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When most players think of gambling powerhouses, they lean towards names that dominate big markets like the United Kingdom and the United States. However, some companies have solidified their place as top dogs in other regions, one of them being InBet Games.
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InBet Games gaming software came into existence back in 2003, and it quickly rose to become a revered name in Russia and Eastern Europe. This rapid rise is facilitated by the slow nature of the region it was established in along with the lack of proper competition at the time. However, its prowess in game development cannot be questioned considering the fact that it has remained a top dog for well over a decade in an industry where survival is only for the fittest. 

The developer’s team specialises in the provision of betting options in land-based, online, and even lottery niches. With such wide coverage, the company has managed to conquer the markets of numerous regions and is considered nothing short of a powerhouse in Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and former Soviet Union countries. The entity has also moved into African countries like Kenya and Nigeria as well as the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Even though these markets are not as big as those based in Europe, their industries are quickly rising to generate revenue in the billions. Seventeen other countries enjoy InBet Games casino services as well, which are offered by more than fifty operators. 

Elements of InBet Games

InBet Games has managed to make a big name for itself in the global gambling industry despite being rooted in a country where the practice is not as popular as it is in prominent regions. This status has been achieved by the development of eye-catching games that have earned spots at the centre stage of numerous casino portfolios. Mainly, InBet focuses on the creation of slot machines, which face the highest appetite from gamblers. Each title is built around a different theme from the next, but some of the features that remain the same in all of them include:

  • Multilingual feature

The company’s home country may be Russia, but its services traverse the globe at a much larger scale. The game developer builds in a multilingual feature that makes it possible for gamers in other regions to engage in their services without the interference of a language barrier. Eleven languages are supported in the feature, including English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and others. 

  • Left to right pays

InBet Games online slots follow the norm of using play lines as the standard features to determine winning combinations. The number of lines used in the slot machines differs with some being as little as nine. These lines run from one end of the grid to the other, and they pay for combinations aligned on them from the leftmost reel. For characters to form a combo, they have to be more than three and fall in adjacent reels.

  • Cartoon and 3D graphics

InBet Games free slots fall in the category of video slots, which are the most common today. When creating these titles, the software firm alternates between the use of cartoon and three-dimensional imaging while some sets even feature both. 3D imagery is often used for the creation of their flashy titles while the cartoon graphics are used in their sets that fall in the list of what is considered classic today. The cartoon slots are finely done that one might say they are pencil drawn to catch attention to detail. 

Popular Games

InBet Games amount to more than eighty titles and fall in various categories including slots, bingo, table games, and speciality titles. Most of the titles fall in the slots’ class, and the popular ones include:

  • Fruit Heat
  • Explosive Cocktail
  • Dwarf’s Gold
  • Age of Knights
  • Magic Luck
  • Pirate Cave
  • Ocean Pearl
  • Walking Dead, etc.

Both free and real money play versions are available for these fixed jackpot slots. 

Mobile Gameplay

When InBet Games slot machines provider was first established, mobile gameplay was still part of imagination. However, as the mode of gaming started being quickly adopted, the developer went with the flow and included HTML5 technology in its sets. The mobile games can now be accessed on the devices in instant play mode.

Gambling on Social Media

InBet Games slots provider has also followed the lead of social gaming by making its pokies accessible on platforms like Facebook. However, the social space is mainly dedicated to its virtual sets like dog racing. 

Gameplay Tips

Gamblers can extend real money gameplay in InBet games with the use of small stakes that leave them with bonus chances to exploit winning combinations. The tip can be applied to free play as well. 

Operating License

The government of Russia is behind InBet Games’ license, which asserts the security of engaging in the developer’s services. Even though the standards of the permit cannot be spoken for, the fact that InBet has a good rapport among its affiliates says a lot about its reputation.

The Bottom Line

InBet Games make new releases occasionally, which are announced on their website and made available in nearly all supported casinos. Both free and real money gameplay options are offered for the slots.