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About Revolution! Slot

An unbelievable machine by Booming Gaming takes over your screens while super-apes are taking over the gameplay in Revolution slots game. Well, at first glance, gamblers might be expecting something in the style of 20th century revolution-focused thoughts and moods with insurgents arrogating things and fighting against some evil government. But in reality, Revolution is just a word play having nothing to do with actual ‘revolution’. Booming Gaming are going to set casino players in the far future where apes are getting out of control and building plans for takeovers around a futuristic city, so add ‘evolution’ to ‘revolution’ and here it is: Booming Gaming hint us that apes have evolved so much that now they are absolutely ready to remove humans from leading roles. This creative video slot is remarkable for many other apespects aside from a powerful twist from the start: Revolution has great designing with red-eyed apes in suits and a picturesque backdrop displaying a classic utopian situation of destruction creating a most appropriate atmosphere. So, if you are looking for a unique setup, welcome to Revolution slot because everything here is well thought out all the way down to symbols – it is guaranteed that the game hardly has a clone in online casinos. In addition to unusual ‘circumstances’, Revolution slot machine is stuffed with three incredible extra features – make use of traditional Wildcards, enjoy the freespin mode and activate Rotator Feature to get down to total fun with rotating the reels. Apes are coming, so be prepared to fight for the bright future of Earth.

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Interesting features

Revolution slot is a game with a limited range of features: basically, the machine delivers two more or less conventional compounds of a modern slot and one becomes a surprise. However, do not get disappointed too soon because this threesome is going to rock the screens, and it is actually a lot easier to play through when you are given a small number of extras – each gets an equal amount of time, so you do not have to wait for some specific feature to be activated in the long run. Revolution slot follows gaming proportions, that’s why all the features seem frequent to appear.

PURE CLASSICS. First to talk about is a Wild symbol which is an often player in any paytable. Revolution provides a classic Wildcard in its range of functions – these symbols appear to substitute for a regular in a matching combination nearby. For example, you have a chain of similar symbols on a win-line and a Wildcard landing next to them: in this case, Wildcard acts as a chameleon and becomes a match for this combo. Wildcards can replace a number of symbols at the same time. Moreover, gambler get rewarded for a combination of Wildcards, too.

SCATTERS NEVER CHANGE. Catch three Scatters and get a set of rounds played for free. Yet it all is not that simple because firstly Revolution slot offers you to gamble the prize. Note that a gambling option becomes available only after a successful round with three or more Scatters on the reels – any other spin just brings wins. Scatters are included in the paytable meaning they can fetch rewards just as Wildcards for a matching pattern, but now Scatters land in a chaotic manner, so you do not have to collect them on paylines. Spins can be reactivated in Revolution, bear this in mind as well.

ROTATE THE REELS. The final feature in Revolution makes it a completely different game. To understand why Revolution is able to rotate the reels 90 degrees look at the way the gaming grid is organised: here you have 4 reels and 4 rows, so this square can become a source of real money if rotated because of paylines holding the same positions as in an original set. In order to shift gears one needs to collect two or more Special Symbols with a magnificent white building on them suspiciously reminding of the White House. ­­

Bonus rounds

While Wildcards are going to entertain gamblers throughout the base game, Scatters and Special symbols spice bonusing up with two different regimes of playing. So, the first bonus feature, as you have gathered from the last section, is freespins which get activated by Scatters. Revolution slots have no exclusive rules for the free course – you catch the ample number of Scatters and then play through it until you are out of this number. The second bonus feature is a variation on the base game, but it changes the rules diametrically. To get more insight into bonuses and their rules, read through the following table with explanation.



Collect two plus White Houses first and then change the way the reels work. When you are on the feature, symbol land in a regular fashion, wins are counted the same, but then the reels are rotated 90 degrees clockwise and wins get to be counted again. So, you rotate the reels with Rotator and figuratively double winning, but without multipliers. The number of Special Symbols dictates the number of rotations. Also, Specials become Wildcards during the mode.

Revolution slot wants you to collect three or four Scatters in order to activate the freespin course. In any case, you are awarded with 10 rounds. Wildcards and Special Symbols are not excluded during the bonus, so you can take advantage of replacing and activating another bonus furthermore. Spins can get retriggered with another package of Scatters. Bets cannot be altered during the freespins.

Rules and features

Specifically speaking, Revolution by Booming is not another conventional option to play in a gaming library. Here you have a set of 4 reels and 4 rows which make up a square rectangular. The number of paylines is on a fixed value – 16 – your bets always include the whole lineup. You can wager from 0.16 credits per round and jump to 80 credits to have maximum stakes. Revolution has a turbo-mode for spinning so that the reels spin almost at instant which is pretty convenient if you do not wish to sit by the screen and wait. The paytable contains 7 regular symbols, a Wildcard, a Special and a Scatter – each pays for matching.


Revolution is different from a classic casino lineup in many ways that makes this game an especially appealing. Not only does the machine tells an immersive narrative, but also offers a unique layout and a feature related to this setup. You would definitely like the advent of warrior-apes if you are into utopian motives and extravagant layouts.

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