Penny Slots

Slot games are among the most enjoyed casino games both on the internet and in brick and mortar casinos. There are various types of slots available in online casinos. The distinction between the kind of slot is made using the layout, design and other features. Penny slots are a variation of slot games that gamers can find in multiple gambling destinations available virtually. The penny is the lowest denomination of currency in the United States. This, therefore, means that penny slots are among casino games with the lowest wagers. Players are allowed to place bets of not more than a penny per line or for an entire spin. When playing slot games with multiple reels and bet ways, players can set stakes of up to one dollar without noticing easily.

It is possible for gamers to overspend even when playing penny slots which is why players must familiarize with the casino game they are about to play and learn all the perks they come with before they indulge. Although penny slots may present gamers with an opportunity to place low wagers, the number of pay lines and reels affect the overall cost of playing penny slots and gamers may end up overspending without even realizing it. Gaming establishments provide players with an array of penny slots and players must add up the total value of a single spin when staking on the different pay lines to ensure that they do not go over their budget.

Mistakes Made by Penny Slots Players

Online gamblers who love to play penny slots with the aim of saving their bankroll make certain mistakes that cost them more money. It essential that gamers be keen on some aspects that make them match up to the other types of slot machines regarding the amount of money that players have to put into it. Some of the mistakes that gamers make when they go for this type of slot games include:

  • Betting without a budget. Some players assume that since they are playing penny slots, they do not stand to lose a lot of money. This is not true because the total of each spin which players make can amount to a dollar or more as dictated by the possible bet ways. When playing penny slots, it is important that gamblers have a gambling budget to control how they spend their funds.
  • Lack of strategy. Although it is common knowledge that there are no straightforward strategies that punters can employ when playing slot games, it is essential that gamblers strategize on which penny slots they will play and how they will place their bets. Also, players can find a way to maximize on their wins by finding penny slots that are part of a jackpot, progressive or not. When placing maximal bets allowed to optimize the gains, gamers should have their budget in mind.
  • Inadequate knowledge of payout percentages. Gamers need to know that the payout percentages for penny slots are considerably low when compared to the other types of slot games. This is because of the low staking conditions that have been put in place. This way players can decide to play them despite the minimal returns expected, or they can opt for other slot games that have higher Return To Player percentages. Chances that a penny player will lose more than a gamer who is staking on dollar slots in an average hour are higher due to this fact.

How to Play Penny Slots

For land-based penny slots, multiple theories have been brought forth to encourage gamers that they can win more. As such, players are always trying to apply them. Some of the myths that gamers will come across regarding penny slots in brick and mortar casinos are:

  • Warming the coins before inserting them into the machine will prompt more wins. This is a lie because the outcomes relied on gamblers are random and warm coins have nothing to do with it
  • Looking for loose slot machines is a better way to increase chances of winning. This statement is not also factual since the systems used by penny slots do not rely on the condition of the slot machine to give players results
  • Hitting the slot machine will prompt similar icons to fall on the reels. This is also not true because of the way the devices are set up there is no way to influence the results on the reels no matter how hard the machine is hit.

Slot machine producers started looking for ways to keep players interested because winning large sums of money for them is almost near to impossible, but they can receive the small wins more often. For online casino penny slots, players need to know how to place their bet values with the RTP in mind. Saving on one’s bankroll is possible if gamblers stick to the minimum wagers allowed, but at the same time, the payouts they expect are also relatively small. After setting the bet values, players can go for the option where they preset the number of times that the reels will spin before they come to a stop, or they can choose to initiate gameplay after every spin.

Gamers can play free penny slots in numerous gaming establishment. Using the free variants allowed makes it easier for players to understand how they work before they start spending real money on them. There are numerous titles from various software provider firms, and it is essential that players go for slots that they will enjoy playing.

Bonus Features

Penny slots come with multiple bonus features as is typical of most games that fall in this category. There are various types of bonus icons on the reels of the slot machines and landing any of them in a particular order as determined by the variation players are playing increase their opportunities of landing winning combinations, which by extension adds to the gains players will make. Some of the bonus features that gamblers will encounter playing penny slot games online include:

  • Free Spins. This type of incentive is given to slot enthusiast by most online casinos as part of the promotions they run on a regular basis. Gamers can use the free spins provided to them by the casino they are playing in and also expect additionally free spins during gameplay. When playing certain winning combinations trigger free spins. This type of bonus allows players to play a certain number of sets without spending their money. This bonus is available for all players including those who play free penny slots online.
  • Gamble feature. The gamble feature in most penny slots is triggered when players achieve a win with certain combinations. Players are presented with a set of playing cards face down. They are expected to predict the suit or color of the cards right. Most casinos allow players to double their wins when they choose the right color and quadruple their gains when they pick the correct suit. Players should note that for this option, it is a win or lose all situation. They may lose all their gains when they fail to get either the color or suit right.
  • Scatters. Scatter symbols are among the standard bonus features in a majority of slot games. The symbols land on active pay line at random intervals and help players increase their chances if achieving more winning streaks. The rates for each scatter icon is different for the numerous games available on the internet.
  • Multipliers. Multipliers work on the gains that players have achieved. They come in to multiply the wins by a specific number depending on the winning combinations that players get. Multipliers are also among the favorite bonus features available for penny slots and other types of slots as well.
  • Wilds. Wild symbols appear on the reels randomly and award gamers with a chance to land more winning combinations. There are different types of wilds and player who play slots on a regular basis may have come across some of the various kinds of wilds. Examples of wild symbols are:
    • Expanding Wilds
    • Random wilds
    • Walking wilds
    • Sticky wilds
    • Shifting wilds, among others.

    Some wild symbols stick at one point of the reels and keep awarding players while others move across the active pay lines.

Types of Slots

There are other types of penny slots that have been categorized using their interfaces. Gamers can play most of the variants for free and see the gameplay and layout before they start placing real money bets. When playing the demo mode games, players can then calculate the overall cost of a single spin and adjust their budget accordingly. Some of the slot types that players will come across include:

  • Mobile Slots. Some penny slot machines are designed to be compatible with mobile devices. The slot games may be compatible with mobile only, or with a range of other devices as well. They are designed using the latest technologies making them have a high affinity for smartphones. Players who want to infuse gaming as part of their everyday activity or want to game while on transit can look for penny slots that fit seamlessly within a range of portable devices such as mobile.
  • Fruit machines. Fruit machines are a direct adaptation of penny slot machines found in brick and mortar casinos. These slot games are referred to as fruit machines because the symbols on their reels are always fruits. These types of slots come in multiple variations regarding software. Some are three reeled while others are five. The number of bet ways is also diverse.
  • Video Slots. Video slot machines are among the first variations of slot machines that carried clear cut visuals. The graphics on video slot machines are among those that are top-tier, and themes are also explored in more detail to bring out the storyline aptly.
  • Classic Slots. Classic slots are those that borrow heavily from penny slot machines available in land-based casinos. Players need to be conversant with how to place their stakes along with other functions of classic slot games before they play them.
  • Three-dimensional slots. Three-dimensional slot games are among the modern variations of penny slots. Technology has made it possible for slot games to come in their 3D form. Gaming gadgets used by players have also advanced to accommodate the evolution scene on slot games. The graphics used to create slots that fall in this category are among those that are of high quality and are in their three dimensions. Gamers may be required to download additional software to access the games as they are presented in online casinos.

There are many other types of penny slots that players can find online. Gamers can distinguish between the different games using the features, graphics, and layout of the games.

Advantages of Playing Penny Slots

Playing slot online comes with multiple benefits to the user. Apart from having an opportunity to cash out, players have other plusses they get when they play slot games. Some of the factors that influence gamer to go for slot games are:

  • Themes. Players from diverse walks of life can find slot games that will interest them in online casinos. Software provider firms use different sources of information to create slot machines which then makes it possible to avail variants covering various themes.
  • Playability. Slot games are among casino games that have easy to understand gameplay procedures. Newbie players can catch up quickly with the needs of the game and how to advance it.
  • Affordability. Games that fall in this category are known to have low wager limits. They are accommodating to players of all budget ranges. Even when playing penny slots, players need to be keen on how they place their stakes.
  • Convenience. Slot games are readily available and in for a wide range of platforms. Gamers can access slot games on desktop or portable devices such as cell phones.

All these factors and many others are among those that have enabled online slot games to thrive and remain relevant in the gaming world.

Gamers who wish to play penny slots online should find reputable sites to game in. They should also ensure that the gambling laws in their jurisdiction allow them to play casino games on the internet.

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