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The game of thimbles (also known as the shell game) has become a popular ‘scamming’ tourist attraction on street sidewalks since the 90s when people all over the world got really excited about this simple-looking layout allowing to win instant cash just for being focused and attentive. Over the years, the shell game hasn’t much changed – it’s still about three containers like bottle caps or thimbles where operators place a small object having the size of a regular pea, and then give the setup a roll round. Pay attention, nail the shuffle, get real money. However, the game of thimbles is usually associated with a rouge scam because whatever the game goes the end will always be a final losing hand. Well, with high technology progress and gambling industry exploring new horizons, the shell game now moves to the screens in a most fair interpretation, so casino players will get the same old-school blueprint and won’t get mistreated. Meet Thimbles slots game, a nicely designed classics delivered by Evoplay Entertainment, which can virtually bring you to the streets and re-create this casual gambling atmosphere right at your home without characteristic cheating and swindle.

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Just as it should be, Evoplay Entertainment chose a traditional pathway in developing Thimbles – no other features apart from straightforward gameplay make up the gaming course, so everything appears quite simplistic in delivery. Thimbles slot is a game where gamblers need nothing, but their solid dollop of observation in order to catch the certain position of a little shining diamond after the machine shuffles the cups around the flat surface.

  • TWO REGIMES. There are a few peculiar moments about Thimbles, though. First off, in a classic vision, the line-up includes only one ball and three containers, that’s why a pretty obvious thing is that your chances in case the game is played fairly will be somewhat 1/3. Here, Evoplay Entertainment incorporated a parallel gaming mode which extends the number of balls under the thimbles by one meaning players can select between two or one diamonds to be engaged in the game. Nevertheless, the more diamonds are involved, the less payouts will be when players take a successful guess. For one ‘ball’ Thimbles slot machine would pay a multiplication around x3, while two of them fetch less than x1.5 to your initial bet.
  • PROVABLY FAIR.  For instant-play games Evoplay Entertainment provide a new option called ‘Provably Fair’ where gamblers can personally verify fairness of all outcomes by generating a hashcode from a formed ‘salt’ code and then compare their result with what Thimbles slots previously calculate. In order to do that, go through one round and then click on an ‘Info’ icon next to ‘Profit’ rows. Find any SHA-256 generator and insert a calculated salt to it, get a hash and then compare it with Thimbles slot’s. If both codes are matching, it means the outcome is not biased.

How to play

Even the shell game like Thimbles requires a little bit of knowledge and experience not to lose credits all the time. Basically, the game’s animation looks like a real shuffle, so with paying attention it’s technically possible to trace a movement pattern of a winning container. Yet, regarding there are two different setups in terms of the number of balls, some strategies could come in handy while playing through Thimbles.

Double your dough by doubling your stakes. Lots of sport betters and scratch-layout fans find the following tactics quite useful when a game pays the double sum or more of your bet. Generally, any time your predictions fail, simply double the previous bet to recoup the previous unsuccessful round. Say, you bet 1 dollar and lose it. Then, bet two, so the resulting sum in case of a winning round will be four – your ‘revenue’ allows to cover initial dollar and make one more.

Switch between modes. Three thimbles and one diamond has less probability percentages than the regime with two diamonds under a threesome. Thimbles provides to change the number of diamonds, yet note that your payouts will be less than x2, so applying the doubling tactics implies a larger multiplication of your lost bet.

Rules and features

Everything is pretty easy about Thimbles by Evoplay Entertainment. The game begins with the randomiser showing you the current position of a diamond and then the game gives it a round of a proper shuffle. Gamblers need to select a container which holds this precious stone. A successful observation brings an initial bet multiplied by x2.88. Besides, players can choose two stones to be places, but in that case an initial bet will be multiplied by x1.44 due to higher chances. All rounds flow this way only, no other bonusing or features are provided. Just you, thimbles and your great sense of anticipation or incredible attention.


Thimbles shows a great twist put on a famous classics, so the game is definitely neither boring nor too dull especially when you are an instant-play fan. Yet, the slot machine could seem a little cut in action, so those who prefer a diversified slotting session in casinos might be not impressed with what Thimbles has to offer.

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