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About Snow Leopard Slot

Simply exquisite. Gorgeous gameplay that has all chances to become your favourite. While these might conjure up pictures of some newest computer game, we are actually talking about a fabulous slot machine from Barcrest, a gaming developer with creative thinking and fundamental knowledge on how to make casino players happier. Definitely inspired by highly diversified progressive jackpot machines, Barcrest took the absolutely best moments about progressive layouts and combined them under one roof called Snow Leopard. In fact, Barcrest used their popular land-based machine as a basis – they borrowed the overall theme and general imagery, adapted the picture for online casinos and then dived hard into features to meet modern demands. As a result, Snow Leopard has truly become a bright example to all other software manufacturers, showing a game with an unreal range of various features paired up with affordable stakes.

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Snow Leopard Preview

Despite lacking strong visual appearance and solid graphics, Snow Leopard playfully manages outlook drawbacks, instead concentrating on providing strong features and solid gameplay which are probably the first aspects to look at in any case. iGaming history knows a whole lot of slot machines that were beautiful in their wrapping, but were totally disgusting when it came to features and additionals. Well, Snow Leopard does not make those mistakes, so do not judge by its appearance because something genuinely astounding waits for you within. Barcrest relied much on previous success with brick-and-mortar casino goers, and they staked right. Snow Leopard still hits different top lists around multiple venues, so you just have to get acquainted with the online version not to miss a shining gem.

Interesting features

Features are infinite. From extremely cliched Wildcards appearing in their classic fashion to replace regulars to Big Bet feature reminding of special buy-ins inside Monopoly-based slot machines, Snow Leopard provides a spacious room where everyone could find a suitable feature of their own. What does it mean? Basically, Snow Leopard introduces ‘controllable’ features meaning gamblers have the opportunity either to activate most features manually or get a feature on an every-round basis. Except for freespins that come into play in random ways. This kind of freedom definitely excites.

Extended Layout

To start with, Snow Leopard slot is a game incorporating a larger gaming grid than a standard slot machine. As soon as the main gaming screen is loaded, you would be quite surprise to witness a grid with an additional reel and row which makes it 6×5 in total. Experienced gamblers probably already begin counting expenses connected to betting, but fear not –  Snow Leopard has no intentions to rob players. You can bet as low as 0.10 credits with 40 paylines to be included. Having simultaneously a means for a penny slot machine and expensive progressive game, Snow Leopard seems a real miracle.

Big-Time Wildcards

Along with ordinary Wildcards, Snow Leopard offers two more types coming at different stages of the gameplay. First off, regular Wilds can be found throughout the whole game, and it is not that simplified as it initially seems. Single Wilds always come with an additional multiplier ranging from x2 to x4, and your winning combinations will be surely boosted to a new height. Next up, Snow Leopard adds another level and builds in a Wild Reel meaning at the end of any round one of the reels will always be comprised of Wilds solely. Finally, freespins have Wildcards of their own – three-rowers with a multiplier climbing up to x5.

Different Variances

Finally, right before we move to advanced gameplay features, there is one more special thing about Snow Leopard tied to RTP percentages. In general, the slot machine operates under three different volatilities:

  • Betting lower than 2 credits per round brings Snow Leopard to paying at 94%.
  • Betting more than 2 credits per round brings Snow Leopard to paying at 96%.
  • During the Big Bet game expected return looks incredible with 97.75%.

Big Bet Game

This feature is a major reason to stick to Snow Leopard for a long time because it literally adds another slot machine with its own rules to the standard play. Big Bet can be activated whenever you like – just click on the respective button to go to Big Bet’s menu and settings. Firstly, you need to come up with a stake – the more you bet, the obviously better. For the record, Snow Leopard slot machine really makes the Big Bet game special because the latter has not only a different paytable, but also double reels. So, stakes are set, then you will offered three different setups for Double Reels type.

Independent Reels

Matching Wilds

Matching Spin and Wild Reels

This option would be perfect for those who count on the number of spins rather than additional features. Independent Reels extension allows both sets of reels to spin independently of one another, so you maximize payouts by letting reels do separate things.

This options spins the reels altogether, but incorporates a common feature shared by both. Whatever reel is chosen to be Wild for the first set of reels, the same reel will be chosen for the second one. It adds synchrony and paying harmony.

This one is a mixture of two others because here you will be playing against two completely similar sets of reels. All symbol combinations as well as Wild Reel will be matched on the second set of reels. So when you get a good combo, it will be doubled beside.

What’s more, you can elevate the Big Bet by staking more. There are four options to betting, and each has an addition. When you stake 20 credits, you get plain basics without extra features. When you reach 30 credits, Wild Reel will always contain an x2 multiplier. When you get to staking 40 credits, Wild Reels might come with either x2 or x3 multipliers. Finally, 50 credits to bet allows to apply the whole range of multipliers and eliminate low-vin card characters from the paytable.

Bonus Rounds

Snow Leopard slots game rewards gamblers with a freespin bonus triggered by Scatters. Claw Marks Scatters are versatile symbols because they appear during the main game to activate freespins and also make their appearance during the Big Bet game to fill up the special freespin meter. So it is better to differentiate freespins from the base game and the Big Bet as they have different rules.

Base Game Spins

Big Bet Spins

Depending on the number of Scatters you are lucky to fish out, Snow Leopard gives you a various number of free rounds. Three Scatters award 8 rounds, four Scatters brings 20 rounds and five Scatters awards 50 spins. Freespins are played with the same gaming grid as well as Wild Reel feature. Besides, you can reactivate them on the same conditions.

Basically, the similar approach, yet a little varied. When you go on the Big Bet, you will see a meter below the reels which can be filled with Scatters. Scatters from both gaming grids have an impact on the meter. For 3 to 5 Scatters the number of spins remains the same, but you can catch 6 plus Scatters and activate 100 rounds additionally. Spins are also retriggerable.


Do not expect the rules to be extremely difficult because of all these additional features – they are very welcoming, and Snow Leopard does not push hard on you. So, Snow Leopard utilizes a 6×5 format with 40 fixed to the point win-lines. Bet levels scatters from really low to reasonably high: everything can be started with 0.10 credits per round. The maximum to stake is 500 credits. Remember that the Big Bet is separated from the regular play and uses its own bet levels up to 50 credits per spin. Speaking of paytables, there are two of them, each for a play regime. Big Bet contains higher values, but is built upon the same set of symbols.

Closing thoughts

Snow Leopard by Barcrest demonstrates that there could be nothing wrong with taking a real casino layout and adapting it to online. Snow Leopard, though, does not blatantly copies the original – the game goes its own path and provides a different gaming experience (somehow unique). Besides, this slot machine is an ideal option to play with real money because gamblers get a big load of features without paying lavishly.

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