Wonder Woman (NextGen)
Wonder Woman (NextGen)

Wonder Woman (NextGen) Slot Machine Online

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About Wonder Woman (NextGen) Slot

This online slot machine is the sequel to the Wonder Woman slot game.  Designed by Amaya Gaming, this second installment is definitely a welcome development for the fan base of online slot gaming.

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Wonder Woman Gameplay Review

There are notable differences between the first and the second installment, but we will get into that in a while. The game is simply a re-ignition of the fire of love that we have for the Wonder Woman game. Amaya Gaming’s Wonder Woman is one that you can play for real money. Packed with features such as the storyline of Wonder Woman, when you play the Wonder Woman slot machine online, you not only entertain yourself, but you may also end up with some great prizes. It is even a bonus that you can play this game with all of the iconic weapons that Wonder Woman has like her Tiaras, her Lasso, the invisible jet which begs a lot of question if you ask us, and her bracelets. Play the Wonder Woman slot machine game, and you will certainly have a delightful time. Amaya Gaming has certainly outdone itself with this gameplay. The player feels the casino as if it is in the comforts of his own home. The bonus wins, and the jackpots are definitely causing a lot of great memories to come out.

True to its form, Amaya Gaming brought back the online slot game saga with a twist that fans of casinos online will surely welcome. It is exciting and has all of the elements of a successful online slot game. Other games produced by Amaya Gaming and Wonder Woman are definitely on top. The idea that the jackpots are given randomly, and the size of your wager would be the determining factor of your jackpot, so you do not have to shell out a lot of money as a player. In a way, when you play the Wonder Woman casino slot online you are playing not just for real money but for fun and excitement as well.

Main Features

The main features of this gameplay include:

  • A 4000X multiplier. If you get the slot machine Wild Symbol, you will win 4000 times of your line bet. All you need to get this jackpot is to have 5 of the symbols in a line, and you win!
  • 3 Jackpots. The 3 jackpots certainly had our attention when we played. The hero jackpot, the superhero jackpot, and the mega hero jackpot are all the bonus jackpots that are up for grabs.These are awarded randomly so there is no way that you will miss any of these jackpots.
  • Free Spins. The best feature of the gameplay is the free spin. You play an online slot game for real money, and you get free spins. This is awesome, and the ten free spins when you hit the logos scattered on the reels seem like they are not enough but they are more than enough.

The GamePlay Features

While we think that the gameplay is pretty straight on how you should play it, you should take note that the gameplay from the previous version is different. The wide betting ranges offered on the first version is well-loved and appreciated while the Bonus Bet feature that is removed off of the second version is certainly one of the greatest ideas that came from Amaya Gaming. It all depends on the preference of the player.


The Wonder Woman online slot game is indeed an investment that would earn Amaya Gaming some casino points. While some players think the removal of some features of the original version is not welcome, we could not help but think that the second version is better than the first by light years away. The gameplay has a 4000 times multiplier, three jackpots that would randomly come out, and ten free spins that you can trigger anytime that you want. We guess it all depends on what you want to see out of a game. You have to try it out and see for yourself. Wage big or bet small, it all depends on the risk that you are willing to take. Just remember that this online game is yours for the taking and when you bet big, you win big.

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