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About Reel Groovy Slot

Different time periods have always been a great source of inspiration for slot-making industry due to a wide range of casino players’ backgrounds. Though, it doesn’t significantly matter what your age is and what grounds you have for a little bit of nostalgia – sometimes long-gone areas represent an interesting subject to explore without any reason in particular, just because it’s great to find out how people used to live in the past. Every slot-developer has a thing or two to offer when it comes to vintage scenarios, so do PariPlay, which is a fast-growing company, specialising on top-notch gaming experience in virtual casinos. PariPlay came up with quite a simplistic slot machine titled Reel Groovy that obviously introduces the sixties in a modern-like interpretation. Reel Groovy slot is a game focusing on a reels-and-players interaction solely meaning there’s hardly anything resembling bonus additionals at all – just a few compounds gamblers could make use of, but apart from that there’s only straightforward enjoyment from well-designed surroundings and very catchy colouring. Back in the 60’s by PariPlay is marked with authentically groovy sounds where any controlling button is ready to produce swingy tones and tunes. Besides, PariPlay placed a certain amount of concentration on the way Reel Groovy looks: bright yellow hues paired with indigo and red shades create a special atmosphere of belonging to something genuinely special. Overall, Reel Groovy holds some weight, and even if the game offers to bet and please the eye and that’s it, some bonus turns found a place, too.

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Reel Groovy Preview

Interesting features

Iconic 60’s are everywhere: in symbols, in outlook, in sounds, even in mechanics. Reel Groovy assembles the best of characteristic pieces and form one solid picture out of them. But a good visual aspect is not the only thing Reel Groovy might be proud of. Here gamers are also provided with a minimum of bonus features to take advantage of, so don’t think that PariPlay’s rendition is about plain playthrough. The features are not in great abundance, yet they have a powerful potential to bring real money to your pockets. Let’s a have a brief review on each of them.

WILD POT. To begin with, Reel Groovy embodies standard for an occasion Wildcards which you can find in thousands of slots out there. Generally interpreting, Wild symbol is a specialty element on the reels able to substitute for a regular symbol (not Scatters or other bonus-based icons) in order to form extended combinations. Reel Groovy fully uses this classic approach for the Wildcards of its own, but adds one function beside. Here Wildcards can not only replace symbols, but also multiply winnings by two. In other words, a combination with a Wildcard in it becomes a double-paid according to the paytable.

HIPPIE SCATTER. Reel Groovy slot machine gets one more indispensable element of any gameplay – a Scatter. Basically, Scatters serve as special triggers for freespins, but Reel Groovy doesn’t want to stand on a beaten path and incorporates a completely different method for Scatters to work – let them be multipliers, says Reel Groovy. The principle is as follows: depending on how many Scatters a gamer has on the reels, there will be applied various multipliers to the last wager. For example, five Scatters fetch a x32 multiplier, so you will be rewarded with your wager multiplied by 32 times.

How to play

The rules are simple, but we a going to discuss them a bit later on. Now let’s better focus on interface facets and take down Reel Groovy from the perspective of gameplay. Control design has reminded pretty the same, so previous knowledge about PariPlay’s products might come in handy. The zone below the reels is the place where gamblers can adjust needed parameters all the way down to the number of lines. The buttons presented have the following functions:

  • SPIN. To activate Reel Groovy slots, hit this button and the reels will make a single spin. This is a manual version of controlling, so you have to repeatedly press the same button to activate the drums again.
  • The right-most controlling key allows to set a bet level with two arrows by the sides. Click on the arrows or, if you want the max, reach for MAX BET to set the highest stake in the game.
  • This button helps to avoid constant clicking on SPIN and sets an automatically played round course. All you need to do is to choose the number of autospins and live full life then.
  • Reel Groovy has just 9 win-lines, yet still offers to fix the number. In order to change the number of lines involved, click on side arrows.

Rules and features

Now for the rules. Reel Groovy slots game represents a traditional video-slot without much difference to classics. First off, there are reels and rows, five and three respectively, where in-game symbols are scattered in a random fashion. Next up, this layout is based on lines, meaning there are just a few paths symbols should dislocate on to bring payouts. Accordingly, players spin these strips with symbols and bet on lines. Your main objective is to collect patterns of matching symbols on any active win-line to get rewarded with coins. The larger combinations you collect in a single round, the sweeter your reward is. The set of symbols consists of 10 regular icons with various prizes for various combinations of size, one Scatter-multiplier and a Wildcards with x2 prize. The stakes begin with 0.1 credits (with one payline to be active) and end with 9 credits (with nine lines to be active respectively). Don’t forget to include all the lines Reel Groovy provides because it increases your chances to win a good sum. Though, the number of lines is an individual factor, so select a value with respect to your strategy anyway.


What can be inferred about Reel Groovy by PariPlay? Is it a fine machine to spend time? Definitely, yes because Reel Groovy is pleasantly worked out and has many attractive and positive moments within. Is it a fair bonus-loaded option? Definitely, no. There are tons of slots that are literally bursting with additionalities while Reel Groovy has just two of them. Yet if you’re not a bonus addict and love interesting setups, this game would be a great gambling companion.

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