual fashion as there’s no autofunction.
  • MAX BET. This key is a clear one – it allows gambler to jump to the maximum stakes right away. You will set both ‘Bet Level’ and ‘Coin Value’ to the highest.
  • LEVELS AND VALUES. There are three levels that can be applied to wagers. The denomination also influences how much you might win from the reels. Therefore, get ‘Coin Value’ right at first and then regular the level. The resulting wager will be displayed in a dedicated window above.

Rules and features

Perfect Match slot is a game of no difficult rules, but you can find it problematic, though, to play through the game because of progressive-jackpot system. To begin with, come up with the stakes to be placed on a line: the minimum to go is 0.1 credit while 30 credits is the maximum allowed. Perfect Match has mid-to-low volatility, so you are theoretically submerged in a safe paying zone meaning you won’t be betting through the nose. Next up, think out strategies and tactics as you are going to need them if your gaming objective to grab the jackpot. The best thing to do is to activate an observing mode and don’t forget to look around and keep analyzing. The paytable is divided into three sections – depending on the progressive distribution Perfect Match will be putting players on a different method of payouts. The major jackpot size is x10’000 to the wager, but other 7 symbols seem promising, too.


Notching a reward with one single symbol on the reels, Perfect Match slots game opens a world of enjoyable success available to every gambler. What’s more, Perfect Match represents a very decent option in the section of ‘Classic Slots’ as the machine has an appealing theme, sticks to complete basics and provides handsome sums to be won. On the whole, for fans of classics it would be a great gaming offering.

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