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What On Earth

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About What On Earth Slot

It is not easy being based on cartoons.  The comical effects of Micro gaming have always been one to look forward to especially when the trend is based on whatever is currently loved by many. There are a lot of elements that could be found in every single game that it is hard to keep up.  Play What on Earth slot machine online, and the player would see some asteroids, rockets, aliens, and spaceships come about to create a galaxy that is comparable to others.

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What On Earth Preview

The most exciting part is the fact that there is a story.  The story is about the main character betraying the humans and helping the aliens get as much as they can from the riches of the planet Earth.  These creatures are willing to get riches and make sure that whatever stands in their way will pay for it.  What is the reward for such betrayal? The gamer is rewarded with riches and real money if he or she would play What on Earth for real money.

Micro gaming has found another winner, and it is as simple as the question – What on Earth is this?

Take Off

The story of What on Earth casino slot online takes off on a deep space voyage.  Series of ordinary slot play follow this.  With the following features, the experience is complete:

  • Select lines – the player would choose among the pay lines. There are 9 available pay lines, and with each of these paylines is a chance to make a bet.  The player only needs to bet on whatever amount he is willing to, and there should be no problem with that.
  • Select coins – the gamer is now on the part where he would choose an active pay line. With each active pay lines, the bettor can toggle the size of the buttons.  The total amount of the wager would come out of the screen, and it would be up for the player to choose what he wants.
  • Players have the option to bet between 0.01 coins to 45 on a single play. For new persons, it is advisable to start low before getting the high amount of the bet.
  • Expert mode – there are those kinds of gamers who already know what they are up to. They know what they are doing.  They will stop at nothing to get the prizes and winnings. However, this mode does not make a difference if some critics would be asked.
  • Automatic play option – this is the feature that makes a big difference. Players who want to play without lifting a finger automatically can do so in just 500 rounds or spins.  Critics say that 500 spins of automatic play may be too much, but a lot of people are saying that it is just enough.

Embrace the Alien

Play What on Earth slot machine online and explore the space and galaxy in a different point of view.  The gamer must be ready to be struck by luck and have a fantastic time to share with his mobile phone or his PC.  There is nothing that could affect the slot machine, except maybe if the phone’s battery dies or it runs out of power or the player runs out of coins to spare.

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