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If a person can relax his whole life and get everything that he needs without lifting a finger, what kind of life would that world offer? The answer is a very peaceful one. Serenity casino slot online may not give a person the peace that is much like that of a paradise, but it is a start. Read this review and see what this virtual offer can give a person.

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Winning a game and getting a much-needed boost of life is an unambiguously good thing. A person who is exposed to less stress and who can relax and get a piece every once in a while is already a definite winner.

This is where Serenity casino slot online has taken the award for.  Those who have in the Eastern part of the planet would know what peace is all about. Eternal peace, and peace that is surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Micro gaming is known for their very out of the box way of looking into games. As a developer, it has created an excellent set of offers that have been loved from the East to the West.

While it is clear that Micro Gaming knows the real meaning of Serenity, it also knows that there are a lot of themes that could be explored.  From the development of character slot machines to the creation of real-life based themes, the creative minds at their office are really at work and they are deserving of whatever pay they are getting.

The gamer who would play Serenity slot machine online for the first time would know what it means to become a winner.

With that, what are the best features of this release that a player who would play Serenity for real money would appreciate?  They are the following:

  • The theme is heavy with what the Chinese would refer to as peace. The player is taken into a world where there is relaxing silence, and there is the beauty of nature to boost the whole experience.
  • The symbols stay true to the theme. Nothing would beat a real game face more than a feature that is out of place. Gladly, this is not the case with the symbols of this tender as they are icons that represent what the main structure stands for.
  • 15 selectable pay lines where the bettor would be able to put on his bet and make sure that he does not lose a night of sleep by making the wrong bet. This is very good and very exciting for anyone who boldly goes for the risks involve and does not care about much of the consequences involved.
  • Wild Symbol. While it is ironic that there is a Wild symbol in a game that depicts peace, this is certainly an amazing ride to take.  How did the creators come up with the idea that an icon like this can work well with the whole feel of the slot machine? That is one thing that a gamer should discover for his or her peace.

Reality Check

While Serenity casino slot online is really about peace in the East, most critics would say that there is a high probability that it is not those in the East who would love the slot machine but it would be those in the West.  There must be some player demographics that could be checked if the debate arises.  For now, this slot machine is a real champ.

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