Proprietary software

As the name suggests, this is the kind of software that is owned by an individual and cannot be shared, well unless with the proper authorization from the owner. In the gaming industry, we find that some casinos opt to have their own gaming software. With this kind of thinking in place, they make their own games, and everything that regards gaming in that casino, that one software is the mother support.
If by any chance another body is brought into the picture, they work with the terms that are stipulated by the company or owner in light of sharing any of their products. Most of the time, a license from the owner is required for one to gain access to such. Keep reading below to find out more about this unique way of doing online gambling business.


Unlike what a majority of people may think, the games made by Proprietary Software are one of a kind. You may visit a casino to play, and once you move on to another one, you will not find any game that is likened to your previous one. They offer an exclusive experience, and it varies with each casino. Unless a group of casinos shares the software, it is rare to see any similar games.
Another thing about this kind of game’s platform is that it can be used as a way of niche cutting. This is to mean that a specific casino may decide to offer one variety of online sets. So you will find that Casino A only specializes in producing jackpot games while Casino B will put all its energy and efforts to create the best Roulettes.
However, some casinos choose not to deal with a specific kind of game, and you will find that even with its own programming for games, several games are still availed to different clients. Although video games are not typical in this sector, a few casinos have ventured into it and already have a headstart over their rivals.


Because an individual casino develops games, it is possible to have games tailor-made to suit a specific group of peoples’ interests. Unlike when you visit a casino that is powered by non-proprietary software. Gamers also get to experience fast responses from the management team in regards to any issues that may arise. In fact, communication to the casino authority is decentralized which means you do not have to wait for decades before your problem is addressed.
As a bonus, such casinos can change the interface of their games as often as they wish to. Such opportunities make it easy for the casino to be different, which makes every visit to the gambling site feel new. They give clients a chance to experience different ambiances with every change of interface or game graphics. Nevertheless, people who prefer the proprietary software casinos may be faced with a credibility issue. This is because some of these casinos are still coming up and they have not obtained any license from the recognized bodies. This is as a result of the hefty tax and license regulations that come with attaining a gambling license from an international organization.


Because the games offered in the proprietary casinos are inbred, the bonus system may not be as generous as when it comes to the others supplied by worldwide acknowledged software. These usually give bonuses on a mandatory basis to encourage more and more gamers to try out their games.
Also, the game producing companies usually give a set of rules which govern how the bonus system for each game should be like, but it does not impose the amount or frequency with which bonuses should be dished out to gamers. Individually owned software casinos, on the other hand, have full control over the games, and this gives them the power to choose how and when to reward players.
Each casino provides their players with incentives to spice up the games, but as much as they may try their level best to reward players every now and then, such casinos are not as generous with their rewards. They do not have regular dates or patterns for prizing members. One can safely say that they give each person a bonus depending on how the management team woke up feeling.
Needless to say, the only bonuses that are guaranteed are the welcome bonuses since something has to be used to lure you into playing with them and these heavily rely on the initial deposit you make.


One of the perks of playing with a renowned online casino or one that is supported by a widely known software providing company is transparency. This is because as a requirement, such casinos are needed to outsource their license certification from internationally recognized bodies. These gambling bodies are responsible for protecting players from fraudulent practices that may originate from the casino’s end.
They ensure that the games played are tested for fairness on a regular basis, and that the results of these games are random rather than hand-picked or manipulated by the casino management. This act like a kind of umbrella which shades the players from the unwanted or unseen theft practices which some casinos may want to exercise.
These other casinos that operate using their own software, on the other hand, may not be regulated by any recognized party. As much as the games and results are randomly picked, one is never really sure that they are sincere because a majority of the control is in their hands. What is more, they are not regulated by any organization that provides licenses which may aid in restricting how they do their dealings in regards to payments and other critical casino aspects.
More often than not, a visit to these sites may result in an awful loss of money even with the promises of big wins made by the casino. As much as they are just scratching the surface in the online gaming industry, it is still advisable to visit a page which you consider to be trustworthy. You get an entirely unusual experience which is unlike the standard gaming programs you are accustomed to. Researching on some of the best available platforms that offer such unique games would be the best thing to do first before making a choice to play with any particular online gambling site that is supported by a proprietary software program.

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