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Sexy is always in. Guns and ladies do not match in the old world but how about the new. Pistoleras casino slot online is the mix of sexy ladies and guns that every person could only imagine.

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Pistoleras Preview

When people think of the Wild West, there is a sense of masculinity that comes with it.  We could not blame everybody’s mind because that is just the way that men and guns were depicted before.  Now, the tables have turned, and the players are given the opportunity to enhance the way that ladies and guns come together.

Play Pistoleras slot machine online, and the beauty of women and high calibre ammunition comes alive in the screen.  The developers at Micro gaming had a very good idea with this release because not only does it show a different side to the ladies but it also shows a different side to gaming.

Imagine going to a saloon and seeing three gorgeous women walk right at you.  You may think that you are in for a good day, but then you would realize that these ladies are packing and they mean business.

Gone are the days when women are women only to become a part of a man’s life.  Now, everybody knows that what men can do, women can do as well and that is not even saying it in a way that is too centric on women – this is the reality now.

So you go to the bar, and the three ladies are there – one is blonde with a little wink of trouble right in her eyes, one is a brunette, and the player would automatically know that she is not the kind to be messed with and the last one is raven-haired, and she does not care what the player would think.  It may seem like a long time since the gamer has seen such a beautiful release, but not long after the game has started, would the player realise that the ladies are out for some blood and they are out for it.

The good news is this:  With the way that the graphics and the overall theme of the slot are played out, the player would not see the ladies as his enemies but as his friends because once he sees them out in the reels, a high payout is coming. Is that not what matters? Everybody would answer in the affirmative.

Play For Some Winnings

Now that the gamer has a background on what it is like to play Pistoleras for real money, it is time to get down to what matters – the features of the slot machine.

The following are the things that one should expect from the game:

  • 25 lines
  • Bonus rounds depicted in different levels of gaming:
    1. Scattered Coaches – these are the wild symbols that will enchant the gamer and make him see what the game is all about.
    2. Free Spins – more value for the money that the player already gave out to the game.
    3. A Saloon Bonus – bonuses are fun especially when the game is already a good one.
    4. Pistoleras Wilds – wild icons showing the ladies and bring forth luck to whoever is playing.

Now that the player is all about how to win the game, Pistoleras casino slot online is what they need to get ahead of the pack.  It is highly rated by players all over the world, and it will most certainly be one step ahead of the rest of world just like how women are in real life.

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