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As the saying goes, from Russia with love. Igrosoft, quite a prominent Russian game studio, brought another dramatic gambling novel with a great addition of light-hearted humour called Resident – a simple, yet catchy slot machine that without any doubt does not have any analogues in terms of the major format. In case you do not believe in this unprecedented uniqueness, then try imagining the following setup: a military tread revolving around World War II, drawn in a both slick and humorous gameplay with a bunch of exaggerated spy-detective characters , while the whole game is designed like a really old fruit machine from 90s. What is happening? Well, do not even bother to answer.

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Resident Preview

Resident slot is a game of very strong symbolism: this overall action resembles a little overdone representation on Russian undercover life during the war, but at the same time Resident does not boast with excessively blatant nationalistic pictures and hints. Everything is wisely balanced so that casino players would not be instantly put off by explicit imagery. However, those who are familiar with some background knowledge about the global conflict from Russia’s perspective might see an overwhelming depth and a very solid message within as Resident slots come across as a pointed caricature if one looks inside.


Again, Resident considerably stands out from the large hordes of other slot machines, and the big part of this distinctiveness owes to amazingly unusual interface. Some experience gamblers may even find it hard to figure things out right away. Igrosoft made a perfect choice to keep Resident as close to a land-based slot machine as possible that even controlling is fully tied to vintage buttons – you will not see any marking arrows while going through the paytable, modern helping elements and different compounds so much intrinsic to the new-wave slot generation.

Retro Resident completely eliminates habitual overlays and classic menus where players get to select parameters and set values. Instead, Igrosoft realistically transferred everything right to the bottom zone so that gamblers even have to adjust lines with a preset button. This ‘three-reeler’ interface makes Resident slot machine incredibly special and creates quite an atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos to immerse, entertain and intrigue.

How To Play

So, accustomed to modernity players can easily get lost in this maze of reality imitation. Ringing lights hop over the panel, the number of buttons delivers a minor shock, and it all seems like a catastrophe because there is no intuitively easy way to start. To alleviate your frustration pain, here is a concise review through Resident slot’s controlling:

  • The first upper row of buttons are control keys to select paylines and set their value. Resident provides five options to choose from, and all you need to do is just hit the right value to get the job done.
  • The middle down area contains buttons to control betting – ‘Max Bet’ sets the maximum value while ‘Bet’ gradually accumulates the resulting value. You have to repeatedly press ‘Bet’ to increase your wager. Hello, vintage ways.
  • To trigger the reels you can go for either ‘Start’ or ‘Auto Play’, but do not expect from the latter to open a window with the precise number of rounds to select from. As soon as you hit ‘Auto’, Resident is going to vigorously spin the reels until you stop the process manually.
  • To get some help on the paytable and bonus rules simply select ‘Help’. Again, to close information table you need to hit the same button. As you have probably gathered, Resident follows land-based principles even with the way buttons operate.

Interesting Features

Despite having an appearance of a tough retro machine, Resident’s gameplay structure is far above what gamblers expect from three-reelers. The machine is stuffed with Wildcards presented in a classic manner of functionality, special Scatters to activate an amazing bonus mini-course and, to the top, Risk Game where wins from the base spins can be significantly boosted.

Wild Up – Scatters and lavish bonuses are all great, but the source of real money during the main game is going to be tied to Wildcards which appear from time to time to replace for a regular symbol in a winning combination. Resident introduces Wilds in a traditional fashion – there are no multipliers or respins to be fetched, just substituting symbols with the ability to enhance combos.

Spy Risk –  If you have won something in the base game, then Resident slots game welcomes you to try to multiply it with additional Risk Game which can get extremely profitable for you. Basically, Risk Game resembles a simplified Blackjack where gamblers are to compete with the dealer to double wins up. In the beginning, Resident displays an array of five cards one of which is a dealer’s face-up. Other four ones are faced down, and you select one of them. If your card is more than the dealer’s, win gets doubled. Equal cards do not change anything, lower cards get wins lost. Simple and playful.

Bonus Round

Next up, Resident’s absolute bonusing pinnacle – special Bonus Game that is activated by a set of three simultaneously landing Scatters during a single spin. Fasten your seatbelts because Resident has prepared something mind-boggling. Bonus Game is comprised of two levels – ‘intro’ one and ‘super’ one. When you trigger the combination of Scatters, you get to the first layer with four safes on display. The objective is to open all safes and remain alive. If all the safes are explored without trouble, Resident will introduce you to beautiful radio operator Cathie and you will be considered a winner with a big pile of rewards. This is quite an unusual way to bonus gamblers, but anyway the whole concept behind Resident seems to avoid beaten paths.


Resident slot has nine win-lines in total on a 5×3 gaming grid. Lines can be adjusted to five different values – 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 respectively. Stakes are provided in a strange way, though: Resident offers to bet in the range going from 1 to 45’000 credits per round, and depending on a concrete currency it can be either bankroll death or a real opportunity for the best wager. There are just eight symbols in the paytable with combinations starting from three-of-a-kind to five-of-a-kind. However, another not typical move from Igrosoft is to allow to count combinations not only from left to right which technically doubles the capacity of the paytable.





Gold Coin, Extinguisher




Dog Tag, Cannon












Gas Mask








Closing thoughts

Igrosoft are for sure one of the most creative software manufacturers in the market whose slot machines always know how to get it loud. Games might be a little tricky in controlling, but it takes a couple of moments to figure intricacies out and go on enjoying the process. Resident is a classic example of their products: witty, immersive, hilarious, bonusing and rewarding. That’s all you really need.

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