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Quest For Beer

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About Quest For Beer Slot

Game themes really cover everything – even beer. Critics are no longer amused looking at different categories because the creativity of the human mind is really limitless. Quest for Beer casino slot online is one of those slot machines that have a peculiar theme. Read on to find out if the theme is actually one that works.

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Quest For Beer Preview

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a theme that one cannot relate to.  This is why most people are happy to see that there are themes for every single person on the planet.

Micro gaming is a theme happy slot machine creator that just carries on the world with much more than anything that it asks for.  From movie adaptation, persona adaptation, to any adaptation that one can think of, Micro gaming is also on a journey to find anything that works.

Quest for Beer casino slot online is the trend of a lifetime.  However much effort and love are placed in this slot machine, there are still some things that are just the same as all of the others released by the same developer.

The Vikings are known for being an excellent stubborn set of muscle men with a lot of ideas on how life should be.  They have always been known to generate the biggest fuss whenever they would conquer any city.  They would run around, get all of the treasures that they can get, and they would just really try to drink beer at the end of the day.  Beer is really something that one loves to drink whenever he feels that he needs to forget about something.

Play Quest for Beer slot machine online and the gamer does not need to forget about the things that happen to his life because this one will bring happiness and overall fun in his life.

The graphics and the sounds that come out are just fine.  There is no need to improve on them but there is also no need to just walk around loving whatever one would see on the screen.  This one offers a clean break.  Just something that is clean and just something that could easily be played

Going For Some Beer

With all of the features that the player would see when he would play Quest for Beer for real money, there are some that would initially impact his whole play and others that he would just meet while he is on the game.  First, it is important to look at the basic facts about this release.

  • The software developer is Microgaming. One of the biggest, if not the biggest name in game development, Microgaming has proven once again that they are up for some challenge.
  • What is the slot type? The slot is a video slots kind of game so there is so much more than just spinning the reels.
  • There are around 25 activated pay lines for the whole game. It is not much but it is certainly enough to keep the ball rolling.
  • There are 5 reels. There should be a minimum of at least 1 coin per line and a maximum of 20 coins per line.  The betting range is between the coin size of 0.01 and 0.25.  These are all industry standards and players who have seen this would know that these are very good offer.
  • The total jackpot is at a whopping 2500 coins.
  • Unfortunately, the RTP is unknown.

There are also other features that would come out only during the gameplay of the player.  So, when he already has a bet, and he is ready to spin, the following features should be expected to come out:

  • Bonus Game – the bonus game is a rather interesting one because it depicts something like the old days of the Vikings. It is called the Axe Throwing Feature game. With this feature, a player needs to throw axes at beer kegs.  If the player hits one with a prize, he or she will win that jackpot, but if the player would hit one that is empty, the game ends
  • Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol – these are not game bonuses are they are standards in the industry as well. For those people who want to change the screen and what the whole screen to change at a surprise, these are the best symbols that they can hope to find.
  • Automatic play option – this is the option that goes for the ages. The automatic play option allows individuals to be into the game even if they are not into it.
  • Multiplier and Free Spins – additions that every gamer enjoys.

In totality, Quest for Beer is much more than just a theme.  It is an exciting way of getting an age-old idea come to life.

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